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“So… open your pants and show me what you got…” Angela grinned.

We had left the meeting where two strange women seemed to be after me, and now Angela and I were in her bedroom. As soon as we were by ourselves, she leaped on to the bed and gave me a wink. She had an amused and interested look on her face. She was eyeing me up and down with a more considering look that she had previously had.

“You’re not interested in finding out how I ended up down here?” I asked.

Angela blinked and then chuckled. “It’s not hard to figure out. Your male, so you’re probably rich. Got bored, decided to dress up as a woman and muck around with the commoners for a while. Since you’ve got that fish out of water vibe about you, some kidnappers nabbed you up for the Royal’s little underground project, and you’ve continued to hide your identity as you fear your treatment will be worse if they find out that you are really a man. Does that about sum it up?”

I blinked. That was just about the level of story I had come up with. She had already seemed to reason it all out herself so I didn’t have anything to say. Was my story really so cliched? Perhaps, that was a good thing. It made it really easy to accept as well. The true story wouldn’t be something anyone could easily accept.

“Yeah… I guess.” I shrugged, trying to make it seem like I had been seen through completely.

“There are cases your paranoia may hold true, but I don’t think this would be one of them. Men are valuable in any country. Any life you lived would be better than digging in a mine for the gods know what.”

“You’d be surprised.” I sighed, remembering some of the actions I had seen done to men, despite our alleged value.

“Well, it doesn’t matter to me what you choose to say or who you choose to say it to. Since I’ve brought you up from the kitchens, you’re now my stud. So, how about we enjoy ourselves a bit.” She asked, pursing her lips together.

“You’re not upset I lied to you about my identity?” I asked.

Angela giggled. “I lie all of the time. Everything I say is a lie, including this sentence. Do you think I care about your identity? It doesn’t really matter to me. The only thing that does is that I can get what I want out of you.”

“And what is it you want out of me?” I asked suspiciously.

Angela gave me an annoyed look. “Haven’t I been saying since the beginning? If you keep putting me off, then I’m going to grow a little more forceful.”

“Is that seriously all I am to you? Some piece of ass?” I responded, frowning.

Angela barked a laugh. “We may have spent a week chained up together, but I never would think a man would grow sentimental like that? Is there something broken in your head?”

I sighed, “Perhaps…”

It wasn’t like I wanted a big emotional reaction from her. Rather, I had hoped she had some thoughts of wanting to get out of her current predicament. We were both essentially prisoners in this place, and Angela seemed completely happy remaining here as a guest to a mysterious group of people for the foreseeable future.

Without any other choice, I took my clothing off, stripping down until I was naked in front of her. I had women change me so often that being naked in front of a woman rarely caused me to even blush. Even though Angela was watching me with a lewd expression on her face, it didn’t make me uncomfortable in the slightest. This woman had for a short period of time been a terrifying presence in my life, but this time she was on the bed and I was standing before her.

Emboldened, I reached forward to grab her clothes and pull it off. As my hands went towards her, a knife suddenly went to my neck. I was so shocked that my body froze in place, my hands still in a grabbing motion as she held me at bay.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She demanded, an angry expression on her face.

“Taking off your clothing?” I responded, feeling a bit ridiculous standing there naked with a weapon at my throat.

It was then that I recalled that before when she had been expecting sex from me, she had also never removed a single ounce of clothing. At the time, I had been too afraid to think about it, but it might have contributed to why little Clyburn didn’t function much in our first encounter on the airship. She wasn’t simply rough, she had also made no attempt to come off as sexy. In fact, had I not had any in a while, I might not have been erect at all.

Then a thought occurred to me, but it was one so ridiculous I had never even considered it before.

“You.. you’re a virgin?” I spoke the words out loud in disbelief.

Angela’s eyes widened in surprise and then narrowed dangerously. “You’d dare lay those kinds of accusations at me…”

“No…” I shook my head. “Five men to service your crew my ass… your crew was probably mostly lipsticks, right? Meanwhile, you just never got in a situation with a man before.”

“Do you want me to cut your neck?” Angela cursed, pushing her knife forward.

I raised my hands, “Hey… it’s fine! I can just lead the way, right?”

Angela stared at me with narrowed eyes for a couple more seconds, and then finally pulled back her knife. “Hmph… don’t think I’m letting you be in charge. I’m simply allowing you a little bit of room.”

