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The water dripped rhythmically against the windowsill, creating a droning sound that seemed to lull me into a dreamy state. I was lying in bed, and the room was dark enough that I could barely make anything out. I felt very relaxed though. This was my home, the mansion I had spent the majority of my life, and it became the place where I felt safest.

Out there, the world was terrifying. Women hunted me down, wanting my seed. Magic could actually kill. Demon worshipers worshiped something that was more than a fairy tale. Most women wanted to use me, and those that didn’t wanted to kill me simply for being a man. It was a world where 99.9% of the population was women, and for a lone man, that was terrifying. We were glorified, celebrated, incentivized, loved, feared, hated, resented, vilified, used, and exploited. My sex was a minority, and what little control I had was an illusion.

In this mansion of my mothers, it was the only place I felt sane. It was the only place I felt safe. The women I loved were all around me. The dangers were all distant. Every day, I could do whatever I want. With many beautiful women who cared about me, a library full of books from another world, and not to mention my financial support, what more could I possibly want.

A thin, pale arm wrapped around my shoulder. “Hey, sweetie, what are you thinking about?”

I smiled and kissed her hand gently. “Just how much better things are now that I’m staying at home. Mother was right. The world out there is scary. I had women wanting to tear me up for crimes I didn’t commit. I had a school that literally went to hell. I think I’ll just stay.”

“Mm…” she smirked and kissed my chin. “Well, my man can stay as long as he wants!”

I chuckled. “I’m your man? Is that how it is?”

The girl nodded, her short hair bobbing. “Most definitely, and I’m most qualified to make that assessment, since I used to be one!”

“Ash…” I stroked her shoulder, a wry grin on my face. “I don’t know how to tell you this, but you made an awful man.”

Ashley put on a frown. “What are you saying? I bet I’d leave many satisfied women.”

I squeezed her tightly. “I’m sorry to tell you this, but when it comes to women, the only way a man can satisfy is with his seed. For that, you happen to be missing the right equipment.”

“Who says I lack the equipment?” Ashley responded with a pout.

“I do!” I gloated. “ I checked.”

Ashley put on a mischievous look. “Well, maybe I was just really good at hiding it.”

“Eh? What are you saying?”

Ashley’s expression turned serious. “There was… something I didn’t tell you about the accident.”

I looked at her face worriedly. “Wh-what?”

“When… the doctors put my body back together, they used the parts of my twin brother. In that respect, they wanted me to carry on his genes, so I was also given his penis…”

I rolled my eyes. “Yeah… uh huh…”

Ashley shook her head sadly, tears forming in her eyes. “No, Cly… it’s true. I have a penis.”

“I think I would have been able to tell-“ I started, but stopped when Ash put her hands on my shoulders gently and looked at me with all seriousness.

“Because of how they mixed the parts magically, my penis is retractable. I can bring it out… with a thought. Previously, I never did, because I didn’t want to scare you. It’s a bum dick anyway, I can’t release seed.”


Ashley nodded, pushing the covers off and spreading her legs. “I didn’t want to show you earlier, because I was afraid you’d reject me. However, now that we’re close, I don’t think you’ll reject me, right?”

I didn’t know what to say, but I tightened my fist and nodded. “It’s fine. I love every part of you.”

A flash of relief appeared on Ashley’s face. “Then, I’ve been wanting to try this for a while. Could you… um… play with it?”

I froze, a question I wasn’t expecting hitting me. Ashley had a penis? Of course, I didn’t want to play with it! However, the longer my silence, the more hurt her expression.

“I-I’m sorry… that was dumb of me…” Ashley started to turn away.

“No!” I grabbed her arm and stopped her. “I-I will… It just… it takes some getting used to.”

“Right…” Ashley looks down sadly, “How about… just touch it once… we can start there.”

“I can do that much!” I said assertively.

Ashley gave a heartfelt smile and then spread her legs, again, giving me a path to send my hands down her pants to battle the snake within. I didn’t want to hurt her, but this really was a lot to dump on me all of a sudden. I gulped… my hand slowly working its way down her body.

