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“Brooke…” I looked between the woman on the floor and the knife in my hand.

“Is there a problem?” Rebecca snarled. “My so-called Demon Lord?”

“Becky… this isn’t necessary…” Ashley said angrily, “Master was using the girl, why would he just kill her now. It’s wasteful! That’s why I told you not to kill all those slaves on the way in either!”

“Watch it, sister!” Rebecca shot Ashley an angry look. “You’re getting soft. Ever since you’ve been in that body, you’ve been acting strange… like a human!”

“I am no human!” Ash shot back. “You take that back!”

“Enough!” I bellowed. “I am the Demon Lord. I have uses for this woman, and I won’t see her dead right away. Had you killed her, Becky, you’d already would have been killed by me!”

“Y-you…” Rebecca’s face turned indignant.

“However, the more offspring I make, the better off I’ll be. I will fuck this woman, and give her my seed. At that point, she can carry another one of my demon offspring.”

Brook managed to bite the gag on her mouth and spit it out. “I’d rather die! You bastard. Give Clyburn back to me!”

“Would you dare threaten one of my offspring!” I said, glaring at Rebecca as I tossed the knife to her feet, “Would you dare?”

Rebecca’s expression changed suddenly. It looked like my words had affected her properly. I let out a breath of relief. I thought that if I had worded it that way, there would be no way she could refuse. There are only two demons alive. If I was the demon lord, any girl I gifted with my seed would have a 50% chance of producing another demon. So, killing Brooke immediately after sleeping with her would be like murdering a demon! Not just a demon, but a Demon of their lord! Worded that way, Rebecca’s request came off as almost blasphemous.

“V-very well…” Rebecca turned away, “Clyburn still wouldn’t rape a woman he cared about. I know this from her memories.”

That part caught me for a moment. Her memories? That had to mean Rebecca’s memories. That meant that the demon inside Rebecca could access Rebecca’s memories. In that respect, it might also mean that Rebecca was still there inside her in some way. I didn’t know if that made me feel relieved or disgusted. The familiarity that she spoke about me, as if she was Rebecca, unnerved me a bit.

“I won’t be your breed horse! Do you hear me! I won’t incubate a demon!” Brooke struggled in her bonds, staring at me hatefully.

Seeing that expression on her face hurt a bit. Couldn’t she see I was trying to save her life? This was the only option I had left! I wouldn’t allow Brooke to die. Besides, she wanted to get pregnant eventually anyway. It would simply be sooner rather than later.

I kneeled down to the ground and rolled Brooke over. With her restraints binding her hands and feet, it was a little difficult. She tried to kick me, but I just managed to dodge her. Jumping forward I grabbed her hair, pulling her head towards me. I moved my lips to her ear and whispered.

“I’m sorry, just trust me.”

Brooke’s eyes widened as I pulled back. She was glaring at me, but also seemed a bit bewildered. I grabbed her pants and pulled them down. Brooke had been down in the pits for probably months, so she wasn’t at her finest. Then again, I had been the mines too and probably wasn’t any better. I had seen Brooke naked before, and her body was something I was familiar with.

She had lost a bit of weight and gained a bit of muscle. She felt smaller now, perhaps even to the point of being a bit delicate and thin. Her face was haggard but still pretty. Her body was dirty but still sensual. She smelled, but it was mostly the smell of Brooke. I had fought with her many times, as we remained in close quarters, her sweaty body close to mine. I had grown very used to her scent from that. Thus, there was nothing about her body that repelled me in the slightest.

I pulled apart her legs and then undid my belt. Brooke was watching me silently, a complicated expression on her face. Meanwhile, Rebecca was shooting a suspicious glare, and Ashley a concerned one. I didn’t see any other way out of this other than to play the part of the Demon Lord until I could escape.  Maybe with this, I could convince them to give me the inheritance.

If I did claim this power, it may heal my broken magical circuits. I did think it suspicious that I couldn’t access magic in the body of Prince Caleb, but unlike with my experience as Clyburn, Caleb had no magic at all. If I could feel it, it might have been possible to realize I was under some kind of illusion. Someone had completely blocked my magical ability from the root. Considering for a while I didn’t even know if I was in the right world, I hadn’t really questioned my lack of magic.

With my penis out, I pushed it against Brooke. She in took her breath, closing her eyes and looking away. However, she didn’t try to close her legs or kick me. So, she didn’t see any other way out of this situation either. I almost wish she did struggle and come up with something else. I slid myself into her.

I knew Brooke for many years now. I had considered her a friend, a companion, a protector, and even an annoyance, but never a lover. Now, I was inside her, my dick sliding in and out of her cunt. Her vaginal walls were thick and muscular, and as soon as I pushed in, she instinctively tightened them. Perhaps it was the instinct of a lesbian being penetrated by a foreign cock, but her snatch tightened around my cock almost to the point I couldn’t get it the rest of the way in.

