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“Don’t make weird noises while I’m touching you.” I frowned, my hands sliding up and down her back.

“But it’s so cold!” She panted. “You’re supposed to warm it first!

“You’re the one who wanted this.” I sighed.

“Mm… that’s because you must put work into me or I’ll end up all wrinkly by the time we make love.”

“Can you please not say those words to me.”

“Ahn… you really want me to say it plainly?’ The girl blushed. “Then… when we fuc-mmmmm.”

I grabbed her mouth, keeping her from uttering those words. “You’re such a shameless little girl! You’re only eight! Why do you know such vulgar words. How did you mother rais-“

I bit my lip, stopping myself from talking. Of course, over the last two days, I had found out a bit of information about this girl by having Brooke investigate and ask the staff. Eight-years-old, Charlie’s mother died during the day of wrath. That was why she was on this boat alone today. She was being taken to her extended family in Demishire. Of course, her father still happened to live in Amaryllis, but he wanted nothing to do with her. It was a half-aunt that was willing to take care of her. After hearing that the girl was essentially alone, I struggled to find the heart to ignore her.

Charlie had seemed to be raised in a very pro-man family, and since meeting me had kept herself glued to my side. She hadn’t left me alone since the day that we departed. Every time I left my quarters, she was waiting. Every morning, she’d knock on my door, begging to be taken somewhere on the ship. Both of my sisters were older, and while Hannah had a similarly spoiled attitude, she didn’t compare to the likes of a cute little sister. So, I took Charlie under my wing.

At the moment, that little sister was in a two-piece swimming suit that I absolutely wouldn’t have let her in if she was my daughter. In a world where men were an extreme minority, most women dressed much bolder and more revealing. While women weren’t quite to the point where they walked around shirtless, the braless look with the nipples being seeable through the shirt wasn’t terribly uncommon in a relaxed setting. Short skirts that barely covered their asses were also usual.

As for swimming wear, it wasn’t uncommon for women to show off their bodies. This was doubly so for young children. In her case, she was wearing a white swimsuit that was see-through enough that her pale skin underneath could be seen. The undergarment showed significant cameltoe, and her pink nipples could be seen through the shirt. As to the reason this was acceptable wear in this world, the story I got was that since young girls didn’t have their secondary sex traits developed yet, they had the potential of being confused for boys. By keeping their vaginas practically on display, they removed doubts. Although lipstick lesbians preyed on young girls, most people were women. It was more dangerous being confused for a man.

When I had first heard about this bit of common sense, I thought the idea was ridiculous, but then I recalled how Ashley was once snatched off the street because they thought she was her twin brother. The result had been her brother’s death and damage that lasted most of her life. Had Ashely been wearing something like this little girl, that never would have happened.

Either way, I had to summon all my strength to ignore her appearance. She lay there completely without any defenses. No, it was worst than even that. if I took advantage of her, she would consider a good thing. She wasn’t even the only one. No matter how far I took things, the older women would only look on, jealous of her good fortune. Perhaps it wasn’t that bad, there were limits to how young a girl could be before it became unacceptable, but she was definitely on the border.

Even if I didn’t look at her, many of the women dressed just as provocatively. After finding out a man was on board, rather than becoming modest, it caused many to dress even more provocatively to catch my interest. I’d notice women walking by me three or four times. Some would conveniently drop things every time they passed, and a few managed to have their clothing disordered just enough to expose parts of their breasts, butt, and vagina seductively. They didn’t seem to care that a child was present at all. It was a wonderful buffet of… I mean, it was completely inappropriate, especially with the young girl sitting next to me.

Charlie was struggling so I finally released her mouth. “Pff… smla… you got sunscreen in my mouth!”

“You’ll live…” I sighed. “Are we done yet?”

“No!” She cried, giving me a tearful look. “You must do my legs or they’ll burn!”

I let out a sigh and squirted more sunscreen onto my hands. She was a fairly pale-skinned girl with a smooth and flawless body, so I couldn’t argue with her logic. If she got burned while playing in the pool, I would feel guilty about it. I made sure to rub the lotion in my hands so she didn’t make any more noises that could be considered inappropriate, and then put my hands on her legs. I used all of my strength not to look up at her swimsuit, most of which had disappeared into her buttcrack, with some distinct cameltoe exposure. It almost would have been better if she was naked.

