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“Happy birthday!” The girls cried out as they brought out the cake.

Of course, no one knew how to make a cake. This one was of the store-bought variety. Rose was an academic who used to travel the world for a travel magazine. Naturally, she knew nothing of baking. Madison and Hannah were like me, they grew up with a silver spoon and a mansion. Brooke was a bodyguard, and the idea of her cooking was almost laughable. As for Mako, she could cook something, but she mentioned her cake would probably look miserable and not taste very good. As for Aiko, she insisted she was too pregnant to do anything like that.

I leaned forward and blew out the candles. I was sixteen-years old now. I tried to keep my expression bright, but I think the girls could pick up on my melancholy mood. I didn’t want to be depressed, yet every time I closed my eyes, I could still see that horrific day. Mako told me I wasn’t the only one who had such problems, but unlike all the other women who had experienced horrors that day, men didn’t really have much of an outlet. Men had no true expectancy from life as cum dispensers, so their mental health was something often ignored.

Men were supposed to be emotionally shallow, so trauma didn’t affect them like it affected women. At least, that’s what the wives’ tale said. Like my old world, men were just expected to endure. Having feelings or being depressed was a sign of weakness. It was no wonder that so many men exhibited signs of sociopathy and psychopathy. During my few months at the Academy, I had seen men rape, sodomize, and abuse women without an ounce of regret. It was like the worst side of my old world cranked up on steroids. Except, it was even worse because there was no one, not even other men to even provide basic support.

After all, when one in a thousand were male, few could move on to be counselors. Female psychiatrists would abuse the situation to get seed from a man. This wasn’t an unfounded fear. There were so many situations where this occurred that female professionals were banned from seeing males in this country. Meanwhile, the opposite wasn’t true, and many women would schedule appointments with the male psychiatrist simply to beg or seduce him for his seed. The result, there were only a handful of males with any kind of counselor training, and they were all booked for months in advance by women.

“Clyburn, are you okay?”

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked up at the six women around me. I forced a smile on my face. They all had concerned looks of worry, Well, I hadn’t left the house in ages and I usually slept the whole day. Today had been the first day I had really been active, and even then I spent the first half in my room.

“Yeah… I was just thinking…” I said, giving them another smile that felt like it pulled unnaturally at my cheeks.

“What did you wish for?” Aiko asked.

“Shh… you’re not supposed to say!” Madison sniffed.

I chuckled softly. “I wished for my life to keep being filled with the people I love.”

The girls all blushed, a few looking away while some moving closer and hugging my arm. It was a sappy sentiment, but it made them happy. In a world where men treated women as a source of free stuff and women treated men as cum depositories, any level of romance could be considered quite sweet.

“It’s just two more days, isn’t it?” Rose said, her voice slightly sad.

The other girl’s expressions dimmed as well. That was the truth of it. In two days, I would be gone for an entire year. My babies would learn to talk and learn to walk while I was abroad. However, I had agreed to do this for a variety of reasons, and the girls had encouraged me to take this trip and broaden my horizon. It still felt slightly sad that I would be leaving. Only Brooke would come with me. Brianna and Syph had actually been sent away by Brooke to a bodyguard camp where they’d learn how to better do their duties. Next year, they’d officially be on Bonholdt staff. This was graciously paid for by Ash’s mother.

“Lyra and Rebecca have already left,” I said slowly.

Most of the girls understood what I meant. Of everyone, those two girls had been there in that building. I hadn’t spoken of the demons or the demon summoning clearly, but they knew of the massacre. They knew I had seen things that a boy of fifteen should have never witnessed. We were the three survivors of that incident, that slaughter. Yet, Lyra had sent me a single letter that said she was leaving the country. That should have been about a month ago. She never even visited me to say goodbye. As for Rebecca, I received even less from her. She disappeared, and even her family didn’t know where she fled.

Those two might have been the only ones in the world I could have talked to, and neither of them chose to stay. Some of it was my fault, of course. I didn’t exactly reach out to them in the last few months. Lyra had visited a few times and I had talked to her, but I hadn’t made any room for her either. The last time she planned to come over, she told me she had a surprise for me. Then, she called and canceled, followed by that note. I still didn’t know how I should feel. I felt slightly hurt, but then again, Lyra didn’t owe me anything really. In fact, I had been the reason she was put in danger in the first place, so it was really my own fault. As for Rebecca, I wouldn’t be surprised if she hated me.

We ate the cake, and the girls wrapped up things. It wasn’t common in this world for birthdays to be highly celebrated. Parties and presents were abnormal. However, after several years with me, I always bought Hannah and Madison presents for their birthdays. They had similarly decided to exchange a present with me as well. For Madison, it was the show of her pregnancy. For Hannah, it was a pair of panties. When I asked if they were her panties, she said it was a secret. I’d have to make her tell me eventually.