She let out a breath, slowly loosening herself. Finally, I pushed myself the rest of the way into her. She didn’t show any pain or discomfort. Brooke had been raped by her father many times when she was younger, so it was likely she didn’t have a hymen. Furthermore, she had slept with likely as many or more women than I had, and she wasn’t afraid of pushing her pussy to the limit. As my hips started to move, I remembered stories she had told me about herself when she was younger.

I once asked her what her preferred size was. She told me that it didn’t exist. She had tried dildos so large that she felt like she would break. She had tried skinny things, thick things, long things, and short things. In the end, she said It didn’t matter what size or softness. I found that very hard to believe, but then she asked me if I cared about what pussy I stuck my dick in. Hygiene aside, was a wet pussy really less enjoyable than a tight pussy? I might have preferences, but it didn’t matter. It was the girl that mattered. It was everything else. As long as it was functional, the pussy was the least important part.

I recalled a lot of men in my old world used to call lesbians hypocrites. As much as they claimed to dislike the appearance of men, most lesbians still pleasured themselves with objects made to look like a piece of the male anatomy. However, that was the thing. The penis didn’t really matter. It was about everything else. A girl with a strap-on is not equal to a guy. There are differences in hair location, body form, personality, smell, personal history, and more.

“I’m sorry, you’ll just have to bear with me a little longer,” I whispered in her ear.

Brooke’s eyes seemed to relax and she put her chin down on my shoulder, holding me as closely as she could with her hands literally tied behind her back and her ankles tied at her feet. As she held me this way, my cock slid in and out of her pussy. She felt good. She wasn’t wet and lewd like Rose, or tight and curvy like Hannah. She wasn’t a sex toy or a fuck buddy. She was simply my friend.

I kissed her lips. She kissed back. It wasn’t about declaring our love for each other. It was a kiss between people who knew each other and need that warmth and affection. Ah, tears were coming down my cheeks. I didn’t mean to get so worked up with it. I grabbed her tightly and move my hips faster. With nothing else to do, Brooke started to twitch her vaginal muscles. Each time she clamped down, she tightened on my cock. She did it just as I went to pull out, forcing me to tug just a little harder to get out of her. The feeling was amazing.

I was forced into a situation where I had to rape her, and she was doing things to make it even more sexually arousing. Brooke was a hornball after all. No, she was more than that.

“Hah, Hah…” She started moaning as I went faster and faster.

I didn’t fondle her body. I simply hugged her and held her tightly. I wanted to make it through all of this with her. I wanted to get out of this mine. I wanted to get out of this country. I didn’t want to be bothered by demons or monsters anymore.

I secretly swore to myself that if things changed, I would also change. I was getting tired of being weak. I was getting tired of making mistakes. I had spent so much effort holding onto everything I wanted, and within the last few months, I had almost lost it all. This woman under me was one of those things I had almost lost.

“I’m… cumming…” I spoke quietly through gritted teeth, not wanting to put on a show for the watching demons.

“Do it, it’s fine…” She whispered back.

Her body was sweaty and abused. I was using her to dump my cum. However, she didn’t voice a single complaint. Maybe Brooke needed a raise after we got out of this one. I buried my face in her chest as I came. My arms tightened, and so did her legs. Her pussy began to tighten and release just as my cock started to swell with pleasure. Seed spewed out of the tip of my cock, which I had plunged deep into Brooke’s womb. A few more thrusts and I kept delivering wave after wave of cum, letting it all fill out this lesbian partner of mine. She panted and moaned too, although, with her control over her vaginal muscles, I wasn’t sure if she came or not.

She used her vagina to milk my cock dry. Only when she had squeezed or every last drop did she finally loosen her snatch and allow me to pull out. I looked down at Brooke one last time. There was white stuff leaking out from between her legs. She was dirty, beaten, and tied like a hog. Her face and body were red from heat, and she was all sweaty. She also looked damn beautiful to me.

“She’s pregnant now.” I said flatly, “Are we done now?”

“How can we be sure?” Rebecca demanded, seeming uncertain.

I shot a daft look. “Do you want to stand around for two weeks to confirm if it sticks?”

Her cheeks blushed red.

“Come, Becky, the deed is done,” Ash said, stroking her own belly. “We may have company if we play around here much longer. Let’s snatch the inheritance, and then leave this place.”

Becky sighed and stepped back, bowing slowly. “My Lord, I apologize for having my doubts.”

“Hmph…” I snorted, trying to come off as arrogant. “If your gift wasn’t satisfying, I may have made you pay with your own body as well.”

