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“You sure you can handle this? You look a little nervous,” I asked in a teasing way.

I was sitting on the side of the bed, my cock out and at full mast. Vanity was sitting on her knees in front of me, staring at my cock while hesitating. She looked up at me defiantly, as if trying to pretend her nervousness was just an act.

“I’ve been taught all I need to know about sleeping with a man,” she responded breathlessly.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “Maybe we should…”

“No!” She cried out as I reached for my cock.

Of course, I was acting resistant on purpose. A girl who convinced herself this was all her idea would be willing to go a lot farther than a girl who felt like she was being pushed into it. By making her insist on this, even if things went in another direction, she’d feel foolish for arguing after making a point of pushing forward before.

“I’m fine…” She responded. “It’s just a bit bigger than the pictures.”

“Mine personally? Or just penises in general?” I leaned forward and asked.

I had never checked but was there some kind of network out there where women could view the goods of men. Women were put in catalogs, and if I wanted to see a woman nude, I could request her photos. The same could just as easily exist on the other side. I was seriously worried that my penis existed in some kind of book that women could download off their intraweb.

“What? This is the first time I’ve seen it! I mean… in the text books…”

I relaxed a bit. It was true that they often picked small men when creating educational stuff. They tried to encourage women to lean toward small men with a short fuse. When all you concerned yourself with was getting pregnant, then why wouldn’t you pick the option that was quicker and less painful? Furthermore, it meant women weren’t unsatisfied with their experience. It was usually only later when they talked to women who had a more satisfying experience that they began to realize what they had missed out on.

“Then, please, continue.”

She closed her eyes and leaned forward, putting her lips around the tip. Slowly, she plunged the head in and then worked her lips down the shaft in a swift motion. I had to give her credit, as she did seem to understand the basics of a blowjob. I knew that classes and other such things used to exist. In the media, most movies contained at least one male character, so it stood to reason that a female starlet might have to engage sexually with her male counterpart, who was as often as not a female dressed as a man. I wondered if she had practiced fellatio on various dildos, although I figured it was better not to ask. The answer might not always be as satisfying as my perverted mind wanted to think.

That just came from personal experience. I had been with many girls since entering the reeducation center, and some of the answers I got could completely kill the mood. Especially when they bragged about how their father or brother taught them everything they knew. This girl had no mention of a brother in her file, and she was marked as a virgin, so I was just going to leave it at that.

I leaned back and enjoyed the feel as her warm throat wrapped around me tightly. Her tongue moved wispily up and down the underside of the shaft, and the feeling was enjoyable.

“Fhu… mmm… mmm..” she moaned as she sucked it up and down, even as she kept her eyes closed like she was just focusing on the taste.

She was stuffing her cheeks full, seemingly completely focused on pleasuring me to the point that she wasn’t even thinking about her ultimate goal. I know I told her that it would help her get pregnant, but I didn’t think she’d take it so seriously! I also figured she’d know I was screwing with her. Most people I came across weren’t that dumb. Then again, she was an actress, and most of the people that I had come in contact with were CEOs, politicians, and otherwise intelligent people.

I realized I was going to have to take the lead at this point. If I kept letting her go about things, I’d end up losing my nut. If I came down her throat rather than in her vagina, I would definitively hear about it from Cornelia.

“Mm! Mmm!” She moaned as she slurped on it noisily.

Her hand came out and began pumping the shaft, her head bobbing down excitedly as she used everything to please my cock. I felt a bit confused. Was she foolish and easily deceived, or did she know exactly what she was doing? I still couldn’t tell. I reached out, fighting between stopping her and shoving it in deep to cum down her throat. As my hand shakily wandered to her bobbing head, she pulled away. Wiping her mouth, she stood up.

“Please, I want your seed in here now,” she said as she lifted her skirt, revealing her underwear.

It was wet and showed clear signs of her arousal. I gulped, thinking just what kind of girl she was. Isn’t she an actor? Then, was she giving me a real performance or just the act? Even now, I couldn’t tell. Her eyes held sincerity, but my mind returned to the warnings my mother had given me. She had filled my head with caution about how slippery and deceptive women could be. From the first day I had reawoken in this world, I recalled conversations from my mom that women couldn’t be trusted. They would do anything to get their seed, and once they got it, they would have no concern for the man anymore.