They had both given me their gift in private. Most of the other girls didn’t get anything, as I said, it was a personal custom caused by my attachment to another world. It was something only our family did now. That was when Rose stood up and put her hand on my shoulders.

“Are you going to be okay, abroad?” She asked.

I looked up at her worried expression and gave a nod. “I’m… getting better.”

The girls all looked at each other, showing unconvinced expressions. I sighed and put on the best smile that I could.

“I just need a bit more time. When I come back from abroad, I guarantee you that I’ll be a whole new man.”

“Okay…” Madison nodded. “But you have to call frequently.”

“Mm…” Aiko nodded, stroking her bloated stomach. “My baby be born any day now. You definitely need to call every day.”

“Twice a day!’ Hannah growled.

“Twice a day then,” I smirked at Hannah, causing her to shoot me a mischievous glance.

“And remember, don’t bring home any other women!” Madison crossed her arms and sniffed.

I let out a cough as all the women around me nodded as if that expectation was a given. I had promised her that this morning, but it looked like it wasn’t one of those promises I could sweep under the rug. All of my girls were in agreement that I couldn’t bring an exotic beauty home from abroad.

I lifted my hand and touched my heart with the other. “I swear, as long as I’m alive, I’ll bring home no other women… this year…”

“Hey!” Hannah tossed a pillow at me. “That means he totally plans to bring in more women next year!”

The girls all made noises of displeasure, but when I broke out into a genuine laugh, they also started to smile and relax. A tension that had been sitting for some time was finally uplifted.  Of course, they all knew that in order to meet the requirements of impregnating women, I’d have to do five women a month and that while not every woman would live with me, my harem of girls would get larger before the end. There was really no way around it. Short of finding out I was really that blessed one and have equal numbers of male and female babies, I could never be too picky with women.

While I had had two male babies, that was a fluke. All of my other children were female, and it wouldn’t be strange if I never had another male baby in my entire life. That child inside Aiko was extremely valuable. That’s how I knew my family would be safe when I left. We named him Lee, and that little one would be taking care of the home while I was away.

“What country is he going to anyway?” Madison asked.

“Diremire…” Brooke said. “Good country. Clyburn will be safe there.”

Rose nodded. “Yes. They’re about three times the size of Amaryllis. Fortunately, they speak the common tongue and they share most of our values. The government does follow a single elected official, unlike our council…”

Amaryllis values, as Rose continued on about the country I could only snort at those words. Amaryllis pegged themselves as a civilized society, but the way they treated men was deplorable. Well, it wasn’t a year ago when roving mobs of women plowed through the streets hanging men. The so-called day of wrath, as the news called it, was the day the WRA, Women’s Right’s Association, went on a manhunt, burning down a part of the city and storming the houses of many men who were unlucky enough to live within the limits of the city.

In the floating island above Amaryllis at the Academy I went to, the results weren’t any better. The children’s version of the WRA called Wrath, not where the day of wrath name came from, destroyed the trolleys and led a similar massacre of students. Lead by Diba Monic, her true goals were only known by a handful of people. That goal was to summon a demon into this world, using my body as the source. I had faced down the crazed woman, and almost sent the entire school spiraling down to the city. How it was finally stopped was a secret I revealed to no one. A strange girl in a cloak cast magic, creating a pillar that held the island up until this day.

After the day of wrath, both men and women were traumatized by the event. While most women, who weren’t the true targets of the anger even if many were caught in the crossfire, moved on with their lives. The men fled the city and country in waves. That was where Oswald, my lawyer and the former best friend of my father’s went. That was also what Trey and Rigor did. They similarly took opportunities to go learn abroad.

Of course, calling it learning was a joke. It was more accurate to call it what it truly was, a breeding program. Men were being traded to other countries to spread seed and increase diversity. In a world where only 0.1% of the population came out male, they had to spread genes any way they could. In a way, I was doing this as a public service. However, mostly I did it because I knew if I didn’t, the Amaryllis government would find trouble for me and my family, particularly Hannah who was found in a precarious situation on the day of wrath. Her hands had been on the controls for the island just as it started to collapse.

So, did I find Amaryllis to be a place with great values? No. It was a place full of hypocrisy and greed. Then again, so was my old world. There was exactly one honorary male board member on the council. Lately, I had been thinking about possibly going into politics. I was the only person alive who had lived in a world where women and men were equal. Although even that world had its difficulties, I truly thought that maybe I could make a difference if I got involved.

