Monthly Newsletter – April 2024

Dear Fans,

Welcome to April. There are some announcements. Let’s get going.


*The Whatsawhizzer App is back up and running. It’s not much. It’s mostly just a copy of the site… however, this will get you past certain internet blockades and may be preferable to some people. You can get the download links here. No restrictions, anyone can download.

*Rise of the Midnight King chapters, I know… ridiculous we’re on month four. I did a lot of extra writing last month you guys didn’t see. I reread all of Midnight and fixed a slew of plot holes. The chapters will start coming out this month, promise.

*I did release MDL V17 last month. The next two eBooks are going to be Kindred Paradise and the first volume of Man of the House. I have it Kindred out for editing right now, should be done in a week. Moth, I’ve been working through solo, and will release the first volume soon. I’ve been rereading it to fix issues and write good eBook bonus chapters.

*The change to tiers appears to be finished. I’ve seen people shuffling around their memberships. PLEASE NOTE that if you did not cancel a payment, starting a new one doesn’t cancel the old one. You will just be double charged instead. You must use the cancel button in my membership if you wish to stop recurring payments for Credit card. For Patreon, Subscribestar, and Paypal… you can stop the recurring payment on your own. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I do not bill you. You set up a recurring payment that sends me money. The ball is 100% in your court.

*I know I promised the site remake last month. Turned out to be more work than originally expected. However, we’ve made continuing process on it, and at the moment we’re aiming for within the next week. If we

* I have not reached the stretch goal for Oops and Rise. That tells me these books don’t really command much money. I can tell you back when I started, if I gave an offer that if Patreon hit $2500 I’d write an extra chapter of WoW a month… it happened. Now a days… no single book ever seems to make much of a difference. I will leave the goal for one more month, but probably won’t be reached. Come June and my next big survey, maybe I’ll find out what fans want… but believe me if there was any book on my site that was a “hit”, I’d be showing it the love it deserved.

April Schedule

Monday: My Dungeon Life

Tuesday: Apocalypse, My Dungeon Life

Wednesday: My Dungeon Life

Thursday: My Dungeon Life, I Am My Own Grandpa

Friday: My Dungeon Life

Saturday: World of Women

Sunday: Getting Lucky, Bacterium

9 PM Eastern Standard Time

Public Chapters Currently Releasing…

Apocalypse – Tuesday

I Reincarnated into the Hero’s Body – Sunday

Enslaved – Wednesday

MDL – Daily

Tales of an Enchantress – Monday

March Recap

My Dungeon Life – 16 (25,600)

World of Women – 2 (6,000)

I Am My Own Grandpa – 3 (9,000)

Apocalypse – 3 (4,500)

Automatic Girlfriend – 1 (1,500)

Oops, Banged Your Mom – 2 (6,000)

Bacterium – 11 (16,500)

Getting Lucky – 2 (4,000)

Other – 4 (10,000)

Total – 83,100 words

This looks like a decrease, but I’m assuring you there was a lot I wrote that isn’t reflected in these numbers. I actually finished I Am My Own Grandpa. I also wrote another six chapters of Bacterium which are advanced chapters. This also doesn’t point out my rereading and editing of MOTH and Rise. Either way, I’ve still been busy.



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