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“Che…” Angela frowned, her cold hands squeezing tightly on my balls. “Are you a man at all?”

I shot her a glare. “Maybe you just don’t put me in the mood.”

Angela casually pulled out a knife and placed it at my throat. “Did you want to say that again?”

I closed my eyes and grimaced. This was actually the first time something like this had ever happened to me. When it came to this pirate, I had absolutely no reaction. My penis was completely soft. She was an undeniable beauty, yet it didn’t seem to matter when it came to her. Perhaps it was because of the things she had done to the crew, including the woman she had casually killed in front of me. Perhaps it was my own worry and distraught feelings over Brooke and Charlie. I, unfortunately, didn’t know the cause, but a guy who got erections even during various rapes was now not functioning at all, and it was a bit of a frustration for both parties.

Angela wore a very displeased look, and unlike most of the girls in my life, a displeased look from her sent shivers running through my spine. I seriously feared for my life. Although she had been hired to kidnap me, I wasn’t sure how far that would take me. If I offended her in some particularly bad way, she would definitely make sure that I died a horrible death. With those thoughts in my mind, I grew even more worried, and thus even less able to perform.

Finally, Angela pulled the knife away and waved it at me in frustration. “What is the point of a man who can’t even dispense cum?”

To be fair, despite having a dominant personality, it was very clear Angela had no particular skills with men. I didn’t know if her talk about having five men back at the base was a lie or not. If she wasn’t lying, perhaps she never bothered to learn the proper way to handle a man to get the best results. Whatever it was, she was rough and coarse and completely lacked both the innocence of the high school girls I had been with and the worldliness and eagerness to please of the grown women I’d been with.

Seeing my helpless eyes, she sniffed and put her knife away. “I’m going to do an inspection of the crew. When I’m back, you better be prepared for me, or there will be consequences.”

Without another word, she turned and left the room, slamming the door angrily as she went. As to why she was comfortable leaving me in her room unsupervised even though I was no longer tied to the chair, that was because I was tied to the bed now. Completely naked, my arms and legs were tied to each of the banisters of the captain’s bed. One could excuse me for struggling to get in the mood. She hadn’t even once tried to kiss me.

It was so frustrating that I felt like crying. I was quite scared, and I wanted to give this woman everything she demanded, but my body and mind were two different things, and my body didn’t want to have anything to do with this woman. After waiting for about five minutes to make sure she wasn’t coming back right away, I began to desperately struggle. However, the woman was a sailor, technically, and seemed to know how to tie knots very well. The rope was coarse against my skin and I stopped before I started seeing blood.

A thump caused me to stop my remaining struggles. My eyes shot to the door, expecting to see Angela coming back in. Think sexy thoughts! Think sexy thoughts! If I could maintain an erection, then the worst consequence I’d have would be being raped. What a world I lived in where rape was the preferable outcome! My penis was getting hard. Come on! Imagine Rose. Imagine Madison and Hannah in lewd positions. Imagine Mother’s wonderful and comforting breasts I had enjoyed only a week ago. Damn… why were all the women who made me hard in my life family?

There was another thud and I realized it was coming from a vent in the closet. A few more thumps and the vent cover fell to the ground. The floor in this room was covered with various rugs, and so the clatter wasn’t as loud as it could be. My eyes brightened excitedly. Brooke had come to rescue me!

A few moments later, a much smaller figure crawled out of the vent, hanging on to the end as she lowered herself. A moment later, she let go and fell, letting out a little squeak as she stumbled back and her butt hit the floor. My expression froze when I realized it was Charlie. Charlie stood up and brushed herself off, then her eyes landed on me. She froze, her eyes going wide.

“Ehhh? Th-t-this…” Suddenly, Charlie looked uncharacteristically shy.

The only times I had ever seen her act this way were the times that Brooke and the crew guards allowed her a pass to see me naked. My eyes traced her eyes and realized they were locked on my erect penis. Of course, my hands and feet were literally tied, and there was nothing I could do to show even a bit of modesty in front of the small eight-year-old girl.

“Charlie… focus! Untie me!” I demanded.

Charlie looked down, blushing, but she did start moving towards my bed. “My future hubby is so lewd…”

“Ah… sorry…” I couldn’t even come up with a reply at this point.

Simply getting away was too important. Charlie’s life was in danger as much as my own. She began to untie my wrists and legs, trying to avoid looking at that spot as she did so.

“I saw them doing bad things to the crew… so I hid.” Charlie explained as she worked on the first knot. “I hid in a case of bottles, and then passed out. When I woke up, I was in a dark room and there were mean-looking women out in the hall. I slipped into a vent and ended up here.”

I leaned back, taking a deep breath. Charlie was apparently very blessed indeed. She likely hid in a case of booze, and it looked like the pirate’s weren’t above a bit of looting. She ended getting brought on board along with any other valuables unnoticed. Then, she woke up in the storeroom and found a vent that just happened to connect to here. Had she popped out anywhere else, or had the timing not matched up, it certainly would have been death.

