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“Mother…” I spoke, my expression dropping as I stared at her face.

Was she truly my mother? Only Morgan was my true mother. This woman was someone else. She was a stranger who only forced her way into my life thanks to an unlucky resurrection. Even calling her Mother felt like bitterness on my tongue. She was a woman who allowed her son to torture and hurt others. She would kill people with the flick of a finger.

“Son…” Talitha responded.

The pair of us stared at each other for several moments. The anger in me was surging. She had put my little sister in a prison. She had plotted and planned around me. Did she have my interests in her heart? I didn’t think so. I opened my mouth. The only option was to strike first and keep striking. She was my greatest enemy and I needed to-

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” She exploded into tears, a long mournful wail exploding from her lips.


She lunged forward, her arms wrapping around my head. She was much taller than Morgan, only about an inch shorter than me. However, as she wailed she was pulling my head down and my face ended up in her chest. They weren’t large like mothers, but they were the chest of a woman who had children before. So, they were soft, big, and warm. She was genuinely holding on to me tightly with desperation, making it difficult for my mind to adapt to the sudden change from my expectations.

“My baby… I love you so much!” She said, her body shuddering. “I’m so sorry… so very sorry…”

“I don’t… understand…” I tried to say, muffled in her chest.

“No… it’s Mommy who didn’t understand!” She cried, only holding me tighter. “You’ve been in so much pain, and mother hasn’t even known. I’ve been watching all this time. I tried to bring you back to your old ways. The doctor said after the coma that your personality may change. I should have respected your differences rather than force you. I’m…. so…. Sorry… Waaaaaaahhh.

“I’m trying so hard… but I feel you pulling away from me.” She sniffled. “I don’t want my baby to leave me. I’m your mother. Your precious mother. Please don’t throw me away for other women.”

I was completely stunned, not sure how to respond at all. This beautiful woman was clinging on to me, her perfumed, light brown skin pushed up against my body, her chest pressed tightly against my face, and her tears falling on top of my head. She normally wore a cold expression, but her face looked genuinely in despair. Had all of my preconceived notions been in error? My logic and trust in this world had been completely upended. From the moment I died and came back again, I didn’t know up from down.

It was easy to just villainize this woman. Isn’t that what every child did when their father brought home a new stepmother. You immediately wanted to hate the woman for trying to replace them. Was I only treating her this way because I wanted to replace her with Morgan? My mind started to blank as I thought back to what this woman had done since I had been here. She might have acted severely and callously, but every decision was specifically for my benefit. She had never once hurt me or attempted to argue with me.

Now, she was crying and holding me. What exactly had brought this on? Was it the fact I was visiting my harem? Was it the fact I protected my sister? Was it the late night visit from Lyra. Was it because I was keeping my distance from her and never asking for her? Any and all of these events could potentially spawn the jealousy and fear of another woman, right?

The person who had my body before might have been cold and psychopathic, but that simply wasn’t me. I could not bear to have a woman crying because of me without doing anything about it. I reached up and patted her head softly. Her hair was soft and long. She finally pulled away, looking at me tearfully.

“Mother… Mmm!” As I tried to say something, the beautiful woman pushed forward and her lips kissed mine.

Her tongue entered my mouth and darted around excitedly and she pushed against me. She seemed to be savoring the taste, moaning excitedly as she kissed me. I finally managed to pull away from her, taking a breath and wiping my mouth.

“Please… I need this…” She spoke tearfully.

“Wh-what about father?” I responded breathily.

“He… hasn’t touched me in many years.” She had a hint of bitterness in her voice. “Besides, we have been together before. Remember how I used to teach you how to make love. You… called me boring.”

Mother lowered her eyes, a hurt look on her face. I reached up and pushed the hair from her cheek, revealing her saddened face. Men in this world were valued more than anything. A single line of men who must be constantly maintained was even more valuable. Thus, when the prince was born, he was given everything. However, if he ended up to be an awful person, abusive to women and borderline psychopathic, there was nothing that could be done about it but to support him. He was the only man they had. He was this woman’s only son.

So, she had to make due as well and suffer. She had to raise a boy she knew was wrong, suffering every day as she had to clean up his messes. At least, that was the woman I was starting to see now. I leaned forward and kissed her cheek. Then, I grabbed her hand and turned, leading her back into my bedroom. Mother followed, her head lowered, a smile full of happiness and excitement on her face, like the cold woman who never showed what she felt was a lie.

