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I made very explicit orders to my maid staff. If my clout as prince meant anything in this castle, then what I said should be followed. In a way, I had to use my cute little sister as an experiment. I didn’t think I’d put her in any danger. Well, considering I found her in a dungeon with a death sentence over her head, it was pretty hard to put her in a worse situation than that. Therefore, she had to be the test to see how well I was listened to.

So, I ordered my sister be given her own room in the wing with the rest of my harem. I didn’t think putting her back in her own room would be safe. That made it look too much like I was forgiving her. At best, it’d make other assassination attempt bolder. Although it could lead to retaliations from other people like my mother. If I gave the illusion I was only keeping her for my own amusement, I could stretch things out a little longer. Perhaps, it’d eventually be revealed that I didn’t punish her and had no reason to do so, but by that time the decisions would have already been made and someone would have to actively go against me to go back on my decision.

With that, I remained in my room for the rest of the night. I found myself able to hobble around the room as long as I was slow and methodical. After having dinner in my room, I cleaned up with a pail of hot water. It was apparently unusual here to shower or take a bath. Well, I didn’t exactly ask as much, but the bathroom seemed to have no means of cleaning myself outside a drain with a seat on it. At least, I understood the general principle and sat down and washed myself, dumping the rest of the bucket on my head when I was done.

I probably should have done something similar with my sister earlier, and then maybe the floor around my bed would not be somewhat damp. Ah well, what was done was done, and I shoved the wet carpets to the side. They looked expensive and probably should not be left that way, but after seeing a dead body wrapped up in one just like them, I couldn’t care very much about them, so I left them soggy in the corner of my room.

After dressing up in what I presumed to be night clothes, a short shirt that barely covered my midriff and a pair of long, loose pants. I lay down for the night. I found it very difficult to sleep. I had so many thoughts from throughout the day. I had a harem member who tried to murder me, a mother who tried to baby me, a sister who needed me to stay safe. All of that, and I still wasn’t sure if I was in the same world as Clyburn. I could have died and this could be 17 years after my death. Or, I could have soul jumped into this body.

Were my daughters okay? Was my son born yet? What about Mako? I couldn’t possibly feel our connection from this distance. Was there any way to confirm if it was still there? Or… did she die when Clyburn died? I didn’t know if I could stomach that reality, but at the very least I could think it without panicking now. I was slowly but surely gaining a grip on this world.

With these kinds of thoughts running through my head, the night continued on. With my eyes still open and my heart uneasy, I instantly noticed as the door creaked open. A form slipped into the room. The shadowy figure had a robe on and I couldn’t see them clearly. Was this another assassin? Would I need to worry about this kind of nightly attack? Not wanting to alert them, I waited until they got closer and closer. The person climbed on to the foot of my bed and was crawling up, getting on top of me. Did they have a dagger? I couldn’t really see in the night air.

Just as they reached my height, I reached out and grabbed their arms and spun. My attempt was to push them down on the bed, catching them by surprise and getting the upper hand. It was a girl’s voice that sounded oddly familiar. I realized the form under me had the curve of a woman, and she was panting as I wrestled her down on the bed.

I reached out and touched a stone which turned on the lighting in the room. I could instantly see the glint of blond hair. My eyes fell on a person I would have never expected to see in a million years. She had beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair, fair skin, and a heaving chest. She was an absolute beauty, and many men had an interest in her. However, she had a reputation, and it had left her a virgin up until this day.

“Lyra…” I spoke, my heart feeling like it was about to burst out of my chest.

“So… you do know my name.” Her expression was bitter, and it didn’t hold any of the affection I was used to seeing when I looked at her.

“Of course, I know your name,” I said, the giddy feeling not being at all diminished by her drab behavior.

“I have been here for months and your mother has kept putting me off. The other girls won’t even speak to me, but when confronting them about you, they always look afraid. I’ve come here to see you myself.”

“And what do you see?” I asked.

My heart was beating so fast that I thought I would pass out. The sight of a familiar face was more than welcomed. Although I was having a conversation with her, I was so enraptured by her very presence, that what she was saying didn’t really sink in all that much. Lyra had been brought here with me. Whatever cruel world I lived in, God at least gave me this much.