Becky flushed. “If Master wants this body too, all he needs to do is ask.”

“And yet, you had me rape her when I could have been having you?”

Becky grew even more docile. It looked like my beratement was doing a good job selling myself as the Demon Lord. Had I been too forgiving and too in a rush to get the inheritance, I could make these two suspect something. Instead, I realized my best hope was to continue to act like I had all the time in the world.

“M-master… that…” Rebecca’s arrogant façade started to break as she realized she might actually be punished for her previously arrogant actions.

“He prefers My Lord…” Ash stuck out her tongue.

“Enough. Simply give me your report.” I said, acting somewhat annoyed.

Ash seemed to really enjoy this behavior. I didn’t know how much of their original personalities came into play here. What exactly was the social structure for demons? Did they get along in hating humans, or were they purely evil beings that hated everything, including each other? I didn’t know the answer to that question. What I could tell was that Rebecca and Ash weren’t exactly on friendly terms. Either one seemed set on antagonizing the other. If I could play them off of each other, that was one more weapon I could use to survive this nightmare.

Rebecca coughed, trying to recover her appearance. “My lord, the inheritance is in this chair. However, the mode to unlock it isn’t clear.”

“Did Rebecca perhaps try to take the inheritance for herself even though I told her to wait?’ Ash shot out.

“Th-that… of course not!” Rebecca’s expression wasn’t convincing.

Well, I wasn’t the Demon Lord, but even if I was, had she taken my inheritance, I would have simply killed her and recovered it. Having that thought, I froze, my hand a few inches away from the chair. It was remarkably easy to start thinking like a Demon Lord. In fact, the means of unlocking the chair already came to me. It seemed really easy. All I had to do was bleed on it. Isn’t all demon pacts executed with blood?

For not the first time, I wondered if I actually was. Would I know it if I was a Demon Lord? Isn’t a man who can create half men and half women exactly the guy kind of guy needed to spread the demon seed. If that was the case, then taking the inheritance could restore my memory. It could turn me into the very devil that I didn’t wish to become. Maybe I was just thinking too highly of myself. However, I did come from another world. That was something I was certain about.

“Give me back the knife.” I said, licking my lips.

Rebecca pulled out the knife and handed it to me on both of her palms. I noticed it had flecks of blood on it, likely from the pile of women to the side. For a brief second, I considered stabbing the knife into her. However, it probably wouldn’t kill Rebecca, or rather whatever Rebecca has become. She already brought a dead body back to life. She could probably shake off most killing blows, and the second I attacked once, I lost all other chances to fight back.

I held the knife up to my palm. This part I wasn’t really excited about. I didn’t like cuts, and if I did gash open my palm and it didn’t work, I’d feel especially stupid. The two women were looking at me now, and Rebecca gave a regretful look at the knife, perhaps wishing she had realized that this was the method before we got here. Would she have really tried to overthrow the Demon Lord then? Who the hell knew what was going through demon minds.

“Stop!” A voice cried out.

Two new people walked into the throne room. They had hoods up, one was pregnant, the other was… well… short.

“You…” Rebecca snarled. “My lord, now! It’s too late, Lilith, the Demon Lord returns.”

She grabbed my knife and cut my palm. I let out a cry of pain, but she ignored it as she slammed my hand on the throne.

Meanwhile, my mind was still reeling. Lilith? That little girl I had met outside the city? Who was the other woman? I could barely think.

Other things were happening at the same exact time.

“Clyburn?” The pregnant woman alongside Lilith cried out excitedly.

“No!” Lilith shouted. “You fool! He’s not your Demon Lord. We don’t know what will happen between his blood and the inheritance!

“Shut up! Liar!” Rebecca shouted back. “My Lord, we shall kill this woman, and then you can reclaim her inheritance as well!”

I didn’t respond though, because I felt my magical circuits going nuts. Something had plugged itself in the chakra points and I felt myself absorbing a flood of energy. It spiraled into me, but there felt like there was something off about it. It felt vile like it was dipped in rancid oil. Pictures flickered in my mind. Many of them were horrid and reminded me of the scenes I had seen during the day of wrath. There were scenes of devastation and horror. Dead bodies. Broken bodies. Demons walking the earth in a demonic form I was far more familiar with.

As more of it came in, I pushed it away. Suddenly, it slipped down into a dark well inside me. This was the same place that had overloaded the times that I have tried to do incantations without a woman to combine my chakra with. The powerful surge of energy, the oily disgusting slick, I pushed it down into the hole, and it flowed freely.

I felt a strange rumbling deep inside, but I couldn’t stop whatever I was doing. I felt like the dark energy coming from outside would somehow destroy me if I allowed it. My only choice was to keep funneling it into the abyss. However, as I funneled darkness into that abyss, that abyss seemed to be boiling.