The domineering, reserved woman she put out to the world was nowhere to be seen. Underneath that layer of strength was a vulnerable woman that had put everything into her child. Now that child had suddenly changed into a stranger, and her mind was having trouble processing that. I kissed her again, leading her over to my bed.

Upon reaching it, she  comfortably lay back on the bed with ease, offering no resistance as she looked at me expectantly. I looked this woman up and down, and I realized that there was nothing there but unconditional love. Wasn’t that the point of unconditional? It was love that was there regardless of what you did or said. She wasn’t afraid I changed; she’d love me no matter what I was. The thought was strange, but also a bit comforting.

I couldn’t help myself as I reached out and pulled the restraining material that held her breasts and pulled it open. I unwrapped this woman like a gift, carefully taking off each piece of clothing. Her breath quickened as I exposed her to my roaming eyes. She didn’t shy away or blush. Rather, she met my eyes with complete love. My body was her body, that was the commitment that seemed to come from her eyes.

After I had finished stripping her, she lay there, a beautiful naked lady with her own exotic charms. Her fur patch was black and coarse, her breasts were perky yet soft. I tossed the clothing to the side in a pile on the ground. She wasn’t afraid or resistive like Lyra. She was completely open.

She gave me a strange, welcoming smile, gesturing for me to come towards her. The dark feelings inside her were unstoppable. She wanted to be filled and loved again, and the man she wanted that with was her own son. Even though she had a husband, he had abandoned her sometime before. My eyes roamed up and down her body, enjoying the sight, but I could see the impatientness growing on her face. She was a needy woman, who didn’t hesitate to make sure her needs were known.

My dark desires grew as she held nothing back. She didn’t show any disgust at my arousal, and I didn’t show any restraint over her open lewdness. Even though we are mother and son, there was nothing between us that needed to be said. I fell down at the foot of the bed, and my face went much lower than she was expecting. In this world, the act of oral sex was something women may do with each other, but it was nothing that a man would do to a woman.

Mother’s eyes widened in shock for the first time. “N-not down there!”

“I just want to taste you,” I responded, my arousal taking over what remaining sense I had.

“T-taste… really…” This was the first moment she was genuinely flustered.

My tongue lightly licked her brown clit, and she let out a gasp. My hands grabbed her thighs roughly, spreading her legs so my face could get even closer. Her body shuddered in arousal as I cautiously tasted one part after another.

“Ah…” She moaned lightly, helplessly looking down at her son. “But… I want you inside me so bad.”

“Then, have my tongue!”

I leaned forward and pushed my face deep into her private parts. My tongue plunged into her pussy savoring mother’s inside. She let out a cute moan, her hips forcefully rocking as she was overcome with lewd pleasure.

“Ahn… that’s amazing…” She moaned.

She had never been eaten out before, even by the man who called himself my father. Unlike Morgan, who had a large sexual appetite and sought experimentation, this woman was far more prude and proper. The result was that she was also a lot more modest and inexperienced. As my tongue rocked in and out of her, she began to understand what her son had meant when she said it was boring.

Well, the message still wasn’t there completely. After all, her son’s former perversions had included violence and torture. This was perhaps completely different, but also just as strange and weird in a lot of ways. What man who wasn’t crazy would stick his tongue where his dick is supposed to go. It was lewd and embarrassing, and if she didn’t love me completely, she might have refused to allow it. However, now it felt too good to stop. She was rocking her hips and moaning as my tongue darted in and out of her.

I sucked at her pussy intensely, looking up at her flushed face. She watched me the whole time, not a single ounce of hesitation as she gave her body to me. She actually grabbed at her own breasts squeezing them as she watched me eat her pussy. I pulled my tongue out and spread her pussy lips with my fingers. Then I attacked her clitoris intensely my tongue extending out of her protrusion around in a circle over and over again, attacking her pleasure zone aggressively. Her body shook as she gasped various times. She pulled on her nipples hard and she let out a cry of pure delight.

“E-enough… c-cumming!” She cried out.

Her vagina humped against my face, and juices started to explode from inside her. I lapped it up aggressively while she tried to regain her breath. However, I had no intention of just stopping there. I didn’t even let her recover before my tongue slipped back inside her and I sucked on her pussy roughly.