As aggressive as Angela was towards others, she was almost scared towards being touched herself. As soon as my hands came out to grab her, she instinctively shied away. Was this from some kind of traumatic upbringing? For someone like like Angela, a murderous pirate, to come into being, her childhood couldn’t have been normal after all.

Feeling like I understood a piece of her slightly better, I moved a bit slower. She was still gripping her knife, watching me as I reached up to her shirt. At a moment’s notice, that knife could slash out and I could die. I already knew Angela to be an unstable person, so what exactly was I doing? I was doing what I had to do. I was having sex with someone who was a little crazy.

My hands slowly undid her blouse. She was panting slightly as I did it. It wasn’t the same thing as someone who looked embarrassed. It was more like an intense mistrust. She was forcing herself to allow me to touch her, and it was a bit scary. It was like petting a rabies infected dog. You might get a few strokes, but there was always that fear it could bite at any second.

Her blouse sprung open, revealing the smooth skin of her body. She wasn’t as muscular as Brooke, but she still had a toned, sporty body, rather than delicate or soft. Ever so slowly, I peeled off her shirt. My hands went for her breasts, but as I noticed her tensing up, I decided it was best if I didn’t touch them. Instead, I lowered my hands and undid her belt. I struggled a bit and finally tossed her pants to the floor.

Looking back up, she was watching me with her head tilted. There was nothing like a blush or fear. Rather, she was just interested in what I planned to do next. Her naked body was attractive, but nowhere near the level of many of the women who had been in my life. It was a bit funny. She was about the same level of attraction that my ex-wife had. Pretty, but not beautiful. Years in this world had warped my idea of pretty versus ugly, and so she only looked rather ordinary and unexceptional.

She had brown hair, a tanned body, and dark brown eyes that almost looked black. Her hair was long but messy. She had a bit of an unkempt quality about her. She was also a woman who didn’t shave down below, her dark course hair filling the area between her legs. Overall, she was a pretty average woman.

What she lacked in lust, she made up for in danger. Her entire body exuded energy and tension that left me feeling just a bit concerned about touching her. Up until that point, I had been very careful not to touch her bare skin. I kept to the outside of her clothing for my own safety. However, there was no clothing left, and it was time for us to begin the next step.

“So… what now?” She demanded, staring up at me with expectation like I was simply there for her entertainment.

Well, in her eyes, that seemed mostly true. She just wanted me to pleasure her.

“Spread your legs open.” I gulped, trying to put on a brave façade.

She looked at me with a smirk before doing so. It felt like she was doing the act just to humor me. Wait, wasn’t I doing this because she didn’t give me any other choice? Why did I feel like she was completely in charge even though I was leading the way for all of our sexual acts?

Wanting to get it over with, I spread her legs and slid myself inside of her. She let out a gasp as I went in. Then she reached out and slapped my arm.

“Not so quick!” She growled.

“Ah… sorry…”

Although she hadn’t felt all that tight or virginal, this was still her first time. I rocked my hips, thrusting inside her. I started out slowly, picking up speed as I went along. Soon, she was panting a bit. She didn’t seem to let out any moans. Plus, she kept her eyes wide open. Several times I thought about putting my hands on her or kissing her, but watching the knife still clenched in one of her hands, I didn’t dare to take things a step farther.

Keeping my hands to my sides, I slowly thrust in and out of her. It lacked the intimacy I was used to, but at the very least I could remain hard and get the deed done. For the first time in my life, I truly felt what it was like to be a seed dispenser. Amusingly enough, that wasn’t even what she wanted out of me. However, without any of the closeness, just the raw thrusting of our parts together, I could imagine what my life could have been like. There were some cultures that just saw a man as a dick and balls attached to a life receptacle. I could have had a daily existence of pumping one woman after another endlessly without feeling.

“I’m going to cum!” I finally declared, thrusting away inside her.

“Do it.” She said in a voice that came off more like an order.

I grabbed her legs as I came. She tensed up, but I was far too focused on the feel of her pussy than the environment around me to stop myself. Pushing myself deep inside her, I released the first load I had since my mother a few weeks ago. Had it seriously been that long since I last had sex? That felt like a record considering the nature of this world.  When I finished up, I pulled out and backed up a few mistakes.