During those years, I had played with my sisters and mother, but I found that they had been willing participants in my fantasies, indulging me for their reasons. Mother, who loved me unconditionally and wanted my happiness, Hannah, who enjoyed the thrill, and Madison, who had a deep-rooted affection and desire to be with me. Then, in the Academy, I found women who were immature and childish, only just starting to figure out how to use their bodies to get what they wanted.

As long as you could get a girl to sign a contract, you could get her to be dedicated to you, even after she got what she wanted. I had won over many of my women during this time. Finally, there were the last two years, where I thought I had gained a strong grasp on how women ticked, and was able to wrap them around my finger. Yet, that was in there, with aging women who had given up hope of ever having that fling they idolized.

Out here, out in the new world under the extended MPA, perhaps I needed to expand my understanding once again. There were no contracts to protect me. No immaturity and suddenness to catch women off guard and play with their emotions. She came to get pregnant, and now she was using everything she was taught to ensure that it happened. She wasn’t an older woman jaded by a system that failed her or a young woman who didn’t know how things worked. She was a woman in her prime who knew exactly what she wanted.

I nodded, and she pushed my chest back, putting me down on the bed as she got on top she tossed her dress aside. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so now the only thing on her was her own wet panties.

“Cum in me all you want. I want your seed to fill my womb,” she purred.

She lowered her head then licked my nipple. I supposed there was no point in being surprised by how aggressive she was. I had already figured her previous timidity had been an act. She had nearly brought me to climax and then stopped just before I came. At this rate, I’d probably cum shortly after she slid it in. Even now, as she sucked on my chest, her hot, wet cunt covered only by a thin piece of underwear was still rubbing against the head of my cock, keeping me at the peek of my arousal.

I reached out and grabbed her chest, squeezing, and enjoying the pleasant, round things. She let out a moan, but she concentrated on what she was doing with me, almost ignoring my touch, or perhaps it was better to say she was just tolerating it. She was a celebrity, but I had never watched anything she was in. At the least, she had the celebrity physique, and she was as pleasantly beautiful as one would expect from any star.

She was even more beautiful than that, because in a world without magic, the beauty was only obtainable through photoshop. In this world, the standard of beauty was up several notches, so she was as attractive as my sisters and mother. Arguably, one could say she was more beautiful, but I also had to acknowledge there was a certain degree of fakeness to her. She didn’t have a natural beauty. I didn’t know how magical bodywork was done, but she had this feeling like her body wasn’t obtained through natural means. It could be said that her body was too perfect to be believable, and thus it caused me to not accept it completely.

I grabbed her sides and pulled her down, taking one nipple into my mouth, and keeping her from playing with my chest. I was trying to disrupt her flow. I wanted her to just enjoy the moment, but she seemed to have it all rehearsed in her head. Sadly, she was good at improvising too. So even while my tongue flickered her nipple and she moaned, she used her clothed groin and rocked her hips up and down on my shaft.

Admittedly, this warfare could have all been in my head. Most people could just see her like a horny woman jumping on a man and wanting his seed. However, most guys weren’t me. I had played with women, and I had a good sense of when I was being played. Her actions may have seemed innocuous and random to the untrained observer, but to me, it was clear that she was attacking with one goal in mind.

I had accepted her into my bed with the intent to toy with her, breaking in one more virgin slut for fun. I had thought Cornelia had thrown me a weak one as a bonus prize to ease me into the transition. I had been foolish.  Cornelia would leave nothing up to chance. She picked a girl she was certain would be able to extract what she wanted from me. She had carefully picked a woman who would challenge me, and Vanity was a challenge.

This seemed to excite a different part of my brain. I wanted to break through and have my way with her. I wanted to turn her into the quivering slut that I knew she could be. The only way I could do that was to make her work at my own pace. Although I couldn’t see the expression on her face, if she saw the expression on mine, she might have hesitated for a moment. I schooled my features and then shoved her off of me.

“Huh? What?” She asked, a concerned look on her face that, like everything about her, came off just a bit too perfect.

“I’m going to fuck you!” I declared, grinning.

She blushed. “Please, be gent-ahhh!”

Before she could give me such a cliched line, I grabbed her and spun her around, pushing her against the wall. Pulling her panties down, I shoved my cock inside her.

“Ahhn! Ahh… you’re inside!”

“You’re so wet, it went right in,” I said.

It wasn’t that easy, but I had assembled a rune in my head that would keep it from hurting when I stuck it in. Considering I hadn’t accounted for many factors, the magic cost was immense for such a simple rune, but I couldn’t do better without the time to do the math or even draw out a few schematics. The result was still the same. I forced it into her, and even as I blew through her hymen, she didn’t feel any pain.