“A pushy boy…” Lyra frowned, and then shook her head, “Don’t look at me that way. Only one man has the right to look at me like that.”

“Then I would be that man.” I grinned, reaching up and stroking her cheek.

She grabbed my wrist. “I’ve been wanting to talk to you since I came here. I wanted to tell you that this has all been a mistake. My mother was the one that sent me here, but I have no plan to have a baby with some other man. My heart and my body are Clyburn’s. I loved him, and I want to have his babies and his alone.”

“I love you too.” I leaned forward and kissed her.

“Mm!” Lyra let out a cute noise as I kissed her.

As she gasped, my tongue slipped into her mouth and I enjoyed the familiar taste of her body. Lyra was incredibly soothing. I had never done anything to her before. For one reason or another, we had never had sex, yet I was familiar with her body entirely. I knew this girl intimately. She had been there when I was at my weakness.

The day I first met her, I had just lost Hannah and Madison had taken off. I was miserable, and her strangely assertive nature and silly confession had brought me a great deal of clarity that I never would have had. She exposed me to a world outside of my mansion. Although I ate her out, it was a time we met as strangers.

Then, she was also there in the club, when the girls were all drugged with the intention of being raped by the male students. I had managed to rescue her, and her presence had led to me finding and saving Madison before she was raped by the bastard. Had I needed to check every door, I would have assuredly been too late. She was always there, always supporting me, even though I kept her at a distance.

When the day of wrath came, she was there. We held each other as we fell off the island towards death. I kissed her and held her tightly when everything else was gone. Now, that same woman was here again. She was my guiding angel. I realized at that moment that I really did love her. I loved her just as much as my sisters and my mother. I should have told her that sooner.

As I kissed her excitedly, Lyra was pushing on my chest, trying to get me off her. However, in my enthusiasm, I pulled her closer to me. I could feel her heart beating roughly against my chest. She let out more cute moans as I kissed her. Finally, she turned her head and managed to break our kiss.

“No… I can’t… you’re not listening.” Lyra’s eyes looked a bit wet, and she was absolutely irresistible.

My hand slid up her skirt as I kissed her neck, sucking on it and tasting her sweaty sweet tasting skin. Her smell was exactly how I remembered it. Within Lyra was everything I remembered of my home. Tears formed in my eyes, but I couldn’t stop myself. Lyra was panting as well, grabbing and trying to pull my hand away from her skirt. I grew even more forceful, pushing my fingers against the outer cloth of her panties. She let out a moan, and I could feel the wetness through her panties.

It was clear to me that Lyra was as turned on as I was. Her body was reacting to my touch, and even though she was resisting, her body gave me signs that she wanted this too. Her legs remained spread enough to allow my hand in, her lips were parted as she looked at me with flushed cheeks.

“Please…” She said, “I… aahhhn…”

My fingers slipped past her underwear and begin to rub against her excited clit. I kissed her lips again even harder, my tongue exploring her mouth. Lyra’s hand lost its strength and her hips started to rock hesitantly against my hand. When our kiss broke, she let out a moan into my ear.

“I can’t… I’m cumming…” Lyra’s voice sounded weak with defeat, an odd look of shame on her face.

“Cum for me,” I whispered in her ear sweetly. “I want to feel you cum!”

“Hah…” Lyra’s eyes closed tightly as her body shook.

Liquid leaked out in little waves, instantly turning her wet panties into soaked ones. I could feel little spurts leaking all over my fingers, and I excitedly slipped my fingers inside her. Lyra gasped as they invaded her pussy.

“P-please… don’t keep going. I’m going to lose control.” She begged.

“It’s okay if you lose control with me,” I reassured her, kissing her neck as I started undoing her blouse with my free hand.

“I can’t… I really can’t…” she protested helplessly.

I pulled off her blouse, revealing her large, perfect, pale breasts. Her breasts were as large as my mother’s, but she had a youthfulness and smoothness that even my immaculate mother couldn’t reach. Pulling her bra up, I revealed her full, perfect breasts into the dark night air. She let out a gasp, but I didn’t give her any time to resist as I plunged my face into her chest.

