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A light knock on my door caused me to open it cautiously. “Terah, it is you.”

I let her into my room, keeping the guard’s outside. Convincing my mother that the guards didn’t need to be here in my room with my harem had been difficult. They were stripped searched before being allowed in the room alone with me, and there was an emergency alarm rune on my person which could be activated with a touch. After all, the last woman who tried to kill me happened to be one of my harem, so there was certainly room to be concerned.

“Have you done your job?” She demanded immediately, not sparing any words for pleasantry now that she was out of the public eye.

I nodded. “Grandfather has decided I will be coming along with him. We will be in Amaryllis, with the leaders of both of the opposing factions. I’m actually not sure if killing them will help your cause or hurt it.”

“What do you mean?” She frowned.

I shrugged. “My Grandfather is opposed to Davont. Davont is opposed to my family. Typically, this creates a balance in the council which could be toppled. If you kill them both, you’re removing the primary opposition. It’ll weaken the council, sure, but it’ll also ease the tension between the groups.”

Terah shook her head. “Except, if we killed only one of them, the stronger party would take over the council, and result in a stronger uniform party anyway. What is important is that the council is weak when we start the revolution. We want them to collapse quickly and be willing to hand over governmental control quickly. ”

I nodded. “It’s a shame you can’t allow the council to tear themselves apart. That would probably be the best course of action.”

“These men aren’t fools, causing them to openly declare war on each other, neither man would allow it.”

“Oh…” That was the only answer I had for her.

I had been thinking up that excuse for a while now. I still had hopes that stopping the assassination would be best. However, my thoughts were instantly refuted. I used to be a decent salesman, but I was really out of my element when it came to this kind of political intrigue. Still, Terah looked at me with a surprised look, like she was noticing me for the first time.

“You’re a lot more learned than I expected you’d be. I’m surprised you can think of such things.”

“Ah… thanks?” I couldn’t even tell if this was a compliment.

She sounded a bit condescending to my ears. It was the praise like finding a wild dog was unexpectedly toilet trained. Her entire attitude had that kind of feeling.

“This assassination… it probably should target me as well.” I added.

This time, her eyes really did widen. “You seek death?”

I chuckled wryly. “I just don’t want to end up being blamed for this. Victims are rarely considered suspects. If you kill the other two men, I should at least be targeted. You can give me the necessary information to avoid it, and then I can just be a lucky survivor.

“I suppose that can be arranged.”

“What will happen to Mother after the rebellion?” I asked.

“Mother?” she raised an eyebrow. “Since when have you ever cared about that woman?”

That was right. The former me only cared about himself. He had already disowned the woman who stole him from his true home. He didn’t call her Mother in private and was likely only catering her extreme obsession. The relationship appeared to be one way, with the psychopathic prince being completely self-serving. It would sound kind of odd for me to suddenly care about Talitha now.

“She is your Mother as well…” I said. “Would you perhaps want her to be safe?”

“The Queen is a selfish woman who threw away her own child for fame and wealth.” Terah put on an ugly face. “I will never care about what happens to that woman!”

“How about if I ask for you to protect her as well? Is that possible?”

I didn’t know why, but I didn’t want to see Talitha hurt in all of this. She may have done some despicable things for power, but she had treated me with kindness since the day I had woken up in the castle. She cared about me deeply. Well, at least she cared about this adopted son deeply. I didn’t want to see her crushed or hanged in the uprising.

“You want to protect that woman now?” She said, blinking. “You really have changed…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I narrowed my eyes.

Terah shrugged. “When I approached you a year ago and blackmailed you, you acted extremely arrogant. You told me you wanted to play with me as you play with your other girls, whatever that means. After you were poisoned and disappeared for several months, suddenly you’re respectful and polite. You also seem to have learned a thing or two. It’s almost like I’m talking to someone different.”

“What if I am someone different?” I asked.

Terah blinked. “What did you say?”

I shrugged. “I’m just curious. What if Caleb died, and I’m an imposter pretending to be him. What would you do?”

Terah actually looked contemplative on it for a moment. “Then… I suppose it would be something worth celebrating.”


“It never sat well with me that we were going to let you go free. You’re no better than your father, or anyone else on the council. You just happened to be younger, and had something we could hold over your head.”

“It’s too bad…” I smiled. “There is only one Caleb.”

Terah looked at me cautiously for a moment. “Yeah, too bad.”