Rebecca ran at Lilith with the bloody knife held out towards her. She moved incredibly fast, at least three times the speed of a normal human. Lilith chanted something and a wall exploded out. Rebecca ran into the wall, bouncing off harmlessly. As for me, I fell to my knees, my hands hold the two arms of the chair, my face flushed as I continued to reject the massive energy. The rumbling was growing even more powerful. It felt like that time with the invocation. I needed to stabilize it or release it.

“M-my lord…” Ash said, taking a step forward as she noticed me.

“Ahhhhh….” I let out a scream.

This caused everyone in the room to turn to me. Rebecca was the first to say something.

“What are you doing? What is… you’re not the Demon Lord. What are you doing with his power? How are you doing that?”

“What’s going on?” The hooded girl asked Lilith.

“He’s… taking in the inheritance, but it’s not being accepted. It’s like… two polar opposites. He’s… canceling the inheritance. He’s… he’s destroying it!”

“Destroy…” Rebecca started running towards the throne. “You bastard. You tricked me!”

I lifted a hand and an explosion of energy erupted from it. Rebecca dodged, landing and hitting her head as she fell back down the steps leading to the throne. The beam of power kept going, hitting the wall of the castle. A massive explosion erupted, and the wall began to collapse. Suddenly, a pillar tipped over and fell too. As if this triggered some event, the entire castle started to shake. The place was now experiencing an Earthquake.

I grabbed back on to the throne arm, continuing to channel energy into that abyss. That explosion released a little, but there was still more coming.

“This place is falling apart!” Lilith cried, running up the hallway.

Ashley stared between me and Rebecca. Her eyes were wide and she had a confused expression on her face. After a moment, she shook it and ran to Rebecca, grabbing the unconscious woman and pulling her away. The hooded girl ran to Brooke and untied her, while Lilith ran up to me.

“You fool, if you keep doing this, you’re going to bring the entire city on our heads.”

“I need… an invocation!” I snapped through gritted teeth.

I had to release the energy somehow. I didn’t think I could survive the next one.

“And invocation?” She blinked.

“Something impractical!” I said, “Something that wastes a lot of energy!”

Lilith’s eyes widened, and then she nodded. “That’s right! I do have something.”

She pulled out a book and started flipping through it. Meanwhile, the remainder of the energy leaked into me. It finally started to shrink, but the castle was still collapsing. Another column fell down, and then a third one. Rocks from above were collapsing down into the throne room. In less than a minute, the room would no longer be there. I could no longer see what happened to the demons among the debris.

“Any time…” I said, feeling the energy continuing to well inside me, barely contained.

“Just making it relevant!” She said, landing on a page and using a pin she had summoned from thin air to write in it. “Teleportation use a butt load of magic. No one does it. Most can’t even draw the invocation. Fortunately, most aren’t a genius like me.”

She continued to write as the final column went down. Brooke and the woman supporting her had reached the throne.

“Hold on to me!” I shouted.

The three women grabbed on to my shirt.

“Can you do this?” Lilith asked.

“Yeah, but I need one more thing.”

“What is that?”

“A stabilizer.”

“A stab- Mmmm!” I reached out and grabbed Lilith, pulling her lips to mine.

The last time we had used that magic she had overwhelmed me and I almost died. It was because her magic was the same kind of magic inside me now. Now, I hoped to use it. Connecting our chakra together, I stared at the invocation, forming it in my mind.

Her power surged out. It was a toxic power to me, but I was already full. The sea of darkness seemed to stabilize and then I feel the runic incantation in my mind. A glow began to envelope all around us. Light flared up, and then we vanished just as the rest of the ceiling decided to come down. I felt my body being stretched and yanked, but I also felt my dark energy being consumed rapidly.

My turbulent abyss began to calm down, and we appeared somewhere where it was light. Actually, it was dark, but I had been in the mines so long that even the stars and the street lights came off as too bright. I held my arm over my eyes and squinted.

“Where are we?”

Just as I asked that I could feel a rumbling sound. I turned to see a city sprawled out below us. The castle I recognized was sitting in the upper north, and the city sprawled out into lower and lower quarters. The lowest quarter suddenly collapsed. As the ground shook, almost 1/5th of the city sank into the ground. I could hear sirens, screams, but mostly the roaring sound of Gaia.

My mouth fell open as I stared at the carnage. That was us, wasn’t it? The demon castle self-destructed, and it collapsed the mines under the city. In doing that, all of the poorest blocks were destroyed. That had to be thousands of deaths, a hundred thousand. It was a disaster that made the day of Wrath seem like child’s play.

I collapsed to my knees, staring at that destruction. Loss was always following me, and now I had ruined the lives of millions. What the hell was I going to do now?

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