From the careful actor who had planned everything, I could see the flash of confusion in her eyes. She felt the pressure of my cock pushing into her, but she didn’t feel any discomfort at all. Since she was already pretty wet, I started to thrust into her roughly, pushing my cock in and out of her.

“Ahhh! Hah… Yes… right there! Ah… so wonderful!”

“Ah… your so tight!” I squeezed her ass as I felt her tight cunt wrapped around my cock.

“I hope it doesn’t disappoint!” She replied.

That adaptable Vanity managed to get over her surprise rather quickly. Even this sudden change of events wasn’t enough to catch her off guard. When an actor suddenly started adlibbing, it was best to just roll with it until the scene was over. Since she would roll with it, then I would get her a scene she wouldn’t forget.

I grabbed her arms, and she let out a cry as her face planted into the wall. I pulled them back behind her back and then began to thrust even harder.

“W-wait! Hold it! Ahhh!”

Although I twisted her into an awkward situation, she was nimble and an actor like her probably had to do more horrific stretches just in her daily workout routine. Plus, the general anesthetic I used so she didn’t feel her cherry pop was still in effect. She might be pretty sore in the morning, but at the moment, she was able to take it all without even a twinge of discomfort. Using her arms as anchors, I plowed into her hard, thrusting so roughly that there was a clapping sound that probably could be heard throughout the apartment. Part of me hoped that Cornelia could hear all of this in her room. After all, she was the one who set me up with this woman.

“How do you like it?” I asked, reaching up and spanking her celebrity ass.

“N, no way!” She cried, her cheeks smashed against the wall, and her tongue out, one eye closed. “Not, like this!”

Rather than slow down, I sped up, moving my hips extremely quickly. I considered using another spell, perhaps adding some haste to my hips, but if I got mana exhaustion now, it would ruin the later part. So, I depended on my own body to keep up the pace, slamming my cock deep in her womb over and over again.

“You’re hitting my womb!” She cried. “It’s too deep! I won’t get pregnant!”

Her true feelings were starting to leak out just a little. Since her biggest goal was pregnancy, anything that didn’t fit into that goal would fragment her acting.

“Ah? So, you want me to stop!” I asked, slapping her rump again.

“Ahhhn… hah… hah… n-no!” She cried tears down her face. “Just… please…”           

“Okay then!” I flipped her and then tossed her on the bed, but rather than letting her rest, I dragged her to the edge and pushed her right off the end.

Her head fell back, and she let out a cry as she ended up vertical. With her nearly on the ground, and her legs in my hands, I shoved my cock back into her tight snatch once again.

“St-stop! I can’t…”

“This is the best way to get pregnant since the position helps the semen reach the womb,” I tossed out an old wives tale I had heard once.

“…” She didn’t respond, unable to argue when I was technically giving her what she wanted.

However, even a star had a certain pride about her. She would give a blowjob. She would jump on top. She would even be toyed with. However, being shoved against a wall and then on the ground as she was treated like a cock sleeve, it was a level more than she had ever anticipated. No other guy in this world would probably be this aggressive with a girl. They never had a reason to be, when they could have whoever, whenever without any need to impress.

“I’m dizzy… I can’t think!” She cried out as she moaned. “My head is melting.”

“You don’t need to think about anything!” I laughed as I continued to shove myself in her. “Just think about my cock.”

“Y-you’re cock?”

While blood rushed to her head and she wasn’t thinking clearly, I started to change the narrative. I should have probably told her to think about getting pregnant, but that didn’t matter to me. I wanted her only thinking about pleasure. I was upsetting her equilibrium and messing up her mind.

“Ahh… you’re cumming! Your juices are going everywhere.”

“Ahhn! S-sorry! I can’t stop! I can’t stop!”

“Isn’t it because you like cock so much.”

“No… I mean…”

“I have a secret for you!” I teased her, my eyes flashing with darkness.

“Ahn… Ahn… what?”

“You’re not going to get pregnant from this!”


She tried to sit up, but I increased the pace, my hips sore, but unwilling to lighten up from unrelentingly pounding her cunt into the ground. Her face was red and her ass bounced on the bed every time I forced my cock down into her.

“Tell me! Do you still want it? Tell me what you want! Does my cock feel good? Do you want it?”

