I know you’re excitedly waiting for WoW PDF to come out yesterday, but I only managed to get through the chapters today. The file’s made, but I’m still editing it, and I still need to do all the bells and whistles that make these pdfs so nice.

I will release the PDF this weekend. I want to say saturday, but it might end up being sunday… So I’m just saying weekend. I’ll announce it when it comes. Everyone on Patreon $1+ will get a voucher to get a copy of this book, but only for this month. Next month, you can only get it with your monthly vouchers like everything else (or pay $5).

This book has been extremely ambitious. It sports over 200,000 words which have been organized and given additional editing. There are 9 additional chapters, including four side-story chapters that happened during volume 2, and 5 bonus chapters which bridge the gap between volume 2 and 3, which may have spoilers and provide background into V3.

Look forward to the book (and the first chapter of V3) this weekend.