“Don’t worry, it’s out now. Just touch it.” Ashley failed to give me some encouraging words.

I forced a smile and then continued to go down. Hitting the waistline of her pajama pants. I worked my fingers under. Usually, there was a great deal of anticipation when I got this far with her, but now I could only feel dread. I slide my hand in, and I felt the growth of pubic hair. Normally, if I went a little farther, I’d end up touching a nice wet pussy, but now that pussy would have been replaced by a dick. Would I be able to touch it? Would I grab it? Would it be bigger than mine? Could I keep myself from throwing up? Would I have to stroke it after? Would I have to suck it eventually?

I started having a bit of a panic attack. I put myself in this situation because I didn’t want to hurt her, but now I was doing something that made me really uncomfortable. Was that any better? I gritted my teeth and worked my fingers down. Centimeter by centimeter, I got closer and closer.

“You’re almost there…” Ashley said with a flushed expression.” Just about… Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwrr!”

Just as I started to feel the familiar texture of a pussy, Ashley yelled and then leaped at me. Her hands grabbed my chest and her thighs clamped around my hand. My entire body panicked and I tried to pull my hand away, but I couldn’t because her thighs were squeezing them. My fingers were pushed tightly against her soft, wet pussy. My eyes widened, and Ashley burst into laughter.

“Hahaha… you should have seen your face…” Ashley laughed so hard she was crying as she held tightly to my shirt. “You were actually going to do it? You were going to touch my penis?”

I let out a breath, and then a wave of annoyance shot through me. “Ashley!”

“You actually thought… I had… a retractable penis… you were going to touch it! You’re so gay!” Ashley continued to laugh, her entire face red as her entire body shook.

Getting more annoyed by the second, I finally shoved my two fingers into her twat and grab it tightly. Ashley’s laughter turned into a gasp, followed by a moan.

“Ahhhn… meanie…” Ashley spoke in a pant as she tried to regain her breath. “That’s not fair. Don’t you know you can’t grab a girl by her pussy?”

“I’m not grabbing any girl, I’m grabbing a dick!” I growled, shoving my fingers even deeper.”

“Haaahn… it’s sensitive…” Ashley moaned, her eyes closing. “Please… don’t tease me there… it makes me lose my mind.”

“Eh? What are you saying?” I growled as I roughly fingered her pussy, causing her to grow even wetter around the nubs of my fingers.

“Haha… I’m a girl… I’m Clyburn’s girl.” Ashley panted. “Please, I can’t take your fingers. It makes me want your cock too much…”

“Eh?” I asked, moving my fingers faster, “Your dirty pussy wants my cock? I thought you had your own cock.”

“N-noaaaawww.. not true…” Ashley moaned and shook under my treatment. “Only Clyburn can satisfy me with his big cock.”

“Well, if you want to be treated as my woman.” I whispered in her ear before biting it, “You have to prove you’re a woman!”

I pulled my fingers out of her and brought them up, stroking her cheek. She immediately turned her mouth and sucked my finger, tasting her own lust while looking at me with extremely lewd eyes.

“Please… use my girl pussy and make me a woman.” Ashley moaned, licking my fingertips erotically.

Without waiting for permission, she kicked off her pajamas. In just her underwear, she swung a leg over my body.

“Damn… you really want it.”

Ashley nodded with a flushed face. “I need your cock in me so bad. Please let me ride it.”

“Only on the condition that you can’t stop until I’m done,” I smirked up at her while putting my hands behind my head.

“I will…  I promise.” Ashley said, already pushing her panties to the side and mounting my cock excitedly. “If you make me pregnant, will I be a woman then?”

“Hah… can you even get pregnant?”

Ashley blushed. “I don’t know… but I’ll try until my womb is full of your seed.”

Ashley slid down, letting my cock slide inside her. Ashley didn’t have the muscles of Brooke or the curves of Hannah. She wasn’t a tall beauty like Madison or an exotic like Mako. Ashley instead had a very girl next door vibe. That was ironic, considering she dressed as a boy and we met as roommates. Of course, that Ashton was long dead, and this Ashley was what took his place.