“Hah… no… my son… too much…” She cried out, but I ignored her.

I sucked her hard and rhythmically, just like a baby on a tit, and she could only moan and tolerate it, pulling her boobs so roughly I thought she was hurting herself. Although, the euphoric expression on her face seemed to suggest that she liked a little bit of pain. Just out of curiosity, I reached out and then bit down on her clit with my teeth.

“Nnnyyaa…!” She cried out, and a second later more liquid splashed my cheek.

She was orgasming just because I bit her clit. This woman had a bit of a kinkiness to her that I was unused to.

“H-harder…” She moaned, even though she was still climaxing.

It felt a little weird, but I adjusted my mouth so more of her clit was in my mouth, and then I bit down harder. One her hands left her breast, which was red from her pulling tightly on it, and grabbed my hair. She didn’t grab it gently, but really hard. She also pushed down, pushing my face into her crotch roughly.

“Gods! Caleb! My son… aaaaahnn…” Her moan was really loud.

“Ah!” I let out a cry as she yanked me by my hair.

I hastily crawled up her body until I was brought face to face with her forcefully by her hands. “My baby… inside me, get inside me!”

She immediately kissed me, her tongue shooting into my mouth. She seemed to have lost all control with her lust. She kissed me desperately like I was everything. Her eyes shone with just absolute lust. When my response was too slow to her demands, she pushed me up and grabbed my pants herself, ripping them open and pulling out my cock. She guided my cock in and forced me into her, not really giving me much choice in the matter. As I slid into her, her eyes rolled up in her head with bliss. She was like a lustful demon. Once her motor had been started, she was almost scary with how aggressive she was.

Talitha grabbed her breasts and squeezed them together, looking at me while panting. “Please… bite them.”

Her words and actions were beyond sexy, and I already struggled to see her as my mother given the situation. With her looking at me that way, all thoughts of decency slipped my mind. I jumped at her breasts, putting one in my mouth. As soon as her nipple fell into my mouth, bit down on it hard. I was afraid I might have bitten too hard, but given her loud moans, I didn’t think that was the case.

I had heard that women who were reserved in normal circumstances were the wildest in bed. Now I found evidence that this might be true. Talitha was wilder and more aggressive than any woman I had ever been with. She was doing things that would make even Hannah blush. Worst of all, she was very loud about it, voicing out her wants at the top of her lungs.

“Yes… ahh… yes, yes… baby… move your hips, harder. Pound me, baby…”

My old self said she was boring! I pulled her nipple with my lips until I felt it reach its limit, and rather than complain, she moaned wildly and her hips started writhing against my cock. She was loud enough that she could be heard down the hallways. This castle was quite a bit bigger than the mansion, but if it had been my mansion, there wouldn’t have been a person who wouldn’t have heard every dirty thing we were doing.  

“Yes… yes… yes! There! There, baby! Ahn…. You’re making me cum! Make me cum with your cock.”

“Yes… take my cock!” I said, feeling like her dirty talk was making me feel a little bolder.

She grabbed my head again and forced me into another kiss. All that could be heard was the wet sound of our genitals and the moaning through her lips into my mouth.

Mmmm!” She started cumming, but wouldn’t sacrifice my lips as her tongue shot into my mouth and tasted everything.

I could feel her pussy contracting wildly around me. Her hips, which had been gyrating perfectly, turning spastic as she wrapped her legs around my body and tried to bring my cock as deeply into her as she could manage. She finally broke off her kiss, spit dripping down her chin as she practically drooled while she climaxed.

“I love you! I love you!” She broke into tears again. “You’re so big. Keep going. Keep biting mommy. It’s okay. You can go harder. You won’t break mommy. Mommy never breaks.”

I lunged at her sexy form and bit hard on her neck, sucking without any reserve. She moaned and her legs tightened. She moaned loudly enough my eardrums hurt. It was so wild and animalistic, that it was scary, but it was also extremely hot. Suddenly, her hands went up the back of my shirt and grabbed onto my shoulders. She clawed down painfully, but her teeth were clinched with lust the entire time. Since she had scratched my back, a darkness grew inside me, and I reached out and squeezed her breasts, pulling them and kneading them in a way that my sisters and mother would have certainly been angry at.