“You did good,” I reached out and patted her head. “You were correct in staying low.”

I wasn’t used to encouraging small children, but I was very glad that I wasn’t alone. Charlie seemed to preen under the encouragement, and then quickly ran around the bed, taking the last of the restraints off. She had to use a small blade left on the table to cut some of the ropes that were too tight for her hands. Upon being freed, I rubbed my wrists which were red and sore from all of my previous futile attempts at trying to escape.

Getting up from the bed, I found my clothing kicked aside to one corner and quickly grabbed it all and put it on. Charlie seemed to watch me with interest as I dressed. Where had her previous embarrassment gone now? I could only blush as I quickly covered myself from her view. Kids these days were growing up too quickly. I coughed, avoiding thinking about the hypocrisy of that statement.

“Where do we go, hubby?” Charlie asked.

I ignored her new name for me and thought. “I won’t be able to fit in the vent, but if we leave it open it’s possible she’ll believe I escaped that way. In that case, we should sneak out the front door now and hope no one is in the hall waiting for us?”

Charlie’s face went white as I explained my plan or lack thereof. Well, my words essentially were to walk right out and hope for the best. Where else was I supposed to go? Out the window? This was the captain’s quarters, any lock on it was to keep the outside in. She wouldn’t chain her own doors locked, right? Plus, what pirates would put a watch on their own captain’s cabin? I very quietly tried the doorknob and pushed it open. To my relief, the door opened without even a squeak. Peering into the hallways, I could see a hallway spiraling off in either direction. I didn’t know my way around the transport ship and I had been on it for five days. I was practically helpless when it came to this pirate ship.

“Where will we go?” Charlie asked in a small voice.

“Ideally, there might be an escape pod or something like that. Maybe we can come up with a parachute.”

I recalled leaping off the island all of those months ago and immediately took the plan and buried it. Even though I had Charlie there, even if I could get past kissing her… that previous fall had been complete luck. Lyra and I had landed, but there was no way I wanted to try that again, especially dragging a small child into it as well. Furthermore, once we landed, the pirates were probably going to land too and try to chase us. My only hope was to run and find someone who could protect us.

With Brooke… I swallowed the pain in my heart, putting it aside for later, with Brooke gone, my only choice now was to shake off these pirate women. About my only advantage was that they needed me alive. Well, it wasn’t like I felt like I could kill these women. Even if I had a gun, I’m not sure if I could start shooting. I remembered doing it that day. My hands shook as I thought about it. Could I do it again? Could I do what was necessary to survive?

There was another option. If I could take out their engines and send them spiraling out the sky, and then take a life pod… that would be our best chance. However, I didn’t know where or even if there was a life pod, and I definitely didn’t know where or how to knock out the engines. This was completely out of my element.

“We’re going right,” I said definitively.

Charlie gave a curt nod, clearly trying to be strong. Of course, she probably wouldn’t feel so reassured if she knew that I had no clue what I was doing. Heading down the hallway, I felt for the hum of the ship. The ship should have a hum of the engine. That meant, the closer I got to the hum, the closer I was to the engines. That was the only thing I had to go with at the moment. We only made it the first corner when a woman turned and we ended up walking right into each other.

She wasn’t one of the bigger pirates, and with the force of our bump, I managed to stay on my feet while she fell down to her butt. Her eyes looked up at me, and only then did she realize I was the male prisoner. Already on edge, I reacted first, my fist flying down and striking the woman. She had been reaching for her gun, but when the fist struck, she slammed into the ground. After training with Brooke for some time, I wasn’t a lightweight anymore. This girl had no physical attributes, so I was naturally much stronger than her.

This was something the woman herself probably hadn’t expected. One of my advantages was that all of these women looked down on men. Being punched by a man would be the last thing any woman would expect. Men of this world weren’t taught to be independent, let alone fight. That meant I could keep surprising these women, and perhaps wed get out of it alive. I let out a breath of relief when she didn’t get back up. As for Charlie, she grabbed the back of my shirt and hid her face. Seeing that the woman’s clothing would barely fit me, I sighed and began stripping her.

“What are you doing?” Charlie cried out, her eyes going wide.

When I pulled down my pants, she truly started to panic. However, I didn’t have time to explain all of my actions to her. She only managed to calm down once I started to put the other girl’s clothing on. At that point, she watched curiously as I was forced to put myself in drag once again for my safety. Well, this wasn’t the first or even the tenth time I had done this kind of thing. I felt a bit of regret, but I was getting really used to it.

When I was done, the pants fit more like capris that full-length pants, and since my legs were hairy, it didn’t amount to the greatest disguise if you looked down at my legs. On the other hand, the top was good enough that I wouldn’t face any problems. At least, my midriff wasn’t showing and while the sleeves were a little short, I could still pull it off.