Angela closed her legs back up. Whether she received any pleasure from our actions or not was completely up in the air for me. I didn’t know what was going through the woman’s mind. She was a completely closed book.

“Very well…” She leaned back on the bed and chuckled. “You can return to your duties. I’ll call you again when I want you.”

She didn’t give me any room to talk to her anymore. I could only turn my back on her and walk away.

When I reached the door, I glanced back. “Are you really not going to make any attempt to leave this place?”

Angela glanced over at me, her expression not flickering for a moment. As the silence lingered, I realized that she had no intention of giving me an answer. I let out a long sigh, turned and left the room. I ended up returning to the kitchen’s in time to pass out dinner. My thoughts were complicated as I delivered the plates of food out to the various rooms. Did I have an ally with Angela? At the very least, my access had increased. To get to her room, I had to pass another checkpoint. That was one checkpoint closer to the surface.

I decided to tell Brooke about what happened. I didn’t mention the fact that I had become Angela’s sex buddy. For some reason I felt like it may have some unintended side effects if I told her that hard truth. However, I did tell her about the mysterious couple, and the increased access that I had now that I was delivering meals to the upper corridors of the mine.

“That’s good.” Brooke nodded her head. “Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll let you know when I work out a plan.”

The days continued onward, and another week passed in the mine. Every day I was sent up to deliver food to Angela. Some days, she would keep me there and have me service her. Other days, she wouldn’t be in the mood. Although I mentioned escaping each time, she always gave me a cold look and absolutely no response. Simply put, she seemed completely disinterested in getting out of the mine.

Finally, I had enough of waiting. I decided it was time I took matters into my own hands. The next time I delivered food to her, as soon as I was done, I didn’t return straight to my checkpoint. For all anyone knew, she’d be holding me up for several hours to play with her toy. Therefore, there was nowhere I needed to report. There were also a lot less prying eyes past the checkpoint, so no one to report me not doing my duty in hopes of currying some favor.

I didn’t do much. I went a few extra halls out of my way and then eventually turned back and headed through the security checkpoint. However, the next day, I did it again, and then again. I was forming a mental map of the layout of the mine. I knew the lower levels well thanks to my deliveries. Now, thanks to Angela, I was growing more familiar with the upper levels too.

While I did this, there was another thing I started to do as well. I started smuggling more stuff down into the pit. It started out with small things, things that could fit in my pocket. However, the more I gave them, the bolder I grew. I handed them a rope. By all accounts now, they could get out of the pit if they wanted to. I also managed to make a map that could get them as far up as I had gotten, the third and hopefully final checkpoint.

“We got pickaxes we can use as weapons. Once we’re all out of the pit, we can escape.” Someone said.

“They have magic. A single spell could collapse the cavern. They might leave us all for dead if we even tried. We can’t do this recklessly.”

“We have to get through the checkpoints without alarming the next checkpoint.”

“How about this girl? She’s been through it. If we send her first, then they’ll put their guard down. At that point, we can take them out!”

I was standing nearby with my arms crossed, eyeing Brooke anxiously out of the corner of my eye. I was eager to escape, just like the rest of them. This was not a location I wanted to be trapped in anymore. In fact, I just wanted to go back to Amaryllis in general. I didn’t care what body I had anymore. This entire country tired me.

“Okay… prepare what you can.” Brooke shrugged. “We’ll escape, tomorrow night.”

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Meet us at the first checkpoint. We’ll let you lead the way. We’ll keep everyone quiet. Just try to disarm the guards. Once we get through one checkpoint, it’ll be on to the next. Quick, quiet, and thorough.”

I nodded, finally returning to the kitchens. That night, I had trouble sleeping. I worked out her words in my head a hundred times. She didn’t plan to use my help in the pit. Rather, they were going to escape it using the rope and a plan I wasn’t provided. They were really showing me a lot of trust here. If I went and told at this point, they seriously could have put all their lives in jeopardy. That showed how much trust they had given me.

I delivered food as normal. Angela took her food as normal and then she took me as well. I made sure to give her no sign that today was any different than any other day. God willing, this would be the last day we ever met. However, I didn’t invite her to come along. I didn’t trust Angela in the slightest, and I wasn’t willing to risk anything on her. When I left her room, if anything, I felt a bit relieved.

