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“How should I introduce you?” I asked, walking arm and arm with the beautiful woman who had casually instructed me to aid them in assassinating several world leaders.  

I still hadn’t caught her name, but by phrasing it this way, I hoped to be able to learn without being suspicious.

“Just call me Terah.” She gave a fake smile while walking beside me back into the main room.

To anyone who looked at us, we looked like a couple who had hit it off particularly well and were now inseparable. As soon as we came through the doors, several women noticed our entry. Terah gained the jealous glances of several women who were hoping to be on my arm by the end of the night. There were whispers among people trying to figure out who she was and what house she belonged to. Terah had assured me that all of this was already handled, and all I had to do was pick her and the rest would fall into place.

One of the women who noticed my return to the party was my Mother who had recovered. When she saw me, there wasn’t a single bit of fear, pain, or regret on her face. For all intent and purposes, her beating hadn’t happened at all. In reality, this was a world with healing. Her whipping could be considered downright light. The only one who wanted to make a big deal about it was me. Mother smiled and immediately dismissed herself from her conversation to come over to my side.

“My son, how are you doing?” she asked, immediately eying the woman at my side.

I smiled back, but deep down I couldn’t shake what I had learned from Terah. This woman wasn’t really Caleb’s mother. She had taken some other woman’s child so that she could become queen. Did the council know of this? If they knew, I imagined that Mother would take more than just a beating. Worst yet, Terah was Talitha’s true daughter. Now that they were standing next to each other, I could start to pick out some similarities between their facial features.

Talitha had the suspicion of a mother who saw her son with a new strange woman, however, there was no hint of recognition on her face.  To the best of my knowledge, she did not recognize the other woman a single bit. I started to breathe easier with that. Terah lightly squeezed my arm, reminding me of my own part in all this.

“Ah! Mother, this is Terah. I met her on the balcony earlier and found her to be an amiable woman. What does Mother think?”

Mother instantly tapped her lips, eyeing Terah with analytical eyes. I couldn’t help but hold my breath as she looked the other woman up and down like she could pull out all of her secrets.

“You, girl, what house?”

“The Ginting house.” Terah nodded her head smoothly. “I am the third daughter of Poe Ginting.”

Mother nodded thoughtfully. “Your house has no strong loyalties either way. Perhaps that can be changed with time.”

Terah smiled. “With Caleb to guide me, I’d be very interested in getting to know your family closer.”

Mother finally gave a short nod. “In a few days, come to the palace. I will see that you are given time to meet with my son.”

Without another word, Mother pulled my arm and took me out of Terah’s grip. I shot Terah a helpless look but she didn’t seem to mind. Instead, she looked like she was contemplating something. I was pulled away by my mother, who lowered her head and spoke in my ear.

“Is my son so eager now to sleep with other women?” She sounded just a bit pouty.

“Ah… mom…” I smiled uncertainly. “How could I watch you be beaten for my failure to produce an offspring and not take action?”

Mother blushed slightly at those words. “Ah, I see, you’re worried about me. My sweet baby, don’t worry too much. I want you to take all the time you need.”

“Actually, mother, I think it’d be a good idea if I produced an heir soon.” I smiled.

I couldn’t really tell her that I only had six months to do so.

“Is that what Caleb wants?” Mother sighed. “Very well, then perhaps it is time I introduce you to more women.”

As Mother dragged me away, I ended up losing sight of Terah. Mother had already invited her into the mansion though, so I figured that portion of my job was done. I still wasn’t 100% certain that I wanted to get involved with them. On the one hand, if I got a trip back to Amaryllis, it wouldn’t be difficult to get away from them and possibly seek sanctity in my old home. On the other hand, getting involved in an assassination plot was heavy stuff. I didn’t even know if I had that level of hatred or resentment for these people. They weren’t perfect, but Amaryllis wasn’t exactly a society of perfection either. I decided it’d probably be best to stay out of it if possible.