“Is that his sister?” I heard a voice speak up as a couple of girls passed by.

“She’s so lucky…”

“Man… I want a big brother to rub me…”

“Don’t you just want a big brother to knock you up?”

“Hehe… that too…”

“She’s too young, he definitely should have me instead.”

“Perhaps he can have you both?”

My face burned red as I continued to hear such talk while women walked by. My presence as a male had long been established on the flight. While the first day I was approached by a lot of women, two crew members had been assigned to me along with Brooke to send them on their way. It wasn’t the flash mob I had been worried about. Rather, it was more of a general curiosity. In a way, it was a lot like my old world.

A celebrity on the red carpet would receive screaming applause and rabid fandom, while seeing that same celebrity walking down the street may draw eyes and the occasional bold person would confront them, but it wouldn’t approach the level of out-of-control without the appropriate catalyst. As long as the girls didn’t become riled up, they kept their respectful distance. Thus, my new struggle wasn’t avoiding mobs of women. Rather, it was being eyed at like a spectacle wherever I went. I wasn’t used to being under so many eyes. Every woman, from hot to average and young to old stared at us, their eyes watched me with interest. If I simply tweaked my finger, they would jump right into my bed.

This wasn’t different from any other day, except that when I hid in my mansion, it wasn’t something I didn’t have to think about normally. That was perhaps the other reason I hung out with Charlie so much the last few days. Even if her forwardness occasionally made me blush, I didn’t have to worry about controlling myself around her. I knew I’d eventually have to knock up a few women on this trip, but I still felt a bit like it was betraying the women I loved back home. I planned to be very selective about who I impregnated in the future. As tempting as it was to bring a new girl to my bed every night, the only girl I let near me was Charlie.

This was good, as the guards and Brooke seemed to have reached an agreement that first day, and Charlie was never blocked when she approached me, even when I asked. They had even let her into the bathroom while I was using it twice! She had, regrettably, seen my penis, which she was far more fascinated with than I would have liked. Well, it wasn’t like I hadn’t seen this little girl just as much, given how exposed she was.

“Hehehehe…” Charlie had her hand on her mouth to keep from giggling while my hands rubbing up and down her legs caused her to grow ticklish.

When I was done applying the lotion, I reached up and grabbed her sides. Charlie burst out in laughter as I savagely attacked her. She let out a little shriek and tried to kick me off as she spun around, but I was already on top of her, so how could an eight-year-old resist me?

“Ahh.. hahaha… s-stop… I-I’ll pee!” She cried as I molested her sides, my legs pinning her to the sunchair.

Other than Brooke, the other girls watching gave somewhat helpless and envious stares. Boys were supposed to be aloof and distant, yet I was giving a single girl a lot of attention. It drew a lot of eyes on the pair of us. I finally stopped, feeling like I was being watched by too many people, and for not the first time, feeling a little awkward.

“Are you going to have me now?” Charlie asked.


I looked around, realizing that I had her pinned completely to the chair. My legs were mounted around her waist and I even had her body in my hands. I was looking down at her with a flushed face while breathing hard. This was certainly a position that would send me to a prison in my old world! I immediately got off the little girl, moving back into a sitting position and separating all touch between us.

“Hehe…” Charlie finished giggling, “Join me in the pool!”


Charlie jumped up and then spun around in her swimsuit. Her skin now had a glowing shine thanks to the sunscreen. Where the sunscreen had touched her swimsuit, it had made the cloth of her swimsuit even more see-through to the point she was practically naked. Not for the first time I felt like covering my eyes. She spun with a laugh and jumped into the pool.

“Ah… she never stops…” I muttered to myself, and then I noticed Brooke smiling at me. “What? What is it?”

Brooke blinked. “Nothing… just the way you’re with the girl.”

I frowned. “I’m not interested! I just find if I hang around her, it keeps the other women on board a bit distant.”

” It’s not that… you make a good father…” Brooke shook her head. “I was just… wondering.”

“Wondering what?”

“If I had a father like you… would I have grown up gay?”