Carefully opening the nearest door and peering into a dark closet, I shoved the pirate girl inside it. For good measure, I tied her up with my clothing. I wasn’t skilled at it like Angela, so I just did my best. She could probably escape with a little bit of a struggle, but hopefully, we’d be gone before she did so. Moving down the hallways with a least a little bit of cover, I honed in on the sounds being emitted by the engine.

I didn’t run into anyone in the hallways, but I did hear people in occasional rooms. One such room had an open door where a group of women were chatting and laughing. I wanted to take a different route, but the engine was loud enough now that I felt we were getting close. Grabbing Charlie and picking her up, I figured the best action was to book it. Thus, we ran past the door very quickly so that the people inside couldn’t get a good look at us.

As we ran past, we heard a girl yell “Oi!”

At that point, I pinched Charlie and she shouted. “In a hurry, captain’s orders!”

We immediately ducked down a side corridor. I no longer could pull off a female voice. Over the last year, my voice had finished dropping and it was impossible to sound like a woman, so I had Charlie speak for me. If they had gone to the door to look, all they would see is a pirate’s back shouting they were in a rush and then turning the corner. The noise of the engine room and the distance should make it so they wouldn’t notice the youthfulness of her voice. Well, that was what I imagined. When no one came racing after us down the corner, I let out a breath.

We continued on into the depth of the ship. The heat and noise were rising, and it was to a point where someone could sneak up right behind you without hearing them. This only made me even more paranoid. We finally made it to the parts of the engine room. It was at the very bowels of the ship. The rugs and décor of the hallways before were replaced with dark steel.

“Hey! Who are you?” A voice shouted out.

I turned around and my face trained. There was a woman standing there who looked like a tank. She must have been the engineer or whoever it was that ran this engine. She had a pair of goggles around her thick neck and was wearing overalls. Her eyes landed on my face, and she immediately gasped. Using that moment, I attacked, ramming her with all of my strength. I slammed into the gut of the bigger woman. Knocking her down. Seeing a large wrench nearby, I grabbed it and raised it up.

The woman let out a curse and then kicked me in the abdomen. I let out a gasp and stumbled back. I was somewhat thankful that at least she didn’t kick me in the balls. Perhaps that kind of defense didn’t even occur to a woman like her. Rather than advancing on me, she spun around and ran. She was going for an alarm! We had already made it this far when I hadn’t expected it, there was no way I could stop now.

I pulled the gun I had ripped off the previous girl and aimed it at her back. I paused for a moment, remembering the sight of a wrath girl I had once killed lying on the ground. I pulled the trigger anyway. There was a scream behind me from Charlie. The big woman collapsed to the ground. At that point, several other women burst from around the corner.

“Shit!” I cursed my luck.

I had thought the engines would muffle the sound, but I had ended up alerting them anyway. These women also had pistols. While they were still trying to figure out what happened and move up to the woman I shot, I desperately looked around. The engine room had a bulkhead that could seal the room. Perhaps it was in case the engine might explode. Just as the pirates were looking down at me, starting to raise their weapons, I slammed the door shut and spun the lock. Taking my wrench and jammed it so the door couldn’t be opened.

I turned back to the Charlie. She had backed away and I could see a wet stain down her skirt where she peed herself.

“You shot her!” Charlie cried in disbelief.

“I did what I had to!” I said in a voice more violent that I had truly wanted.

Charlie looked afraid, backing up until her back pushed the end of the room. I reached out to her, feeling a bit of pain at her scared look. I didn’t see myself as a violent or hateful person. It was just that this world kept forcing me into these situations. I was forced to be cruel. It was kill or be killed. Yet, in the eyes of an innocent child, I only felt empty. Perhaps her parents had been shot in the back in the same way that I did right now.

Behind me, the door slammed. The women were trying to open it and I could hear their tinkering. It was only a matter of time before they were able to burst through the door. I let out a hot steamy breath, and then my eyes went to the vent above. Like before, it was too small for me. However, it wouldn’t be too small for Charlie.

I realized there was nothing I could do. I was at the end of my line. This engine room was a trap. I had no confidence I could fight my way out either. There was only one choice I saw. If Charlie could escape, then perhaps she could tell someone. There was only one way she could escape. That was to make this ship land. I spun back to Charlie, who was still pressed against the wall.

“Charlie… I’m sorry.” I said, “I did everything I could do, and it still isn’t enough.”

Charlie’s fright seemed to diminish under the sound of my voice. She finally met my eyes once again.


I pointed to the vent above us. “I can get you up there. It’ll be your responsibility to crawl far away from here. No one even knows you’re on board.”

“B-but… I won’t leave you!” She said, tears falling down her eyes.