I ended up being introduced to lady after lady. Mother seemed very intent on making me pick out an additional three women on top of Terah. This all felt odd to me. I was unused to doing things like picking out women from a lineup. Sure, they were all beauties, and my tongue watered a bit at the thought of being able to have any of them as much as I wanted, but the selection process seemed so cold.

In the past, I had used many prostitutes, but it wasn’t like I visited brothels like in the olden days. That’s kind of what this felt like. Do you want to fuck her? Maybe, let me see what else you’ve got! I always went online, and the girl I picked was a combination of looks and cost. Well, there was another factor too. Trust. You’d want to avoid any prostitute who looked like she had a pimp who’d mug you while you were trying to meet her. You wanted a girl who looked like she made herself look like in the pictures.

“That girl cannot be trusted.” Mother said, “She is part of the Finn family, and is just as like to poison you.”

“Ah… I’ll pick another.”

Maybe it wasn’t so different after all? It seemed like the women here were just as dangerous as picking a prostitute from online.

After finally settling on three particular women to ‘invite’ to the castle and test drive for my harem, the night finally came to an end. I stayed close to my mother, following her lead so that I didn’t cause any problems or lead to any confusions. My goals were simple. Lay low for six months, produce an heir and get through this thing with the assassination attempt.

“Mother… I heard there is an event going on in the country of Amaryllis. Father won’t be going to that, will he?”

Talitha shook her head. “Your grandfather will be the one going. I’m surprised you heard about that. I only heard of this event tonight as well.”

“Ah… yeah… while talking, when you were gone.” I quickly made up an excuse, even though I didn’t really need one.

Talitha nodded thoughtfully. “Are you expressing interest in going with your grandfather?”

“Ah! N-no… not at all!”

I had actually already decided in my mind that I wouldn’t be going. I’d just tell the girl that I tried and failed to get invited. After that, they’d make plans that didn’t involve me. I just had to show myself to be useless, and then everything would work itself out.

Talitha raised an eyebrow, but then shrugged. “No matter. It does involve men, but the policies of many of those eastern countries do not necessarily affect us. It’d be a good experience, but there is no real reason you must go.”

I let out a breath of relief as she decided to drop it. If she got it in her mind that I had to go, I wouldn’t know what to do. When we finally reached the house, it was night but I was still bored. After spending the last few hours picking out women I found attractive with my mother, I had actually gotten myself a little worked up. I was interested in having sex, but none of the new harem members would arrive.

I was depressed to see that Talitha was busy still settling matters. She had just been publicly punished by the council, so I couldn’t imagine what that meant for her. Lyra still wasn’t talking to me, and Brooke was Brooke. I wasn’t exactly going to knock on her door for a booty call.

I remembered my supposed daughter, Veronika. The elder council member had made it pretty clear that the girl wasn’t really mine. I hadn’t had any children for 5 years it seemed. I doubted I suddenly lost my virality when I turned of age. It was pretty obvious what happened. My father produced children, and they were given to me as my supposed daughters. As to why? It was so I could sleep with them, of course.

I wasn’t exactly clear on the specifics, as it had a certain degree of cultural influence, but essentially half-sibling women of my father born close to my age were adopted as my daughters and treated as my offspring and then placed in my harem when they turned 13. Kemala was actually born from my mother, so she couldn’t be adopted as my daughter. That would imply that I slept with my mother. Ironically, if I did get Talitha pregnant, my daughter would also be called my sister, and would officially be my father’s daughter. Well, it was certainly less confusing than having a sister-daughter.

The point was that Veronika was not related to me in the slightest. Neither was Kemala or my mother. Between Kemala and Veronika, Veronika had definitely been more enthusiastic than her aunt. My exposure to her as Caleb must have been limited, as she was very quick to warm up to me and demand favoritism. Thus, when looking for some midnight fun, it was Veronika’s door I knocked on.

“Yes?” A voice came from inside, and then a small girl poked her head out.

I smiled down at her. “Hey, Veronika, want to come to my room to play.”

Veronika blinked, touching her cheek. “Eh? Does father want to play with Veronika? Just give me one moment!”