“Well…” I finally broke my eyes away from her. “The guy who calls himself Grandfather has asked me to come with him to Amaryllis. He asked me to bring my entire harem, not just a plus one.”

“Eh?’ She made a noise as surprise flashed in her eyes.

“He says any woman in my harem I don’t get pregnant during our voyage, he will impregnate himself when we get back.”

Terah froze for a moment, her eyes widening. “That b-“

“So… “ I cut her off. “If you’re going to plan for his death, make sure it goes forward correctly, or you’re going to have to become his woman instead of mine.”

Terah flushed, turning away. “He really said that?”

I nodded. “It shouldn’t matter. As long as you can kill him.”

Terah paused for a second and then looked back at me. “Perhaps… we can resolve this problem ahead of time.

“Resolve it? I can kick you out of the harem. But then, you’re attempt to assassinate anyone will be foiled.”

“I mean… if I am pregnant, then this wouldn’t be a problem.”

This time, both eyebrows rose. “What?”

She shook her head. “No, think about it. Your grandfather will definitely lower his guard if he thinks I might be the next queen. Well, it’s only a one in a thousand chance, but at the very least, seeing you impregnating women in the harem will lower his guard.”

“Seriously? You’re not afraid of what I can do?” I asked.

“I didn’t say I’d let you have your way with me.” She sniffed. “it’s fine if we keep this clinical. Just sti-stick it in. Release your discharge, and we’ll do this until we leave. If I become pregnant by then, it’ll only make our plans easier to fulfill. At worst, if I am caught, they may stay the execution until the baby is born. By-by that time… the revolution will happen. In that way, I can see it as a bit of insurance, right?”

“Right…” I said, eyeing her suspiciously.

“I-it’s not just because I’m a woman, and there are almost no men. Just because this might be the only time in my life, I have a chance to be pregnant, don’t think I’m doing this to fulfill my own curiosity.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it…”

“Very good.” She nodded. “In that case, release your seed in me.”


“Of course! Pull it out. When you’re ready to release your seed, please do so.”

I let out a noise of disbelief. “What? Release my seed? From here? Just now?”

“I know all about men!” She sniffed. “You can pee standing up and ejaculate flies some distance. So… I’ll simply spread my legs when you release, and…”

“Oh… my god…” I shook my head, “You have no clue how to have sex, do you?”

“How dare you!” Her face flushed. “I’ve read all of the books on it! It’s rather simple. Semen goes into the vagina and flows back into the uterus. There, it touches an egg and…”

“No… but, that doesn’t happen unless we have sex,” I responded.  “I can’t just make it come out. I mean, you’re going to have to help.”

That wasn’t really true, but as I realized just how inexperienced she was, I couldn’t help but grow a little bold. Most of the women I’d met, even the 13-year-old Kemala, had been properly educated on sex. Since men were absent, they had to be personally taught how to go about having sex so that if the opportunity arose, they wouldn’t flounder it like Terah here. Actually, it was usually their Mother who taught them.

I froze for a moment. That was right. Terah’s mother was Talitha, a woman who had abandoned her. I didn’t know how she had grown up the last seventeen years, but she had done so in the absence of a mother. As a result, she probably had an inexperienced education when it came to men. It wasn’t her fault then that she was ignorant in this manner.

“Wh-what are you suggesting?” she demanded.

I found this side of her to be surprisingly cute. She was unsure of herself. She was usually cool and collected, offering me nothing but strict looks. In an instant, that was blasted away. In the end, she was a teenage girl, and a teenage girl was fascinated by the thought of having a baby. I had been so caught up with the rebellion, I forgot that deep down, she was a girl too.

Had the real Caleb known this would she have been in great danger? I could imagine him using her innocence against her, and then she might have ended up just like his other harem girls. It was difficult just imagining it. I’d like to think she wouldn’t have been this innocent and open with the old Caleb, and it was uniquely because I was me that she was willing to show herself being so vulnerable. Well, that was my conceded nature speaking at least.

“If you’d like to get pregnant, then you yourself must get wet,” I explained.

“W-wet?” She asked.

“Yes,” I nodded. “You must get wet down there. Only then will my penis go inside.”

“Ahn… but I heard, it doesn’t need to…” She immediately protested.

“Ah… but… the chances of getting pregnant without this is zilch. The closer I can get to the uterus, the better. You’ll want me to deposit my load deep inside you. Plus, you’ll need to be very aroused too.”

“R-ridiculous, why would I need to be aroused?” She protested, looking even more uncertain.