“Your…” I swallowed bitterly and spoke a bit more calmly. “Your hubby only wants women who are strong and never give up.”

“…strong…” Charlie looked down as if she was internalizing my words.

“If you want to have my babies, you need to be a strong and capable woman. I need you to escape, and I need you to report what happened to the authorities.”

“S-strong…” Charlie repeated, but her eyes seemed to regain their focus and she looked up at me and nodded.

“I’m going to do something to the engines that will bring the ship down and force them to land. At that point, you just need to climb off the side and avoid being seen. I know it’s a lot to ask, but it’s all I can do.” I said, flinching as another slam caused the door behind me to creek slightly. “Can you do this? Can you do this for your hubby?”

Charlie nodded, again. “Y-yes!”

I grabbed her and lifted her up. She stepped on my shoulders, and with that height, she was able to reach the vent. After some banging with the wrench, she was able to pry it open and a few moments later her feet left my shoulders. When I looked up, I couldn’t see anything in the vent.

Then, her head popped out and she gave one last pretty smile. “Hi, Hubby!”

“Go!” I ordered, waving my hands.

Her head popped back into the vent, and I finally gave a breath of relief. Even if I didn’t escape myself, I could give Charlie a chance. I would become some person’s sex slave. Maybe some princess or rich CEO wanted me to be their illegal cum dumpster. I couldn’t imagine being injured permanently, even if Angela was a little unhinged. I could hear the sounds of tools working on the other side of the door. They were cutting their way through.

Taking a deep breath, I raised my hand and wiped some sweat off my brow. It was time to make this ship land. Perhaps, I could cause enough damage that they’d have to remain on the ground a few days. That could leave enough time for the authorities to catch them. Well, that was hopeful thinking. Truthfully, if I could just help Charlie escape, I’d consider it worth it. Looking at the engines, I suddenly realized I had no clue how to make that happen. They resembled steam engines, I thought, but that meant very little.

“Well, let’s hope I’m as lucky as Charlie,” I said to myself, grabbing a valve and turning it.

I kept turning it, and after it was turned all the way… I found there to be no difference. Frowning, I grabbed another valve and did the same. I continued to press buttons and rotate valves, but the engine continued to chug along. I felt no sudden loss of altitude or anything. Looking at the door, I could see they were already about halfway through. My face went white. If I wasn’t able to do anything, we’d be back at square one. Except, they’d have their guards up. I’d be locked god knew where and Charlie would have to live as a stowaway for possibly weeks. How do these engines work?

“It’s… magic…”

My eyes widened as it occurred to me. These engines had some technology involved in them, but the major component was magic. Magic was used basically to circumvent every hole in knowledge these people had. It was to the point that even though their technological know-how was only at the level of the 1950s or earlier, they were able to build miraculous and beautiful things. Healing was done with magic, so why did they need to establish a strong healthcare system beyond first aid? Using magic, they could build airships, so why learn aerospace engineering? This world’s greatest asset was also its greatest weakness.

I closed my eyes and started feeling around with my magical sense. At that point, I realized there were magical formations etched all over the engines. Searching carefully, I found an area where I could connect. While my ability to use magic to make an incantation was nonexistent because I didn’t have a complete circuit, I could still use magical items because, in a way, they too were an incomplete circuit. They needed to be completed by a human integrating their own magic into them, which was something even I could do.

As the door came closer to coming off its hinges, I slammed my chakra points into the largest formation. Energy started to flood through the formation. I could feel the raw power of this magical circuit. Now, I just needed to change it. The ship shuddered as the engines started making noise. I grinned. That’s good… That’s what I…

The engine noise grew ten times louder. There was a large whine and a screeching noise. I could feel a build-up of power. Wait… Wait… I tried to put the formation back into the original form. Then, another piece broke… and then more pieces. The entire formation started cracking. The reverberations shot through my body like a rubber band. I found myself coughing up blood as I collapsed to the floor.

The door finally burst open. Three pirates raced into the room, but as soon as their eyes landed on the engine, they gasped. It was turning bright red, and it was giving off even more heat. So much heat, in fact, that it was hard to breathe. I looked up to meet the pirates, but to my surprise, the three had turned and ran. All of the pirates were screaming and running away now.

“What has he done?” Someones shout reached my ears.

“Abandon the ship! Abandon!” Another voice screamed.

My mind was still numb from the backlash of magic when the formation shattered. My magical connection had been severed, but my entire body felt woozy. I looked over at the engine. Cracks were rapidly spreading across the red-hot surface. The metal itself was bulging and there was a sound of rapidly building pressure.

“Oh… shi-“

The engine exploded. Fire burst out from every side. The force slammed me into the ground, immediately followed by an impossibly hot burning. I couldn’t even let out a shriek as my body felt like it was torn apart.

I fucked up again…

Those were the last thoughts I had as everything went to nothingness.

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