This woman moaned and came, her lewd expressions only growing lewder, but showing no restraint. My hands could do anything to this woman, and she liked it. She had said that her body was mine, and for the first time in my life, I truly believed it. My hands found their way on her shoulders and then moved until they were around her neck.

“Yes… yes… yes…!” She cried out.

My hands began to squeeze. As I squeezed her neck, her body began to convulse. Her moaning noises stopped as I cut off the flow of oxygen. Instead, she made a wheezing sound. I squeezed even harder. Her pussy started to tighten on my dick. It felt really good. It felt really powerful. Her face was turning red, but she still looked at me lovingly with encouragement to squeeze harder.

The feeling was amazing. I had complete control of her body, her cunt, and her life. Her everything was in my hands. For a brief moment, I felt like I was in nirvana. Then, my dick reached its limit. It erupted and I started cumming inside her. The harder I squeezed her neck, the harder her pussy felt like it was squeezing my cock. Her tight pussy was milking my cock wonderfully, twitching in a way that was incredibly erotic. She was cumming too, liquid squirting out of her body. I could feel her cumming, even as her eyes started to flutter closed and she had an expression on her face of losing her conciosuness. She was starting to turn blue, but even as she was blue her pussy writhed against my dick with pure lust.

Just as I came the last stream of cum deep inside Mother, the reality of the situation flowed back into me with a thud. The realization of what I was doing shattered the pleasure of doing it. I released her neck with a shudder, my eyes wide in shock. Talitha gasped, the air finally filling her lungs. Her face started to return to normal. I stared at my hands; they were shaking constantly. My entire body was now shaking. There were marks on her neck from where my hands had been.

“Hah… Hah… that’s good… my baby is good.” Talitha reached out and grabbed my hands, sucking on one of my fingers and then the next one as if to savor every inch of me.

There wasn’t a single ounce of shock or disgust in her expression. She wasn’t hateful or scared. Rather, she looked completely amorous. She looked like she had the best sex of her life, and only wanted more. She rubbed her cheeks against my fingers, as if she wanted every part of me inside her. Was this a kind of insanity too? I couldn’t even tell.

“You were incredible. My sweet boy is incredible. Mommy came so many times. Mommy will always cum from you. Always. So, never leave mommy.”

My shaking body collapsed next to her, my mind wavering in shock and fear. Was I going to become him again? Caleb, the prince who tortured women until they hated him. For a moment during sex, I had sunk to those depths. I had strangled this woman, just for the thrill of it. Even more terrifying, she had enjoyed every moment of it.

Could I have done the same thing to Morgan? Mako? My sisters? I wasn’t sure. That was what scared me the most. This dark side of me came from nowhere, coerced by this woman’s extreme lustful masochism.

At first, I thought Talitha must be some evil woman. She had to have raised Caleb in a horrific way for him to turn out as he did. She was cold and unforgiving, so it made sense that this came into play with his development as a man.. It turned out I was wrong. What created Caleb wasn’t callousness or coldness, it was complete warmth and acceptance. She would do anything, even die, to make her Caleb happy. She’d enjoy it too, never once feeling an ounce of doubt. Perhaps that’s why she was so angry at my sister. She had wanted Kemala to be just like her. To have no limits and no shame. It wasn’t enough to allow me to do anything I wanted, but to crave it too.

I was wrong. Talitha wasn’t the enemy. She was something far more insidious and terrifying. She was a lack of morality. The opposite of Jiminy Cricket. She didn’t want me to be bad. She was just completely open to my dark side and stoked it like the flames of a fire. That was how Caleb had grown into a monster. Not through coldness and abandonment, but through provocation and obsessive love.

What’s worse, that monster was inside me too. Even if it wasn’t Caleb’s memories knocking on my door, I still had a darkness inside me. It was the darkness that those demons whispered from. I remembered their voices as I passed across the summoning circle in what felt like forever ago. It was what allowed me to kill all of those women to survive too. Now, here was my darkness again.

Talitha stroked my head as her breathing returned to normal. “My son… my perfect son… that was wonderful. So beautiful. Please… never leave mother. Let us do it again. I never want to stop. I love you so much.”

Her scent was sharp but calming. Her sweaty body pressed up against mine completely openly. There was no fear. No anger. No hatred. Only complete acceptance.

“Yes… Mother…” I responded, but my thoughts were somewhere else; somewhere deep that I needed to come to grips with if I were to ever move on.

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