“NNhhaaa…” She moaned, my finger working her pussy hard now, two fingers pushing in and out of her roughly.

My lips found one of her small pink nipples and popped it in my mouth. I started sucking gratuitously on her breast. Her hands went to the back of my head, holding my hair as my tongue played with her breast excitedly. I started sucking harder and harder on her breast, taking more and more of it into my mouth. As I did it, I sped up the pace of my fingers, moving so fast that a lewd wet noise filled the room.

“I-I’m cumming again… no…” Lyra wailed, “Please… I can’t… ahhh… it’s cumming!”

Her pussy immediately began to pulsate, more liquid flowing out as even her panties could no longer contain the flow of her erotic juices. A wet spot started to form on the bed around her body. Meanwhile, her hips writhed up and down as she humped my fingers excitedly. Her eyes were closed once again as she gasped and moaned, her pussy tightening on my fingers over and over again each time more liquid squirted from her.

I let her breast fall from my mouth. It was now red, her nipple slightly swollen after all my abuse. Rising up I kissed her lips again. This time, she kissed me back, her resistance having been destroyed by her cumming body. I bit her lip and pulled it as I move away. She panted and squirmed under me in a very sexy way that made my cock extremely hard. Reaching out with my hand up her skirt, I pulled down her drenched dirty underwear and pulled it off her long legs.

As soon as I wrestled them off, I tossed them to the ground. The landed with a wet thump on the floor. Moving between her legs, I pulled out my cock excitedly. Lyra’s lewd smells filled the room, and her writhing body with her skirt lifted up and her bra pushed up over her boobs was extremely erotic. Adding her parted wet lips, slightly wet eyes, and flushed cheeks, and I had lost all control.

As I tried to line my cock up, she closed her legs for the first time. “N-no! We can’t do that… if we do… Clyburn…”

“It’s okay,” I said gently, kissing her knee. “You’re my woman now.”

I didn’t realize that Lyra had so many reservations having sex with me, but I knew that I wanted her now more than anything. Lyra closed her eyes, a strangely guilty expression on her face. However, she didn’t struggle as she let me pull her legs open. Her cute pussy, a pink slit with just a small patch of blond hair at the top that could barely be seen in the dark.

“I’m sorry, Clyburn…” She spoke to herself tearfully. “My body is just too lustful…”

“There is nothing to be sorry about!” I smiled once again, lining up my dick and pushing it into her.

Lyra was already very wet, so even though she was tight, it slid in pretty easy.

“Ahn!” Lyra let out a cry as I took her virginity.

Finally, I had made Lyra mine. I should have done it a long time ago. Laying on top of her, I started thrusting into her slowly and softly. My cock slid in slowly. I made to sure I could feel every inch of her pussy as my cock went into her, and then I pulled out just as slowly, enjoying the feel of her wet inner lining rubbing against the length of my cock. She looked up at me helplessly, her eyes a bit lost in the feeling.

“Is it… okay?” I asked, lightly kissing her cheek.

Lyra looked down. “Mm… it doesn’t hurt much. You… you can go faster.”

I stroked her cheek and then lifted her chin. My thumb ended up touching her lips. To my surprise, she opened her mouth and took in my thumb, sucking on it. My eyes rolled as I let out a pleased moan. I didn’t realize that felt so good. My hips began to increase the pace. Lyra matched my pace, her hips also gyrating. Her sensual body was much different than any other woman I had ever enjoyed.

Madison was thin and tall and always gave me a powerful feeling. Mother was voluptuous and comforted me greatly. Hannah was wild and experimentive, while Rose was lewd and grew a sadistic side to me. As for Mako, she was exotic and submissive and gave the feeling of a woman that would do anything for me. Compared to them, Lyra felt soft and comforting. She felt… in sync.

She felt like me, another part of me. Our bodies moved in rhythm. I could feel the subtle changes in her breath, and the subtle movements of her body, and I felt myself changing my movements to accommodate her. Lyra seemed to do the same to me. Although she was hesitant at first, the farther we went, the bolder her movements. Her body moved with my body, my cock sliding in and out of her with perfect sync.

“Ahn… Ahn…” Lyra moaned, her mouth only a few inches from my ear.