She closed her door and I scratched my chin awkwardly. So, it was as simple as that, huh? I stood in the hallways feeling out of place. Perhaps, I should have just sent a servant here to do this instead. Isn’t that how I was supposed to start acting like a prince? It seemed like after everything that had happened, some habits were really difficult to kill.

A few moments later, Veronika opened the door again. This time, her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she was wearing a long summer dress. It looked like she was going to a picnic, except we were just heading to my room and she was barefoot. Watching me with a delighted grin on her face, I took her hand and started to escort her back to my room. Of course, I never had any true privacy, as I was followed by the two guards that were always with me.

Would this be my life from now on? I’d just go every night to the hallway, grab a girl, and pull her to my room? It truly felt like something that was way too difficult to believe. However, this was the life this world seemed to want me to live. A girl every night, even with my 13-year-old daughter. Well, even if she wasn’t my daughter, there was a time in the future when I’d be expected to sleep with my daughters. I supposed I could call this preparing for the future. When the door closed, it was left to just the two of us. Veronika was looking at me expectantly.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, daddy.” She said eagerly. “Please, treat me however you want.”

She didn’t say be gentle. She didn’t ask for a good time. I could do whatever I wanted to her. I couldn’t help but gulp at this.

“Um… Veronika…” I asked, moving over to a side table and pouring myself a drink. “How about we play a little game first?”

Veronika giggled. “Is daddy nervous? Then please, play with me all you want.”

This girl was way too forward! Rather, what was wrong with me. There was a time I used to tease and fondle my sisters to my own delight. At the time, I was a younger boy. Whether I had the brain of a thirty-five-year-old pervert or not, the girls always played stupid and that way I got to tease them. It was a lot harder when she came at me brazenly.

“This game is truth-or-dare? Have you heard of it?”

She nodded. “Yes, I used to play this game with the other girls at sleepovers. Does daddy want to dare me? I think daddy will find that I always dare.”

“Haha… actually, quite the opposite. I don’t know you that well, despite the fact you’ve grown here for the last thirteen years. I’d like to find out more about you, Veronika.”

“Okay, daddy, ask me anything!” She said, smiling politely.

“Ah… well… that’s not how you play truth or dare?” I chuckled.

She thought about it for a moment and nodded. “That’s right. Then, which of us should start?”

“I suppose since I wanted to start this, then I should go first.”

“I don’t wish to know anything about daddy.” Veronika shrugged. “Can we go with a dare?”

“Ah… sure?”

“Daddy, I dare you to kiss me on the lips.”

“Ah, that’s fine.”

I thought that Veronika might have jumped straight to indecent things, but it seemed like my worries were unfounded. In the end, she was just a thirteen-year-old girl. A first kiss probably mattered to her. I walked over to her and reached for her neck, bringing my lips towards hers.

“What is daddy doing?” She asked, then lifted her dress innocently, “I want you to kiss these lips.”

She wasn’t wearing panties, and she was completely bald below. A pinkish slit folded in light brown skin, that of a youthful woman, was shown on display to me. I let out a noise, nearly stumbling at the sudden change in expectation. The girl giggled mischievously, spreading her legs slightly while still standing.

“Well? Kiss it! With tongue!”

“You…” I shook my head, but I had already been prepared for her to pull something.

Getting down on my knees, Veronika made me lift her dress myself, going underneath, I found her erogenous area and then I kissed it. She tasted very sweet and fresh. I could tell it was very tight and that of a virgin. Her body shuddered and she gasped as my tongue slid in and out of her. I kissed her for a solid minute until I finally brought my head out of her skirt. Her face was flushed, but she still had that mischievous look in her eyes.

“Was that good enough?” I asked.

“For now?” She straightened her hair, regaining her composure. “It’s your turn now.”

“Okay, what kind of panties do you like to wear?” I said, giving her a lewd question to fit the atmosphere.

“Isn’t it obvious?” She raised her dress again. “I don’t like panties at all!”

“Haha…” I laughed, scratching my head. “I suppose you got me there.”

