The Coitus Exchange


  • A properly formatted novel of the novel, The Coitus Exchange
  • The text optimized for tablet/phone reading.
  • Bonus chapters written just for the eBook.
  • Extra editing to repair grammar and spelling mistakes not caught before release.
  • Additional corrections and additions to improve continuity and story flow.
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Summary: It all started with a single change. After finding out his wife was contacting her ex and daughter’s real dad, Jim realizes that things need to change. He has a wife who won’t touch him, a stepdaughter who won’t talk to him, and a job he hates. He’s been fat with no energy and no confidence for too long. However, a call to a beautiful exercise coach might just be the change he needs.

Tags: Harem, Modern, Netori, RC18, Erotica, Family, Drama, Affair, Dadcon, Stepdaughter, Humor, Anal, Blowjob, Cunninglingus, Orgy, Voyeur, Sadism, Masochism, Master



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