We continued to chat for a bit longer, but this family of mine wasn’t that close. I knew that the only thing that linked everyone was me. Rose, Madison, and Hannah were family, my aunt, and sisters, although Madison was only a half-sister. As for Aiko, who was here on a green card and would receive citizenship when her male baby was born, she was unlikely to be friends with the other girls. It would have been nice if every girl was instantly loving and sociable with each other, but this was the real world, and every girl here had her own desires and ambitions, and most of those ambitions depended on me and my seed.

“Clyburn,” Rose spoke up. “I prepared for you one other gift for your birthday. I’d been trying to make this happen for some time. Fortunately, Brooke and I somehow managed to make it happen.”

When Rose spoke up, Hannah sniffed and turned away. Madison looked down at her lap, appearing a bit awkward. Aiko didn’t seem to care, while Mako gave me an encouraging smile. Rose brought out her hand. I reached out and grabbed it, my eyes still narrowed suspiciously. Rose took me out of the room, and the rest of the girls didn’t follow. Whatever this present was, it seemed to be one that was discussed among the girls beforehand.

Was this some kind of sex thing? That was the only place my dirty mind was able to go, especially given how Rose looked a little nervous. Of course, I had slept with my aunt many times, and of my two babies, she was the mother of one of them. The mother of the second was my own mother, Morgan. Therefore, an older woman didn’t turn me off in the slightest, and I began to fantasize just a bit about the lewd things we’d do. However, when she reached my room, she suddenly stopped and gestured for me to go in.

“Hmm?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“There was something I think you need before you’re ready to leave. It took me a lot of work to achieve it, but I hope you’ll be surprised and also happy. Please take your time. There is no rush.” Rose nodded and then walked away.

I could only raise another eyebrow as I watched her leave. Then, I turned back to my room, the door slightly open, and a light on inside. I took a step forward and swung the door open, not knowing what I should expect to see in this room. When my eyes fell on a familiar face, a surge of emotions shot through me. In a flash, my knees felt weak and my heart started to beat out of control.

“Mother…” I said in disbelief.

Sitting on my bed was my Mother, Morgan. She was an immaculate beauty, and even though she had spent the last year in prison, it hadn’t diminished her beauty in the slightest. She must have had the opportunity to return to her room which still contained her stuff, as she was wearing a sexy red dress and had full makeup on. Her body was just as curvaceous as I remembered it. Even though she had another baby, her body was still incredibly sexy and fit.

“Hello, Clyburn, my love.” Mother held out her arms.

Without hesitation, I ran in and hugged her. Her tears started falling down her face, and I joined them. I didn’t think I would cry so easily anymore, yet just the sight of Mother brought a flood of emotion. More-so, this wasn’t a prison with guards looking over our shoulders and white clinical walls. This was home, a place I had wanted my mother to return to since forever.

“I missed you so much…” I started bawling, putting my head into my Mother’s comfortable and generous chest.

“I missed you too, baby…” Morgan held me tightly, even as her own tears fell on the top of my head.

This arrangement wasn’t because Morgan was taller than me. In the last year, I actually outgrew her now. It was simply that I was leaning into her and holding her. Suddenly, every adult desire I had was blown away, and I wanted nothing more than to hold my mother and never let her go.

“It’s just been so hard…” I murmured through my tears.

“I know… I know…” Morgan stroked my hair lovingly. “I wish I could have been there. I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that.”

I had only spoken to my mother once since that day. Even going to visit her had become too difficult. This was especially because there was always a glass wall between us. However, Rose had worked some kind of deal, I couldn’t even imagine what, and now she was out for a single day. I noticed she had the familiar bracelet for house arrest on her ankle, but I didn’t care in the slightest. Mother was here, and she was beautiful.

“Did you see your daughter?” I asked, my eyes brightening.

Mom smiled. “Mm… I was with her most of the day.”

“Most of the…” My eyes widened as I realized that mother had been in the mansion all day, most of which I had spent moping in my room. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Mom chuckled. “Rose and I decided that it was best not to overwhelm you. It would have been more awkward to celebrate with all of those other girls there. You don’t need to worry too much, I have all day tomorrow as well before I must go back.”

“Just two days…” I said, a bit of the melancholy returning to my voice.

“You’ll want that last day to pack anyway,” Morgan said.

“That’s right… about me leaving…”

Morgan pulled up my face and wiped a tear from my cheek. “Do not worry about me so much, my love. I’ve had a lot of time in prison to think. I agree with the other women. You should go. It isn’t… good for you to remain in this mansion all day.”

I blinked, a little bit surprised. My mother had always been extremely clingy. Although most of those memories came from the days before I reincarnated, the basic truth was Mom was a bit of a tyrant and a hermit. She stayed out of the public eye and she had wanted me to do the same. In that respect, since Mother had gone to jail for shooting the girl who raped me, I had done the exact opposite. Between a publicized court case where I was charged with rape and arson, and the day of wrath, I had been in the public eye a lot.