“That’s because your vagina will milk my cock.”


I nodded. “Once I cum, your pussy will suck it all up. But for that, like I said, I can just shoot it out. If you really want this to work, there needs to be an order to this thing.”

“An order… you say…” She looked lost for a second.

“If you want the rebellion to succeed, you really should try everything,” I said.

Was I being a little too obvious? Probably. However, the girl herself was so inexperienced as her brain was still stuck on what must be done, that she didn’t seem to notice the lazy attempt at manipulation.

“For the rebellion…” She nodded, her resolve firming. “I must be willing to try!”

“That’s the spirit!” I said, feeling half like crying.

I was used to teasing Kemala or Veronika. They were 13-year-old girls and it was fun to play with them. It was also fun to play with Hannah, although I found out most of her blind innocence was an act. This felt similar with Terah, except that she was an older girl at 17 years old, and she should know better by this age.

Although, now that I thought about it, most women were probably like Terah. If anything, she was closer to a commoner than anyone else. Even Veronika and Kemala technically knew all they needed to know. Even in Amaryllis, I went to a school full of women who were in the know. I had really taken this for granted. It was far more frequent when referring to the non elite that they were around Terah’s level. Well, maybe not that bad. Every woman had a mother who had to have sex at least once in her life. By all accounts, they should at least have their mother’s knowledge to fall back on. Terah didn’t even have this much.

“S-so… wet…” She said, fidgeting uncomfortably. “Then… I use my fingers.”

“If you want to get this over with the quickest,” I offered innocently. “Then perhaps my tongue would help.”

“Your tongue?” She looked confused, but then her eyes widened. “Ah… down there… but… th-that’s dirty!”

“Eh? What do you care? I’m the one who has to lick!” I declare as if I was the victim. “Besides, I thought you said you’d do whatever it takes to get pregnant. I didn’t expect you to give up as soon as something made you a bit uncomfortable.”

“Y-you…” She whimpered. “F-fine! Use your tongue until I’m wet. However, don’t think I trust you. If you try anything, I’ll definitely hurt you.”

“Yeah, yeah… Lie back. Pull down your underwear. Lift your dress. Yeah, like that.”

She was terribly embarrassed as she did it, so it was even more surprising when she did. She looked a lot like a much younger version of her mother. That was right. In reality, I fucked her mom many times. Talitha was also a giant masochist. I wondered if Terah enjoyed it too. Well, I wasn’t going to intentionally hurt her. She already said if I did something suspicious, she’d make me pay. I definitely didn’t want to risk injury.

Thus, I got on my knees and lowered my head between her legs. She smelled very clean, and while she didn’t shave, her pussy naturally had a tame bush just above her pink slit. She closed her eyes and looked away, likely thinking that if she didn’t look, she could ignore what was happening right now.

My tongue slowly and meticulously explored her lower lips, dancing over the surface of her pussy. She kept her arms to her side and her eyes closed, but every once in a while I’d hit a spot and her eyebrow would twitch. After teasing her a bit, I could tell she was starting to get a little excited and wet on her own, but I didn’t want to end the fun just yet so pushed my lips against her clit and began to suck.

She gasped, the first time I had applied any real pressure against her woman parts. I immediately began to suck noisily on her clit, and she couldn’t stop herself from letting out a light moan. However, that was all I got out of her. It was clear that when it came to this, I’d be needing to take the lead here. As I sucked on her clit, I brought up my hand and pushed a finger inside her.  She was very tight, and as soon as my finger when in, I could feel her pussy lips sucking on it slightly.

“Ahhh…” She finally let out the first noise of arousal.

She still kept her hands to her sides and her eyes closed though. I considered just sliding my dick in right away without warning to see what would happen, but I didn’t want to hurt her by accident. I definitely didn’t want her to feel the need to retaliate. Thus… I kept things easy and slowly, teasing her growing wetness with my fingers while I continued to suck her clit until it was red and puffy.

“Hah… Hah… amazing…” She moaned.

I began to slide my single finger in and out of her, emulating my penis, but on a much smaller scale. To be fair, she was very tight, so my finger felt like all she could take. Her hips finally started to rock, unable to control her own body as she began to hump my face. My finger slid in and out of her faster and faster, increasing the speed until a wet, lewd noise started to emanate from between her legs. At this point, she was panting, and while her legs were closed, she was completely lost in the euphoria of being finger fucked.

“Ahn… my… Ahn…” She finally cried out as her body began to spasm.