I coughed, my face blushing. I knew that Brooke had a father who remained in her life when she was younger. However, he had sexually assaulted her often. While I called it sexual assault, in this world it was just considered normal behavior for men. A man could touch his daughter all he wanted, however he wanted. I didn’t know the details, but I knew that Brooke had grown a dislike for men because of her father’s unwanted attention when she was probably around this girl’s age. Interestingly enough, other women would be envious of the fact she grew up with a father like that.

When Brooke realized what she said, her smile disappeared and she sniffed, looking away. The other two crewmen that were acting as guards took a look at each other. They didn’t seem to know what to make of me either. I had a complicated relationship with the women around me, but it wasn’t what would be considered typical.

Well, whatever. I stood up and jumped into the pool, splashing Charlie as I did a canon ball. She let out a scream as she got pushed away by my waves. She tried to splash me back, but I managed to keep the upper hand. We laughed and jumped around the pool, passing the time in a jovial fashion. Meanwhile, the girls sunbathing at the side of the pool looked on with envious looks. Several days passed aboard the ship in this manner.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

My eyes snapped open. It was the fifth day of our journey. We were nearing the end. Amaryllis was not adjacent to Diremire. In fact, the last three days had been spent traveling over the ocean. Only now were we back over land and quickly approaching our sister country. It was about seven in the morning when I heard hard banging on my door.

As I sat up, yawning, Brooke came in from the side room. She was wearing a cute nightie, but it covered enough that it wouldn’t be embarrassing for her to be seen by me. Since school had let up and we returned back to the mansion, she had started working on her figure again, and a lot of the baby fat she had earned over her lazy school year had vanished, her once muscular physique returning again. She opened the door and peered outside. However, from my angle, I could see she had her hand behind her back, holding something that was probably a weapon should the person behind the door be dangerous. Even here, Brooke was always vigilant.

“I was sent here by the captain. She wants me to fetch Clyburn immediately.” A woman on the other side said in a rush as she glanced around with a jitter.

Brooke narrowed her eyes. “What is going on?”

“It’s an emergency. Captain’s orders. Please hurry!” The girl on the other end looked extremely anxious.

Brooke turned back to me, and I gave a nod. Closing the door, Brooke ran to her room to quickly dress while I grabbed a familiar outfit. Once we were both dressed, we headed out the door into the hallway. The girl was still waiting, her arms crossed and her foot tapping. As soon as she saw us, relief flashed on her face and she began to quickly walk away. Brooke and I could only look at each other before following the woman.

“What is this about?” Brooke asked suspiciously, keeping me behind her.

“A-about?” The girl turned back nervously. “Th-that… you’ll have to speak to the captain to find out.”

I frowned as Brooke shot me a cautioning look. It was certainly suspicious and the girl was keeping something back. There was a time where none of this would have clicked with me and I would have assumed I was just being paranoid. However, after everything I had been through, I knew things were never that simple. It was clear to me that she was frightened. Someone sent her to bring me to the main deck. It was doubtful that the person or people had good intentions.

Did the girls on board decide to attack me? Was it just a small group, or the whole crew? Was it the WRA? Demons? Man haters? What was going on now? I wouldn’t be caught off guard again. We headed up to the stairway at the end of the hall that led to the deck by the time I made my decision. I stopped and grabbed my pocket looking around in worry. When both girls stopped to look at me, I slapped my pants and gave an embarrassed laugh.

“Brooke, actually, I forgot my um… wallet, back in the room. Do you mind going and getting it?” I asked, coming up with an excuse to split us up.

“Eh?” The girl turned around, a look of panic on her face. “That… wait…”

Brooke’s eyes met mine as I put my back to the other girl. I had spent a lot of time with Brooke by my side. Thus, in only a few glances we had a conversation that the other girl couldn’t have possibly noticed. I gave a slight nod. Whatever was happening, they wanted me. It was unlikely I’d be hurt right away.  Her expression looked doubtful as if to say that if the trouble was a lipstick lesbian, the exact opposite could be true and I’d be the first to die. I told her that the best way to reveal a trap was to spring it, and finally, after furrowing her brow for a bit, she reluctantly gave her assent.

 “I’ll be right back…” Brooke said, spinning around and not giving the woman a chance to refute her decision.

This wasn’t the first time I had thrown myself into an unknown situation where I knew I was going to be captured. The same kind of thing happened with Primrose all those years ago. However, I had trained and grown. I wasn’t the same clueless 14-year-old that I was back then.

