My Dungeon Life: Volume 13

Demon Lord Aberis is dead, and the girls are off for some training. It’s finally time for Deek to go on vacation and enjoy a wedding in a foreign country. However, when he finds out the bride is an old friend, he becomes pushed to the limit. Tricked into a trap where even his soul is put on the line, Deek had to unlock the secrets of a dungeon in time to stop all-out war. He must verse new enemies and old ones, and in some cases, they are one and the same!

  • A properly formatted novel of the 13th volume of My Dungeon Life.
  • The text optimized for tablet/phone reading.
  • Three bonus chapters written just for the eBook.
  • Extra editing to repair grammar and spelling mistakes not caught before release.
  • Additional corrections and additions to improve continuity and story flow.