I wasn’t going too rough or fast, and I was only using one finger. Even I was surprised at how strong her orgasm was. Her hands were gripping the bed sheets on either side of her body, and her back arched, her pussy up in the air as her body shook and wet liquid squirted out of her. It lasted for nearly thirty seconds before her butt finally landed back down on the bed firmly.

“Ah….hah… hah…” She cried. “Th-that was sex?”

“Eh? That was just oral sex? I haven’t even put it in yet!


I stood up, slapping my dick down on her pubic region. She looked down at my log and made a noise a surprise.

“Th-that! It’s too big!”

I wiped my mouth and laughed. “I just went to all that effort making you wet? You want to stop now?”

“W-wet…” Looking down she saw just how wet everything was.

Her eyes held complete disbelief as if she didn’t know where all the liquid came from. I could almost see her mind moving. Did that really come from her pussy? Did she really squirt juices all over the bed, not to mention I had some on my shirt and hands too? She was very cute in her innocence, and I realized I hadn’t truly had fun like this in a long time. This reminded me of a time I had back in Amaryllis when I would fool around with the women in my life all day.

Well, I’d be returning to Amaryllis soon. One way or another, I didn’t plan to come back to this country. I would stay in Amaryllis until I could be Clyburn again. That was simply how things had to be.

“St-stick it in.” She finally said, this time, not closing her eyes, but watching it as if she wanted to catch me in a mistake.

I grabbed her legs and lifted them, then let my cock fall on her slit. She shuddered at the feeling of my long shaft along her cunt. I used the split in her pussy lips to line my cock up with her pussy. I then pulled back until the head of my cock started falling down her crack. Then, I shoved forward. In a single motion, I slid into her.

“Ahhhhn!” This time her back arched immediately, but it was probably from pain, not pleasure. “It hurts…”

“Sorry…” I said, going a little slower as I worked the rest of it in.”

A little bit of blood came out, running down onto the bed, evidence that she really was a virgin as if her actions weren’t enough of a clue. Very slowly, I began to pull it out, and then I forced it back in again. She shuddered as she felt it ripping into her.

“Ahn… it’s tearing…” She said tearfully.”

“It’s okay…” I reassured her. “It’ll feel good again soon.”

Suddenly, she reached out. I thought she was going to do something violent, but instead, she pulled me on top of her, holding me close. I could feel her moderate-sized breasts pushed against me. The feeling of her body felt nice. I looked into her eyes, and she nodded for me to keep going. I started moving my hips again. She bit her lip, her eyes compressed in pain.

I leaned forward and gently kissed her. Somehow, the expression on her face seemed to relax slightly. So, I kissed her again. While my hips pumped away below, slowly building up power, I rained gentle kisses on her. First on her eyelids, then her nose, then her cheeks, and then her ears and neck. I kissed every part of her face, and as I did so, the pain inside her seemed to drain away, and her expression grew more erotic.

Her panting increased, and her body started to gyrate with mine. Her boobs would push up and down against my chest with each thrust, and her body seemed to move alongside my body with great vigor. She was truly completely into it now. A girl who barely even knew how to have sex a few minutes ago was now holding me tightly and humping my cock like a pro.

“I’m going to cum now,” I whispered in her ear.

“P-please… deep…” She moaned.

I increased the speed for about another fifteen seconds and finally reached my limit. Holding her tightly, my cock swelled as I came inside her. She panted and wrapped her legs tightly around me as I came inside her. It was a familiar sensation that I had felt hundreds of times with different women. However, It also felt completely unique with Terah in my arms. Only at the end did her lips find mine and give me a single kiss. When I was done, She pushed me off her and immediately redressed. Her childish curiosity disappeared, and she started to approach it with the professionalism I had come to expect.

“Terah…” I said, as she stood up and began moving towards the door.

I was still naked, lying on the bed, her juices mixed with mine, dirtying up the sheets. She froze for a second with her hand on the door handle.

“I hope…” She said. “That you aren’t him.”

I blinked. “Why is that?”

“If you were Caleb…” She froze for a second and then shook her head. “It’d just be better if you were someone else. Maybe then… we could…”

She didn’t say anything else. She just opened the door and left, closing it from behind. I wasn’t even clear if she wanted to continue having sex until she got pregnant. I supposed I had a week or so before the journey, so I might as well work my best to get the girls pregnant. As she herself said, getting them pregnant was the best way to keep grandpa placated. It looked like I had to get busy the next week.

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