I’ve started a Subscribestar account. It functions identically to how Patreon works right now. You can sign up there if you were looking for a third option.

This is a list of Pending Chapters. I thought it might be useful as I play catchup. I don’t know. I had COVID. I think a few missed releases is expected, but I always try to best I can.

For the most accurate schedule, please check the most recent Newsletter.

Currently Releasing:

Any stories that have new chapters being released.

Public Releasing:

Stories currently releasing public (free) chapters. Stories may be finished. Will not include membership-only stories.

Available for Sponsorship:

Stories that release intermittently, but are not placed on a regular schedule due to lack of popularity.

Interested in more chapters of these stories or a concept chapter? Consider sponsoring a chapter.

Finished Novels:

Completed stories, may still be releasing publicly or on other sites.

Not being Released:

Stories that have been put on hiatus or have no set return date.