Finally, my duties were done for the day, and I could only lie down on my small bed and wait for night to come. I got up numerous times to pace, feeling extremely anxious. There was no clock, so time was a relative thing. Fearing showing up too late, I decided earlier was better. I snuck out of the kitchens quietly and then headed for the first security checkpoint. I didn’t approach it, but I remained in the path that would pass it and waited. When someone wondered by, I made sure to hide.

Time wore on, and the group of Brooke’s never came. I frowned, wondering if I had been given the incorrect location. Or worse, maybe Brooke hadn’t really trusted me and they all chose to leave without me. I carefully got a closer look of the watch and was relieved to see it was still manned. If Brooke and her group had passed through, those guards would undoubtedly be unconscious right now.

No, there was no reason to be relieved. If Brooke’s group didn’t arrive, it meant that something had happened between yesterday and now. Frowning, I made my way back down to the entrance to the pits. I looked around carefully for the girl who would have manned the escalator and guarded the pits. She was completely absent. They had someone watching the pits 24/7. These were the most dangerous women in the mine. Even though the person was no fighter, they were to report anything going wrong. Had a rope swung up, they would have immediately fled for help. Was that what happened? They should have had me incapacitate her before they made their escape!

Except, if she had run, there would have been other clues. There would have been other slaves or security here. There would be ropes. Instead, the pulley elevator was down in the hole. They never left it down there. I frowned, grabbing some spare rope and tying it. Looking around, and finding no other option except to check myself, I lowered myself down into the pit. Climbing back out again without the help of the pulley would be very difficult, but I knew enough about climbing to lower myself without hurting myself.

As I reached the bottom of the pit, I glanced around and saw no one around. I had never taken a tour of the pits before, so I didn’t know this area very well. There were four hallways that went off. The paths were arcing down, the step very deep. I took the one I had seen Brooke come out of the most. The farther down I got, the hotter the air felt. I was very quickly sweating and was glad the slave outfits weren’t particularly heavy.

After about ten minutes of walking, I finally came into a massive cavern. I could hear bubbling, and it took me a moment to realize there was actual water on either side of me, but it was boiling. Was it boiling because it was hot, or was it hot because the water was boiling? Those were thoughts that weren’t getting anywhere.

“Calie…” A voice suddenly spoke up.

“Huh?” I turned and noticed a woman. She had a scalding burn on half of her face, and she was lying dangerously close to the boiling water like at some point she had been pushed into it. I ran over to her and kneeled down. Pulling her away from the heat, I looked at the side of her face that wasn’t burned.

“You… I remember you.”

“You… need to get out of here.” She spoke through struggling breaths.

“What’s going on?” I demanded, “What happened to our escape?”

“The thing… that they were looking for. They found it.”

“They found it? Wait, what is it?” I asked.

She weakly lifted her finger, pointing down the path of the cavern. On either side of that path was the boiling lake. I couldn’t see into the darkness, but there were faint flashes of light like other miners might have made it farther.

“Who did this to you?” I asked. “The slavers?”

She shook her head. “When we broke through… we knew that this was what they were looking for. Some wanted to just flee, but Brooke wanted to take whatever it was with us, so she led an expedition into the cavern. A few hours later, two women came down in the elevator. We decided to jump them and kidnap them, but they overwhelmed us. They made us show them the cavern. When anyone acted up, they… tossed us aside.”

She looked over bitterly at the boiling lake. I got the idea. Although it was still dark, I thought I could see a few bodies floating in that boiled mess. As for those girls, were they the two veiled women who I had met with Angela? Somehow, remembering the dark feeling they gave me, it didn’t seem completely unbelievable. I shook my head.

“If Brooke is down there, then I need to go too.”

“Girl… you’re the only one of us not implicated in this. Just turn around and leave.” The woman I was talking to grabbed my arm with her undamaged hand. “This isn’t your issue.”

Staring down the path that headed into some unknown abyss, where a secret relic was just unearthed, I felt like I had to go. In some small ways, I almost felt like I needed to go. I pulled the top off of me and tossed it into the lake, bearing my chest which was decidedly not feminine. It was really hot and it was starting to chafe. I stopped making any attempt to hide my voice either.

“I need to go,” I said. “I don’t know why, but suddenly I feel like this might be why I was here in the first place.

The woman’s eyes widened, but she didn’t say anything in response. I turned and headed into the darkness.

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