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“Brother’s a pervert…” Madison murmured in her sleep.

I smiled wryly as I looked down at her snuggled next to me, her naked body pressed against mine tightly like she never wanted to let go. A hand slid up my bare chest, and then another girl pressed her even more generous chest against mine.

“She’s not wrong,” Hannah said mischievously, leaning up and sucking on my neck.

“H-hey! Why do you all say that? I’m completely innocent.”

A wet noise down below sounds as a girl pulled my cock out of her mouth. “Because, we asked Master what he wanted, and he said everyone at once.”

“Hey, it’s my birthday, right?” I laughed wryly. “If you didn’t want to go all out, you didn’t have to.”

“M-my question is why am I on the outside!” Lyra said tearfully, looking over the sleeping Madison longingly like she wanted more skin contact.

“Isn’t it because you’re fat!” Hannah shot her.

“Geh! I’m pregnant! Pregnant!” She cried out, pointing at her plump stomach that was looking like it might burst any second. “And besides, your boobs are looking even flabbier than usual, I bet you’re pregnant too!”

Hannah gasped and grabbed her chest, but then looked up excitedly at me. “You think?”

“Move over, hussy, men don’t like such a proper pristine BJ!” Aiko declared.

“Huh?” Mako spat out my cock again. “What are you saying?”

“You’re so preen and clean! Men like it sloppy. You got to be really wet and sloppy, really messy!” Aiko declared.

“Oh… then, please teach me!”

I glanced down as Mako moved aside but stood, watching eagerly as Aiko put my dick in her mouth. She started tonguing it like a dog and then she even spit on it. I could only grimace wryly. I didn’t want Aiko teaching Mako weird things. I’d definitely need to… Oh wow… my eyes rolled back as Aiko started slobbering all over my dick. It felt so amazing I completely forgot what I was talking about.

“Shit… I’m going to cum…”

“Don’t waste it!” Mia declared, pushing Aiko off my dick and then swinging her legs to get on top.

“Hey! Bitch! You already popped out a baby! Give a girl who hasn’t had one yet a chance!” Hannah abandoned me suddenly and then grabbed at Mia just as she was lowering herself down on my dick.

“Screw off, he’s about to cum! That baby batter is mine!” Mia pulled back and slapped Hannah across the face.

Hannah had a silly face as she fell back. I was just about to admonish Mia, even though the feel of her pussy lowering on my cock was amazing, but a strange light flickered in Hannah’s eyes as she rubbed her cheek.

“She’s bold. I like it!” Hannah leaped back at Mia, and the two girls started wrestling on top of me while Aiko and Mako watched helplessly.

There wrestling suddenly turned into kissing, and I could see my sisters butt bobbing up and down, while Mia bobbed up and down on my cock and the two girls frantically kissed each other. Suddenly, Mia stopped and Hannah whispered something to her. She got up and freed her pussy off my cock. Then Hannah flipped over so her butt was sitting on my pelvic region. I couldn’t understand what the girls were doing until I felt two wet snatches pressed against my cock. One against the top, and one on the bottom sandwiching it.

“Holy shit!” I cried out as the two girls started to scissor each other with my cock right in the middle.

Their wet pussies slide up and down my cock, or rather, my cock slid between the folds of both of their pussies. I thought Aiko’s sloppy blowjob was wonderful, but these wet horny girls were freaking amazing. Hannah glanced at me with a pretty smile and winked.

“Does brother like?”

I could only nod numbly. As a former member of Primrose, she had quite a bit of lesbian experience and was now bringing that to the table. Mia had also grown much bolder since she had her adventure with Lilith, and was down to try anything. In fact, she was a bit of a thrill-seeker now and regularly wanted to do things that were exciting or dangerous. It should be no surprise that I popped her anal cherry. Well, I had convinced all the girls to let me stick it in their butts at least once. Unfortunately, they started talking to each other about it and even called in initiation.

The aggressive movements of Hannah and Mia playing with my dick woke Madison up. With a piggish snort, she looked around confused for a moment. She couldn’t seem to grasp the scene of Mia and Hannah scissoring on top of me.

“Eh? Ah! Ah!” She let out a noise.

I grabbed her and kissed her, fondling her chest while I enjoyed the feel of the two girls’ wet slits on my cock.

“I-I can join!” Lyra cried, trying to roll over to get her chest to me and failing… “Ahhh… I’m a whale!”

Laughing softly, I grabbed Lyra and pulled her over as much as I could with Madison blocking the way.

“Can’t you move so I can touch him a bit?” Lyra said.

“No…” Madison said without an ounce of mercy. “Sisters get dibs.”

“You… I wish I was his sister!” Lyra cried.

Somehow, those words the final nail in the coffin. “Ahhh, cumming!”

The girls scissoring my cock couldn’t even react as a fountain of cum shot up between them. From above, it’d look like their flowery petals was forcing white stuff from my stem, but the end result was white stuff raining down on their stomachs and crotches. Both girls reached down and grabbed my cock, although I couldn’t see who was grabbing what. One was squeezing my balls, trying to force every last piece of cum out, while the other was milking the shaft.