She was an energetic, mischievous, beautiful girl who loved me dearly. Right now, she wore nothing but a pajama top while her naked bottom bounced up and down on my cock. Her vagina was tight and felt incredible. They say that someone replaces all of their cells every seven years, so even though Ashley was patched together using her brother’s parts, it didn’t bother me in the slightest. Ash was always Ash, and Ash was my girl.

That horrible day was dangerous, so I was so happy that everyone I loved made it through alright. I could only thank my lucky stars there were no consequences from that day. I grabbed Ashley’s hips and helped her rise up higher and higher off my dick, so each plunge pierced deeper and deeper in her womb. Ashley loved it when I got in real deep, and I loved being deep inside Ashley. Like Madison, she was skinny enough that I could see my dick cumming up her stomach just a bit. With the more curvy girls, that wasn’t always the case.

Ashley was a bundle of energy, and she didn’t stop even as she came on my dick, her pussy wetly slapping down on my crotch and dripping enough of her naughty fluids that my pelvis was drenched in Ash’s lust.

“I love you, Ash!” I said, moaning as I came inside her.

“Ahhn… your cum… it’s deep in my womb…” Ash said excitedly, squatting down and grinding her hips against my cock, trying to edge out every last drop.

Her hands were on my hands, which were on her hips. We held each other in that position until her womb was finally filled with spunk, then, she collapsed next to me, kissing my cheek as she wrapped her legs around me.

“How was that, my love… am I woman enough for you?”

“I don’t know…” I scratched my cheek causing her to frown. “I might have found a little dick in there…”

“You liar!” Ashley blushed, punching my chest playfully.

I chuckled and then grabbed her in a hug, holding her tightly against my body. “I love you, Ashley. Don’t ever leave me.”

Ashley suddenly went quiet for a moment before speaking quietly. “I’ll never leave you, but you might leave me…”

“What?” I let out a forced chuckle. “What is that?”

“You’re leaving soon, right? To another country?”

“That…” I relaxed. “That’s just an agreement I made with your mother.”

“Yes… I know… you agreed to go impregnant a bunch of other women because our baby was lost.”

I frowned. “Our baby? Ashley… you’re not pregnant.”

“I’m not anything. After all, you let me die.”

I froze, my eyes narrowing as I looked down at the top of Ashley’s head. “Ash… I would never…”

“Don’t promise what you can’t keep.” Her voice sounded cold and emotionless. “You let me die. You let us die. Not everyone gets a second chance, Clyburn.”

“Second? How did you-“

“Since you fucked this chance up so bad, why don’t you just kill yourself and try a third.”

“Ashley… why are you saying this.”

“I already said. Ashley’s dead. Mia’s dead. Your baby’s dead.”

Ashley’s body felt ice-cold. It wasn’t moving. I pushed her to the side to get a look at her. Her eyes were sunken in. Her skin was blue. She stared at me with a gaunt expression.

“Why did you let us die? You had a second chance and you blew it.” She suddenly grabbed my arms, and they felt like they were on fire.” WHY? WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY! WHY!”

“I couldn’t…” I sputtered, tears falling down my face. “I tried…”

“You killed me!” She screamed in my face. “You killed everyone!”

The door slammed open, and I spun to look. There standing in the doorway were Rebecca and Ashley. They didn’t have normal eyes though. Their pupils were completely black.

“My love… we’ve found you…” the girls said in unison, and then began laughing.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ I sat up, grabbing at my arms.

It was night out, and the rain was falling, but there was no woman in the bed with me. I didn’t really like to go to sleep holding someone else. Plus given the women in my life, it would be very unfair to pick certain girls. I wanted to sleep in my own bed and have just a bit of space. I had to remind myself that the dark room was in the mansion. There was security. There was Brooke. I would be safe. I went to the bathroom to get a drink.

As I looked in the mirror, I noticed marks on my arms. Were those… fingers? Clyburn shivered. He didn’t believe in the paranormal. Magic and demons existed, but ghosts? I immediately excused the artifacts as the product of an overactive imagination. Maybe I lay on my hands in a weird way, my arms went numb, so I felt it in my dream. That was an easy enough explanation.