“They only asked for me…” I gave the crewmember a smile, turning the girl away from Brooke. “We shouldn’t keep them waiting?”

The shaking girl nodded stiffly, and then we walked up the stairs side by side. Brooke was running back to our quarters to get a weapon, most likely. Meanwhile, I kept my hand on the girl’s shoulders. If something bad really did occur, I wouldn’t hesitate to push her in front of me and retreat. I honestly had no clue what to expect, I just knew that I was going to encounter something, and I planned to be ready. I didn’t want to be cruel though, she could just as easily be innocent. I bit my lip as I thought about it. I had to look after myself first.

The door opened and we walked out onto the deck. Instantly, I was aware of nearly a dozen women standing around the door in an arc. A woman that seemed to be in charge wore a black coat that went down to her ankles. She had tanned skin, elaborately braided hair, and a pierced nose. She looked surprisingly young, only in her twenties, and would be considered a beauty by most. She gave me a curved smile. It was a creepy smile, the kind I had only seen on women who had a bit of a screw loose. She stepped forward without hesitation and raised her arm toward to the woman next to me. At that moment I realized she was holding a large gun in her hand, and had brought it up to the woman’s face.


Blood splattered across my face before I could even open my mouth to protest. The girl didn’t even have time to form a stunned expression before a large portion of her head was gone. My arm shot away from her like I had been shocked, and the body fell back, thumping down the stairs behind me. My human shield was obliterated in a moment, and I was so stunned that I froze. After Amayllis Academy, I thought I could deal with anything, yet her actions were so decisive that I felt helpless under her gaze.

“So, you’re the man!” The girl grinned, reaching out and grabbing me with her free hand, even as the smoke rose from the gun.

I didn’t dare resist as she pulled me away from the entrance and then threw me across the deck. Two other women ended up grabbing me as i stumbled away. Both women looked strong and muscular, and they were also holding guns in their free hands. They immediately forced me down on the ground, kicking out my knees from behind and putting a hand each on my shoulders. My eyes swam around, trying to understand what was happening. There were about a dozen women on the ship. They had dark tanned skin and rough looks. A lot of leather was built into their clothing, and they didn’t have any skin exposed on their bodies, making their clothing appear a bit gender-neutral.

I heard screaming and saw a woman being pulled out from a side room. She was yelling and struggling as three women wrestled her to the side of the deck. Without even a moment of hesitation, they chucked her over the side. Her scream lingered as she fell off the edge, but it quickly dissipated as she gained distance. That was when I noticed another ship alongside our own. It had tied itself against our airship. Comparatively, it looked considerably more makeshift, with many wood components incorporated into the deck.

“Who are you people?” I finally made the demand.

The girl shot me a glance and grinned. Tossing her smoking gun to another girl, she walked up to me and then bent down to my level, an amused look in her eyes.

 “I’m Captain Angela Critchen. And you must be him.”

“Him?” I asked, and then shook my head. “You have the wrong man.”

“Clyburn Bonholdt. The blessed man.”

When she said the words, I kept my face from showing anything. “Never heard of him.”

Angela chuckled and pulled out a piece of parchment. “Nice try. However, I was paid a lot of money to ransack this ship and kidnap you. I wouldn’t dare be mistaken.”

She showed me what was on the parchment. It was an image of me. I could only clench my teeth bitterly. Meanwhile, another couple of girls were being pulled out on to the deck and taken to the side of the ship. It appears like they attacked at dawn, taking the ship silently by surprised. As to the crew of the ship, the one she just shot was probably the last living.

“You have me then. You don’t need to kill them.” I tried to reason with her.

“No witnesses.” The girl shrugged. “My proprietor has ordered the utmost secrecy. This ship crashed and everyone aboard it, including one male, died. It was truly a tragedy. Some claimed he was the blessed man. Didn’t you hear?”

I clenched my teeth and shot her a frustrated look. “So, what? You’re pirates then?”

Angela shrugged. “Guilty as charged. It’s a living. Not every country lives as richly as Amaryllis at the expense of others. I must pay the bills somehow.”