“My turn!” Veronika almost danced excitedly at her turn; it was quite cute. “I want daddy to…”

She looked around the room as if looking for inspiration. When her eyes landed on a fruit plate that had been left for me, she excitedly ran up to it.

“Daddy! I want you to eat this cherry!” She picked up a cherry from the plate triumphantly.

“Really? Is that al-“ She took it and put it up her dress. With the poke of a finger, the cherry went up inside her. “And there it is.”

Veronika giggled again, her eyes bright with excitement. “Come on, daddy, eat my cherry!”

She lifted her leg on the bed and pulled up her dress. While she did that she licked the red juice from her fingers and watched me.

“You shouldn’t stick food up there you know. It can make you sick.”

“Then daddy better get it all out!”

I sighed, falling back down on my knees. I couldn’t find the cherry! My tongue got as deep as it could. I even sucked hard to try to pop it out. I started using my fingers. I could only get one in there at a time. She was really tight. There didn’t feel like there should be room for that damn thing to hide!

“Ah… I feel it!” I said, pushing my finger as deep as her pussy allowed.

“Ahn… daddy… so rough…” She moaned.

“I’m almost there…”

“Me too….”

“I’ve almost got your cherry.”

“I know…” She said tearfully.

“Got it!”

“Ahnn…” It popped out, a little red bulb sliding out of her pink slit.

I popped it in my mouth and smiled at her. She looked up at me panting, her mischievousness turning just a bit pouty.

“Okay… my question now.” I shrugged. “What was I like? Before…”

Veronika froze for a second, and then lowered her head. “You acted a lot like you’re acting now.”

“R-really?” I said in surprise.

“You smiled a lot like you’re doing right now, but you frowned just as quickly. You always talked about playing games, but you didn’t seem to care if people got hurt. It was all about having your fun.”

“I’m sorry…” I lowered my head, “I never want to hurt you.”

“You’ll hurt me when you take my real cherry, won’t you?” She asked hesitantly.

“I won’t take it if you don’t want me to,” I responded simply.

“Ah…” She made a noise, and then stopped as if she decided not to speak.

I coughed after a few moments of silence. “Do you… want to continue your dares?”

“I dare you… to take my cherry…” She said, blushing.

I blinked. “Are you sure that is what you want?”

“Yes… daddy… please.”

I picked her up and put her down on the bed. I carefully lifted up her skirt, exposing her bare lower half. Her skin was as smooth as jade and soft as velvet. I was already excited, and her pussy glistened a bit, lubed up from my tongue and her own arousal. She spread her legs for me, and I got between them. After getting my dick out of my pants, I pushed it up against her.

“Ah… hah… daddy…” She gasped. “Stick it inside me.”

Very slowly, I started pushing inside Veronika. She was very tight, and I really didn’t want to hurt her, so I took my time. She squeezed my arms tightly as I penetrated inside her, the head of my cock embedding itself inside her wet pink slit. She let out cute whimpering noises, her face scrunched up in concentration as I pushed it in.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She nodded. “I feel like I’m going to explode. It’s so big.”

“Ah… I just have the head in though.” I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Th-there’s more!” She gasped.

“Yeah… hah… do you want me to slide more in?”

“Can you… can you do it all at once?”

“Are you sure?” I asked worriedly. “That will definitely hurt.”

“I-it’s okay. I know daddy doesn’t really want to hurt me. You changed, right? After you were poisoned?”

“Ah? You know?”

I had thought Mother had kept it a secret from everyone. Lyra and Brooke knew because I told them, but Kemala should have been the only other girl who knew this, being that she was there at the beginning.”

“Mm… the servants talk…” Veronika spoke quickly. “They said… after your coma, you don’t treat girls like you used to. That’s why… that’s why I want the you right now. So, please, just put it inside me!”

“R-right.” I grabbed her hips tightly, and in one forceful push, I slide myself into Veronika, conquering her cherry once and for all.

“Ahhhn!” she moaned as I pierced deep inside her. “Daddy! Yes…”

Slowly, I began to rock my hips, sliding in and out of Veronika. The night passed by with her light moans and the subtle creaking sound of the bed filling the room.

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