Besides, why would Ashton want to haunt me? We weren’t even really that close. Sure, we were friends, but we only had sex one time, and I did that to help her overcome her mental health issues. I certainly cared for the girl who passed away as a close friend, and given enough time, she might have even become a part of my home, but she wasn’t yet. So, I didn’t know why it hurt so much. It hurt just as much as Mia. At least, Mia was pregnant with my child when she died. A body believed to be hers was found, but it was never positively identified. In comparison, Ashton wasn’t pregnant or anything. My dream may have suggested she was, but dreams were just inner reflections of my own fears.

I lay back into my bed, and after some time, I managed to fall into a fitful sleep. At some point, I felt a tugging in my pants. Then, my dick was plunged into something that felt warm and comfortable. As I felt my dick growing more aroused, my eyes finally opened. This time, it was turning morning, but still pretty early. I looked down to see a girl between my legs. She had my dick in her mouth, and her head was bobbing up and down in a satisfying way.

“What are you doing, Hannah?” I asked drowsily, wiping the sleep from my eyes.

“Boh…” Hannah spat out my dick and spoke with wet, swollen lips. “It’s little brother’s birthday, so I’m giving you your birthday present!”

“My birthday present is a morning blowjob? How does that differ from every other morning I get a blowjob?”

“Eh?” Hannah put on a pouty look. “Because this is a super duper, sister special deluxe BJ!”

“Is that so?” I roll my eyes. “You know, Madison’s more of a pro. Maybe you should have her give you lessons.”

“Hehe… brother is underestimating me.” Hannah snickered. “Well, this BJ is something the likes of which brother has never enjoyed before! You may like big sister’s Bjs the best, but I can do one that she’s… what’s the word… ill-equipped, to handle.”

“Oh? How do you pull that off?”

“Hehe.. this is the legendary titty fuck and suck!” Hannah declared, pulling down her somewhat loose blouse and causing both of her tits to pop out magnificently.

I clapped teasingly. “Nice… how much practice did sister use for that.”

“Hmph!” Hannah grabbed her tits, one in each hand like weapons, and then smooshed them around my cock. “Laugh now, but soon you’ll be moaning too loud to make quips!”

She immediately started pushing my cock between her breasts. Her chest had grown quite a bit in the last few years and was now about the size of D’s. In truth, she still have much growing to do, and could only barely managed to pull this off. She was only sixteen, after all, and was a late bloomer besides. Each time my cock popped out the top of her tits, she licked the head. I moaned pleasurably as I watched her, but I couldn’t help but compare this to a previous time in my life.

“Ahn… you’re beautiful just like mom.” I said, and then bit my lip, and looked away.

Her strokes stopped and she looked up. “What was that?”

“Ah… that…” I let out a chuckle.

The last time my mother and Hannah had been in the same room together, my mother tried to kill her. Mentioning my mother was definitely a sore spot for Hannah, who still had complicated feelings about the woman who monopolized my youth more than anyone else.

“So, you’re saying mom did it just like this?” Hannah asked with a fiery look in her eye, giving me some worry.

I knew Hannah pretty well at this point. I knew what her buttons were. That’s how I knew that the way to survive this situation was not to apologize and show weakness. Rather, if I tried to move past this, Hannah would find some way to punish me passively. In the end, I would definitely regret it. The only way to deal with Hannah was to triple down. If I pissed her off enough that she flew into a rage, she’d leave. Hannah didn’t think cleverly when she was angry, and by the time she cooled down, she probably would be on to the next thing.

“Actually, I was just thinking… mother’s tits were a lot bigger, it felt a lot more satisfying.” I said, meeting her eyes in what could only be called a hail mary.

“Is that so…” Hannah’s grinned showing way to many teeth. “If you love your mother so much, maybe you should just go fuck her? Oh wait, you can’t she’s in prison!”

“Jailbait is the best, don’t you think?” I responded innocently, ignoring the burning eyes directly my way.