For me, the last year had been a confirmation of everything Mother had ever told me. The world was dangerous and scary. Women were out there just to take my seed. I had lived in that world, and now I was trying to hide from it. Now, my mother was telling me the exact opposite.

“What do you mean?” I asked, more surprised than confused.

“I wanted nothing more than to hold you tightly and never let you go. I held you so tightly, that I ended up in prison and have been forbidden from having you in my life for years.” Mother spoke, regret filling her every expression. “I don’t want to make that mistake again. That’s why you need to get out there and become something. You can’t just be my little boy forever. You need to grow up.”

I gave a wry smile at her speech. She didn’t know it, but I had already grown up once before. Admittedly, reincarnating into the body of a child had caused me to regress a bit, but I still liked to think I was a bit more adult than other fifteen-year-olds, my current situation notwithstanding.

“It’s just… I’m not sure how I can face the world again.”

“You can.” Mother said with certainty. “You need to become strong. You need to become stronger than the women around you. You need to stand up, and lead.”

“Lead?” I looked over at Mom curiously.

Mother blushed. “Once… when you were only twelve, you pinned me down in the bathtub and had your way with me.”

I let out a cough. “Ah… that… um… hormones… and…”

Mother let out a throaty laugh, which sounded both sweet and seductive. “I liked that side of my son. I miss it. Ever since the family fell apart, you lost your confidence. The boy who used to trick his sister into giving him blowjobs and sexually harass the bodyguard seemed to disappear…”

“You knew about that!” I let out a noise of surprise. “I mean… it wasn’t like that at all. Everyone was just humoring me.”

“Does it really matter why?” Morgan asked, causing me to glance back into her deep, dark eyes. “Look around you, my son. Madison came back for you. Hannah came back for you. Whatever their motivations, you have my two daughters wrapped around your thumb. They’re both nuts about you. So is your aunt, and that Nippon girl, and even that maid. They’re all here for you. They all want you.”

I frowned a bit, my brain working slowly. “I just don’t know what I can do.”

“You need to step up. You need to take control. You need to make them see you as their master.”

“Master? You want me to be their master?” My voice rose a bit.

“I want you to be their man.” Morgan smiled mischievously. “Can you do that? Can you be the man that these women need you to be?”

I looked over at Mother, sitting with a gentle smile. Our whole relationship had started because I pushed her down in a bathtub. At the time, this world of women hadn’t seemed real to me. I was still a man trapped in a kid’s body, and my only outlet for my fear and frustration had been my mother and my sisters. I had handled it badly though, and in the end, my sisters had fled and my mother went to prison. After that, I was so concentrated on bringing everyone back that I never really thought about what I was bringing them back to. In the end, I hadn’t been the man they needed me to be. Instead, I hid in my room and I moped all day. I left my girls to find me, and they were forced to act quite slutty to get my attention.

It took talking to my mother, my beautiful mother, to finally figure out what I needed to do. My life wasn’t over yet. It was just getting started. I had six beautiful women who were doing everything to support me. That was nonsense. I was the man, and I wanted to be the kind that supported them, not the other way around. Mother understood me better than most, so she immediately got to the problem I was having. For the first time in months, I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. The whole world became clearer.

“Thank you… Mother.” I said, looking her determinedly in the eyes.

“So, what will you do now?” Mother asked, her eyes growing a bit brighter as she saw her son’s mood improving.

“This…” I reached out grabbed the neck of mom’s dress, and with all of my strength, I pulled.

Her dress was already flimsy, and the thing tore open in front. Instantly, her boobs popped out of her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and the big things bounced as they exploded outward. Her perfect round boobs and pink little nipples were immediately available for my viewing pleasure. Mother let out a cry, her eyes going wide as her dress was destroyed in an instant.

“I-I liked that dress!” Mother said tearfully.

Ignoring her, I shoved her back down on the bed and then got on top of her. “Shut up, I’m going to fuck your brains out!”

Mother’s eyes widened, and then a lewd expression formed on her face as she grew flushed. I grabbed her tits and then went down, attacking her soft lips. Her soft gentle moans filled the room as I savagely kissed her for all that she was worth. She kissed back excitedly, her hands stroking my arms lovingly. When I was done enjoying her mouth, I opened my pants and hiked up her dress. Mother looked at me eagerly as I stripped her and exposed her wet pussy. With a thrust, I took my mother for the first time in an entire year.

“Oh… Clyburn…” Mother moaned into my ear.

It wasn’t the last time that she was going to moan those words that night.

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