My body started to move faster, and Lyra’s hips went faster to match it. Our bodies writhing together on the bed, as I thrust, her hips rose up to meet it. Our hips joined with lewd noises as I pierced into her sweet, tight body. She let out sexy moans the filled the air, and my moans could only join her. My body felt incredible, and her under me felt just as amazing. Faster and faster we went, our hands exploring each other’s bodies, our body intertwined like a single being.

“Ahn… it’s too much, I’m going to cum…” Lyra moaned.

“I’m cumming too.”

“N-not inside…”

“I’ll definitely make you pregnant.”

“N-no…” she blinked a few times as if coming out of a trance, “No! You can’t…”

“I love you, Lyra!” I said, kissing her cheek.

She gave me a strange look and tried to speak while she panted, “I can’t… I promised… it’d be him.”

“I’m the only one.” I pulled her tighter. “Ah… shit, here I cum.”

“W-wait! I said don’t!” She protested, pushing against my chest.

It was already too late. My cock swelled and semen shot deep inside her. I held her even tighter, forcing myself deep as wave after wave of cum shot inside her. Lyra cried out, but then her mouth opened as her body orgasmed against my writhing cock. The unique feeling of hot cum entering her womb was too much for Lyra to face, and her body lost all control as she orgasmed. Her pussy tightened around my cock, sucking it in like a hungry monster.

“No! I love… ahn… Clyburn!”

Even as she tried to push me off, her pussy sucked me in like a vacuum, and I could deliver more and more cum deep in her womb. I hadn’t cum in a very long time, so there was a lot of it. Lyra looked up at me with an expression of hurt and shame that I didn’t understand. I didn’t understand why she was being so weird. She loved me, and I loved her. Why could we make love like this? I was really happy that we had finally done it for the first time. Being able to enjoy Lyra’s body was really fulfilling.

When I finished, I fell to her side. I was breathing hard and my body was covered in sweat and various other juices, but Lyra’s incredible body was worth it, even though I was really tired and weak after all of that activity. After all, my body still hadn’t recovered after… after…

My eyes widened as I suddenly realized why Lyra was looking at me sadly. After I had died. This body… this body wasn’t Clyburn’s body! She had been moaning my name, right! She recognized it was me, right! Right? Right?

“You… jerk!” she suddenly hit me with a pillow.

She broke into tears, running and grabbing her clothes off the floor

“Wait… I…” I pulled the pillow away and tried to move to her, but I was too weak to get up after all that activity.

“I said no… but you… he’ll never forgive me!”

“He… um… he might?” I responded helplessly.

“You…” She shot me a glare. “Just understand, this was a one-time thing! I can’t believe I… we…”

She looked blankly for a second, and then burst into a wail, large tears falling down her face. Without waiting another second, she turned and fled the room, her clothes in disarray, and partially naked.

“No, wait!” I cried out, but the door slammed before I could do anything else.

I sat back, a bewildered expression on my face. As I thought about it, that expression grew more and more complicated. Lyra was my woman, so I had enjoyed her. However, she didn’t know I was her woman. Therefore, when I had sex with her, she thought I was someone else.

As I dwelled on what that meant, I grew even more complex. She… sort of… I mean… if some other guy forced her down as forcefully as I did, would she have had sex with him? Or maybe, she knew it was me somewhere deep down? However, if that was the case, she was still upset after everything was done. I had to face reality. My Lyra slept with a stranger.

No, that wasn’t true. She did say no. She did resist. But what guy in this world wouldn’t be forceful? Even my previous self would have been just as forceful. I made her have sex with me. No, she let a relative stranger have sex with her. No… I’m that stranger. Yeah, but she didn’t know that. My heart grew into a knot, and all the good feelings I had by enjoying my beautiful Lyra disappeared by the time a realization struck my brain like a bullet.

“This is my world after all.”

There were many many implications to Lyra showing up here. However, my mind had been so surprised to see her that I had reacted purely on impulse and immediately attacked her. The end result was I offended her and she ran off. Stunned as I was, I couldn’t bring myself to think more about what Lyra’s presence meant to my current resurrection. Rather, I only had one very important question on my mind.

“Did… did I just… NTR… myself?”

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