“So, you want money then?” I growled, just trying to keep the conversation going. “Then how about we work out a deal. My seed… it’s worth way more than your proprietor is giving you. I’m the gift that keeps on giving. I could impregnant your entire crew! If I really am the blessed man, do you know how many precious males you could make?”

Several of the girls started laughing while Angela giggled. “You say that like we don’t already have five male captives at home ready to satisfy my crew at a moment’s notice.”

“None of them are the blessed man!” I attempted to argue back.

Angela snorted. “Male babies are overrated! Besides, we’re outlaws across fifteen countries. What use would we have for getting pregnant? Tax benefits?”

The girls standing around all burst into laughter. Meanwhile, I felt increasingly frustrated. Having babies was only really appealing for the tax benefits, but what pirate would have tax benefits? As a result, my pleas were falling on deaf ears.

“Then… sell it!” I insisted. “Sell my cum on the black market and you can become as rich as you want.”

“Enough!” Angela grabbed the back of my head. “My girls don’t give a shit about your baby batter. I’ve been down that road and the profits ain’t worth the cost. A man’s only good for one thing. Fucking. However, as to how useful they are for that, well, that all falls on the equipment.”

Angela looked down at my groin. A moment later her free hand dipped into my pants. Her cold fingers felt around roughly until they grabbed hold of my cock. I grimaced, meeting her eyes directly as she fondled my groin shamelessly. After a moment, she gave me a grin, her lips only a few inches from mine.

“Hmmm… not bad. Maybe I and my girls will have a little fun with you before we pass you off.” She glanced to the side and looked behind me. “Toss them.”

“No!” I screamed.

However, a moment later, the three girls were tossed overboard. I tried to stand, but the girl painful pulled on my balls, forcing me back on my knees. I was once again completely helpless, as I stared into her cold eyes.

“Take him to my quarters,” Angela commanded after a moment, finally releasing my sack. “Set the charges, let’s blow this ship.”

“Won’t the explosions make it look too suspicious?” One of the girls asked her.

“The governments will be so desperate to hide this embarrassment that they won’t investigate.” Angela spun away.

As for me, I felt the two women behind me pick me up and drag me across a bridge which had been placed down between the ships. They didn’t stop pushing me until I was shoved into a large room that must have been the captain’s quarters. Rather than letting me free to roam around, I was quickly tied to a chair in front of a window. Turning my head, I could see the ship next to me hovering alongside this pirate ship.

My thoughts bounced back and forth between Brooke’s position on the ship and the little girl. If either of them were found, there was no chance they’d be alive right now. In fact, Charlie could have been chucked over the side of the ship hours ago and I had no way of knowing. I could only keep sitting in the relatively quiet room, alone with my thoughts. Every once in a while, I heard a scream or the shot of a gun. Each time, I flinched, my nerves only growing even more frayed.

Someone had paid to have me captured. That meant that every death out there was partially my fault. Just who had hired these women to kidnap me? Whoever was responsible, I wanted to rip out their throat. I clung on to that emotion of anger. It was the only feeling that kept me from succumbing to despair. As long as the other ship was there, Brooke could do something. I kept expecting her to burst through the door at any moment to save me.

“If you’re going to do something Brooke, do it now,” I muttered to myself as I struggled unsuccessfully to get out of my restraints.

Minutes passed, and then an hour. Brooke didn’t show up. The ship shuddered, and out of the corner of the window, I could see this pirate ship pulling away from the transport I had spent the last five days on. We were about fifty meters away from the ship when a sudden boom caused me to shake. The ship exploded in a fireball, and my heart collapsed. I could only stare helplessly as the airship fell from the sky, picking up speed as it slammed into the ground below. Brooke… Charlie… they were on that ship, right?

“Damn it…” My head dropped as my heart slammed into my throat.

In the end, what had I accomplished? Everyone was dead, and I was the only survivor again. The anger that kept the fire in me going started to wink out. The feelings of loss and helplessness overtook me once again. There wasn’t going to be any rescue. Worse than that, more people I cared about were gone. The door burst open and a woman walked in, shutting the door behind her. My last bit of hope died as I looked up to see Captain Angela standing there with her lifeless expression yet cruel smile.

“Ah… don’t put on that face.” Angela giggled. “Now, where were we? Ah, yes… we were going to test out your… equipment.”

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