My softening cock was slid once or twice into each girl as they tried to get the cum into their pussies. Hannah who had yet to produce a baby was a little more excited about it, eagerly scooping cum and sliding it inside. Mia seemed to want to rub it on her stretch marks which came from the many months she had been pregnant. I had told them that semen was good for the skin, and ever since they were very excited to wear it as much as put it inside themselves.

“A-ahhn…” A girl cried nearby, and when every glanced over at her. “S-sorry… I came.”

She was a dark-skinned young woman with dark hair and eyes and a slim physique a bit like Madison’s, but with a bit more youthfulness. She still had clothing on, but watching the scene appeared to have excited her, as she had lifted up her skirt and was stroking herself over her panties. The panties were now soaked through, and I could see clear camel toe and her dark skin through the almost transparent clothing.

“Kemala… when I said, everyone… I didn’t mean you have to be there. After all, we’re not having sex until…”

“I-I know… not until I’m 15.” Kemala blushed. “B-but I wanted to give big brother a present for his birthday as well. I h-heard about the kind of presents you like.”

As she said this, she stood up and slid off her panties, then tossed them. The wet, smelly things landed on my face with a plop.

“Ahh…” I was speechless as to what to say.

“That’s right, brother does like these,” Hannah said, reaching down and grabbing her panties, rubbing them against her wet crotch before tossing them at my face.

“W-wait… that’s not…”

Suddenly, all the girls were grabbing their panties, in different degrees of dirty, and tossing them at me. Soon my head was cover in panties. The smell was pungent, and my cock started to grow hard again before I could stop myself.

“Brother really is a pervert,” Madison said this out loud without sleeping this time.


“Mm… what should we do with this pervert?” Hannah asks.

“We’ll somehow have to control his perversions,” Kemala recommended.

I grabbed the underwear to pull it off my face, but suddenly hands pressed them down and then pulled my hands away, restraining them. Suddenly, I felt wet kisses on various parts of my body. A girl attacked each of my nipples, and at least two girls attacked my cock. I couldn’t see who was doing what, and thus I was forced to bear it as I was held down by seven horny women.

A bit later, I felt like I had been drained of all life. The girls had already gotten dressed and abandoned me. I had been lying in a naked sticky pile covered with dirty underwear for at least twenty minutes before I realized they had all gone. They better not have snapped any pictures! I grumbled as I got dressed and headed out.

“Rose…” I said the word as I reached the kitchen. “When did you learn to cook.”  

Rose looked back at me and winked. “I can reheat something cooked by a professional easily enough!”

As soon as she said that, I sniffed the air and noticed smoke rising from the oven.

“Ah, it’s burning!” She cried as she opened the oven and then shooed me out.

She claimed she had a different present in mind when I asked the girls for an orgy. She was not too comfortable being with other women. Not every girl in this world was a few steps away from being a lesbian like Hannah.

The next room I headed to was the baby’s room. I played with the toddlers and kissed all of the baby’s. While I was doing this, I noticed Mia standing at the door waiting for me. I looked up, and seeing the serious expression on her face, I let out a sigh.

“You’re going, aren’t you?” I asked.

Her eyes widened. “You know?”

“Lilith has been grumbling about feeling antsy about the demons for some time now. I see how you look at her.” I sighed.

“She’s useless without me,” Mia said sadly. “She needs someone to take care of her. She really does.”

“It’s okay. There are people here to love him. Junior will definitely grow up safe.” I made a bitter face “Not that he had a choice.”

“With you going away to school tomorrow, I figured it’d be as good a time as any for us to say our farewell.”

 “If things get too dangerous…”

She held up her hands. “I’ll definitely contact you.”

I nodded, then held out my arms. Mia fell into them, and the pair of us kissed each other. She finally pulled away and after hugging and kissing her child, took one last look at the pair of us, and then turned to leave.

“And take Angela with you.”

“Geh!” She made a noise and then sighed. “Very well.”

A moment later, I was alone with the kids. Well, sort of alone. We had two maids in the room who predominately took care of all of my children when the mothers were busy.

“Well, I won’t be able to stay either. I was hoping to teach you how to be a man,” I said to the baby in my lap.

“You’ll still be in his life.” This time, it was Lyra standing there. “You’ll be a better father than most men.”

I smiled and then put the baby back down in his crib. This might be the last time they were all gathered like this. That number was only going to grow in the future. However, I was already missing several children of mine.

I wasn’t sure where everyone would be after I left. Mako spoke of moving out when I went away. As for Hannah and Madison, they needed to start working on their lives. I just hoped I had gotten Hannah pregnant before I left. Mako and Aiko would stay behind. Rose, I had no clue.

We celebrated my birthday, but it had a very somber note for the rest of the day. That night, we said goodbye to Lilith and Mia. Angela left too, which was more of a blessing.