“That’s it!” Hannah stood up. “We’re making a baby.” ankara rus escort ankara escort çankaya escort ankara escort eryaman escort ankara escort istanbul rus escort ankara escort istanbul escort çankaya escort k?z?lay escort istanbul rus Escort atasehir Escort beylikduzu Escort

I blinked. “What?”

“If that skank in prison carried your baby, I can carry your baby! Put one in me now! It’s my birthday!”

“No, it’s my birthday!” I said helplessly.

“Who cares?” Hannah snapped, pulling down her skirt and then turning around, showing her nice, round butt.

She didn’t hesitate to lower her behind down on my cock, and within a moment, she was riding me hard. Her back was completely to me. It was as hard of a rejection as I had ever gotten from my big sister. I sighed and leaned back, crossing my arms behind my head and watching her bubble butt bounce up and down on my cock in a satisfying manner. After cumming inside her pussy, Hannah sniffed and walked away.

With Hannah having wet my cock in the morning, I headed over to the bathroom to take a bath. Mako found me there and then took over washing my body. As the birthday boy, she insisted I needed to be clean. Then, she got a little too excited with the soap, and soon my second load was lost that day. As she washed her hands in the sink, she gave me a mischievous smile.

“Happy birthday, Master.”

I headed back to my room. On the way, I saw Madison. Given how thirsty the girls were this morning, I flinched a little when she suddenly ran over to me. Madison cocked her head in her usual manner, wondering what was going on.

“Can I speak with you, alone for a bit,” Madison asked.

“Ah… okay…”

The pair of us went to my room and I sat down on the bed. Madison looked somewhat fidgety. She wasn’t always as bold as the other girls, so when it came to sex, she might not say anything.

“What do you want? I asked.

“Ah… that is… I wanted to give you your birthday present early.” Madison spoke softly.


She pushed out a small package, putting it gently on the bed next to me like it was precious. I picked it up and immediately ripped off the wrapping. It was in a small box and looked something like jewelry. However, when I opened it up, I saw what appeared to be a thermometer. On the end, there was an item with two lines.

“Ah… thanks, Madison.” I said, giving her a smile.

Madison sighed, hitting my head softly with her fist. “You’re going to be going soon. For the next year, you’re going to be in another country. You’ll be required to impregnate other women. I think you should. It’ll be a good experience for you. Just don’t bring anyone else home with you.”

“What happens out of the country, stays out of the country?” I asked wryly.

“I mean it.” Madison spoke, sitting down next to me, “Other countries value men differently than we do. You have a child with one of them, and they’re not likely to care to include you in it. You might as well make a few babies and then forget about them.”

“Okay…” I shrugged. “But what does that have to do with my thermometer gift.”

Madison let out a sigh. “That’s my pregnancy test from two days ago, dummy. It’s a positive!”


“I’m saying, when you come back in a year, you’ll have one more baby you need to take care of, so just do what you need to do and return to us, okay.”

“You’re pregnant? Really?” My eyes started to brighten.

“Yes,” Madison said.

I grabbed her and hugged her, kissing her excitedly. Madison broke out into giggles.

“You’re so weird. You’re the only man I know who gets excited about getting some girl pregnant.”

“You’re not some girl! You’re my sister!” I jumped up with my fist. “I got my sister pregnant!”

While Madison was smiling and blushing, while looking quite satisfied by my reaction, a realization hit me. Suddenly, my face went slightly pale.

Madison picked up on it and cocked her head. “What is it?”

I sighed, giving a wry look. “Did you let Hannah know about this?”

Madison nodded ashamedly. “I really wanted to let you know on your birthday, but I told Hannah last night.”

“Ai… I think she’s feeling a little off put about being the odd family member out.” I admitted.

Madison gave a smile. “It’s okay, go talk to her, before she acts recklessly.

I nodded dumbly. Banging both sisters at once was full of unseen perils! As I left to go find Hannah and smooth things over, I glanced once more back at Madison. She looked so radiant in the morning light. My life was finally on track. Everything was going to be okay.

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