“I don’t… I can’t… ahn… I’m cumming, it’s cumming again!”

“You’re so dirty! You love it, don’t you? Tell me!”

“N-No, please… I still want to… want to…” She still tried to resist.

“Don’t hold back, and I won’t either! I’ll fuck you until you admit the truth.”

“Ahhhn! Ahhhn! Shit! Ahhhh…”

“Tell me! Tell me what you are? Tell me what you like!” I demanded.

“I like cock! I’m sorry, I just want cock! Please! Use me as your cock sleeve. I just want to cum over and over again!”

“Haha… so you’re willing to admit it! Then, I guess I’ll give you your reward.”

I pulled her back up on the bed, this time put her legs on my shoulders as I pinned her down on the bed, folding her nearly in half. Her flexible body achieved this with ease. I then began to jackhammer my cock into her, taking her cunt with rugged, rough thrusts that shook the bed with each movement. She let out screams and cries. Now that she had confessed to her true desires, she was no longer thinking about getting pregnant. She wasn’t acting any longer either. The façade had dropped, and all that was left was a lewd woman getting fucked.

Her face wasn’t pretty, pristine, and emotional. Her makeup was a mess. Her eyes were red and tears stained her cheeks. Her hair was all over the place. Her lips were puffy, and she had fluids leaking from her lips, nose, and eyes. She looked like the opposite of a starlet, but on her face was a look of pure joy that didn’t care about appearances at all. Her pussy came again like a fountain, a wet squirting noise sounding out as I pushed into a convulsing pussy that was wetting my bed.

Even then, I didn’t stop until my cock reached the absolute limit. I imagined a formation that I had conjured up a dozen times in my mind. It was probably the one I was most familiar with and most practiced with. Because it didn’t affect anyone else but me, and more or less took place within my internal environment, one could say that it was the easiest spell for me to cast. This was the spell that made it so my cum didn’t contain any living sperm cells.

This was the same spell that would allow me to choose between a male or a female baby. I hadn’t been lying when I said I could choose. I may have even been willing to get this woman pregnant had she come to me in genuine circumstances, but not anymore.

Thus, once pouring mana deep into the rune held in my mind, I didn’t hesitate to release my load. It seemed to surprise her at first as my cock swelled and then I shot hot magma in her body. Then her eyes grew hot with excitement.

“Yes… I feel it! In my womb! Ahhhhn… filling me up!” She grew so excited that she came again even while my cock shot gob after gob of sterile semen into her.

Her vagina clamped on my cock like a vacuum, sucking up every drop. Even when I was spent, it was still sucking at my cock as if still wanting more seed. As I lay on top of her, I chuckled softly.

“You still want more dick, huh?”

As she recovered her breath, she looked up at me. “Please… keep using me.”

For the remainder of the night, I continued to fuck her. I ended up cumming a total of three times before I finally passed out. Her cries filled the night, and I hoped that Cornelia lost some sleep over it. By the time I came the third time, her womb was already so stuffed that it squirted out onto the floor.

“All filled!” She giggled happily.

Over time, her acting had reasserted herself, and I had even cashed in on it at letting her roleplay a little bit. It wasn’t like a single sexual encounter was going to permanently change her personality forever. She might have opened up a bit and enjoyed the sex, but she still ultimately wanted to get pregnant. However, in her previous sex haze, she had completely forgotten I told her that she wouldn’t get pregnant with my baby. Well, I didn’t lie, she wasn’t going to get pregnant from that…

Looking at the woman who had fallen unconscious, I cautiously slipped out of my bed and went into my suitcase. I found a box in there that was covered with various runes and carefully opened it up. Pulling out a syringe full of white stuff, I inserted it into her. She could barely feel it and only shifted slightly as her womb filled with useless sperm had very fertile sperm added to it. I used a rune in my mind, exhausting the last of my magic making sure it took effect too.

Looking at the empty syringe, I sighed and tossed it away. I kept my word to Cornelia. I filled her womb with my seed, and I also made sure she was pregnant. What more could she ask of me? That sample also happened to be Rigor’s. In a way, I supposed you could say I was honoring him. I laid down next to the starlet and closed my eyes, but my mind was still turning busily.

At first, I had been angry that Vanity was trying to challenge me. Now, I was a bit more intrigued. I had considered Cornelia herself an interesting challenge since I had unveiled her true personality. Now, I saw a series of new challenges in my future. I wondered who Cornelia would show me next!

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