Huddled in a big bed, all of the girls lay with me, even Rose. Occasionally, someone would break into tears. I would stroke their head and tell them reassuring thoughts until they calmed down. That was how my last night went. That morning, I was awoken to knocking on the door. Brooke was standing there, as was the bags of all of my stuff. The pair of us looked at each other and I nodded.

Brooke opened the door, revealing two women in suits. “Clyburn Bonholdt.”

I nodded. “That’s me.”

As the only man there, my identity should be obvious, but they still insisted on confirming all my personal information.

“Let’s go.” She declared after I was done, but when I went to grab my bag, she shook her head. “Those won’t be necessary.”

I sighed and nodded, walking out of the house with nothing but the clothing on my back. There was a large armored truck. I was led up to it and then put into it. I looked back at the mansion one last time. The girls had filed outside, although one of the women blocked them from moving past the front entrance. Some of them were still crying as they crowded and watched me. The door slammed shut, plunging me into artificial darkness.

The car turned on and drove away. There was one woman in the back cab with me, but she wouldn’t talk to me when I tried to speak to her, so I gave up. We traveled for about an hour before the truck finally stopped, The door was opened and I was grabbed and pulled out. The women guards had their hands on me at all times, making sure I didn’t move a single foot out of place.

I was one of a few hundred men I could see being brought into a building.  I had to wait in line for a while and then was sat down. My arm was pulled up and then a woman pressed a piece of paper on my arm. She chanted something, and then the paper turned red and I felt a severe burn.

“Ahhh!” I cried out.

But she ripped the paper off and ignored my cry. Looking down on my arm, a circular rune was burned into it. Above it were ten numbers.

“Clyburn Bonholdt, you’re male identification number is #4215267218. If you forget it, just look at your arm. This Rune is a locator that will allow us to find you wherever you are. You need no longer worry. You are protected.”

“Yeah…” I said, clenching my teeth. “I bet.”

I was grabbed and pulled from my chair. As I walked, I could hear announcements over a loud intercom.

“Welcome men, you are now part of the Male Extended Protection Act. Your life, your safety, and the safe production of your children will now be assured. There is no longer any need to worry about anything, We’ll take care of it!”

I ended up in another line. This one moved quickly, and as soon as I reached the end a woman grabbed my arm and scanned the circle.

“Clyburn Bonholdt. 17. He will receive two years of mandatory education.” The two women pushing me around nodded, and the next thing I knew I was being loaded on a bus.

They finally let go of me as they pushed me up on the bus steps. Looking in, I saw nothing but boys around my age. Some of them I recognized. Some of them I didn’t. As soon as they saw me, the entire bus went quiet.

“I-is that Clyburn?”

“That’s the guy? The blessed one?”

“No! He’s the one who stood in front of the government and stared them down on the EPA.”

“A lot of good that did.”

“He was a hero at Amaryllis.”

“They say he had three male offspring.”

“I heard five.”

“Yo! Clyburn! It’s me!” A certain person called out.

“R-Rigor?” I almost didn’t recognize the guy.

This was a guy I had been friends with in the Academy, He wasn’t wearing any of the fancy makeup or eccentrics he had during our time there. Rather, he looked very much like a plain boy, although a bit on the handsome side.

“Haha… yeah…” He brushed his hair. “I’m sorry I never came and saw you after… what happened. I needed a lot of time to deal with it. We all did.”

“Is Trey here?”

He shook his head. “No, Trey left the country.”

Looking around, I took a seat next to Rigor. “Maybe he was the lucky one.”

“Hey, Cly, did you really make it rain blood during the peace talks.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Is that what they say I did?”

He blushed. “Well, some. The entire talk you performed is redacted. Every video of it was destroyed. No one knows exactly what you did who wasn’t there.”

“It was nothing special. I just told them that women were nothing without men.” I responded cooly.

He raised his hands. “Hey… it’s bold. Definitely bold.”

Another man turned around and looked at us. “Hey, did you hear that they recently came out with a way to allow aseeded to use magic?”

“What?” Rigor laughed, but then remembering I was aseeded, let out a cough. “Ah… I mean…”

“It’s true,” I responded. “It truly works.”

Just to show them, I lifted my hand and conjured a little flame. Without more information, that was the max I could do on the fly, but for these guys, that was more than enough.

“Oh! Wow…!” The guy called out. “I heard those women just invented it. I didn’t hear they had shown any aseeded yet.”

I frowned. “What women?”

“I don’t know… just some scientist.” The guy shrugged.

“Well, I’m the one who showed them how,” I responded. “So, they learned it from me.”

The guy’s eyes widened, and then he burst out laughing. “Yeah, right! Good one! A guy creating something like that? Everyone knows men suck at magical theory.”

He turned back around, still laughing. I could only let out a small sigh. What was the point? The bus finished loading and then they started to take us to an undisclosed location in Amaryllis’s countryside. As we left the city, I could see the floating islands in the sky slowly obscured by clouds. I was leaving everyone I ever loved behind. They couldn’t hold me forever though. Two years. In two years, I’ll be back.

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