Whatsawhizzer FAQ

When should I expect a chapter to be released?

I have announce a release schedule every month in my newsletter. All new chapters aim to come out at 9:00 pm EST. The locked chapters will change around the same time.

Why didn’t a chapter come out or why was it several days late?

Stuff happens. It’s called life. Sometimes, I can’t keep up because of illness, or maybe I just didn’t feel motivated to write something. Sometimes, the schedule I created just doesn’t work for me. I put how much I release and what I release every month in my newsletter. You can examine my release history and decide if that’s acceptable to you. If it’s not enough, then you have no obligation to donate.

How do I get my monthly eBook?

It is now built into the membership. If you have a membership that allows it, you can download books for free. Power Fapper and up get one download a month. Hand Solo and One Eyed Monster are unlimited.

What is the difference between a gold locked chapter and a silver locked chapter?

Gold locked chapters are reserved for ebook bonus content, special releases, premium, and early access chapters. Silver includes most novels, including all membership-only novels.

When do gold chapters become silver?

EBook bonus chapters and special chapters never will. Early Access chapters will be released as new chapters are released.

What is going on with the $2 Just the Tip tier?

The Just the Tip tier is currently set to give complete access to one book of choice. However, after dwelling on it, I don’t plan to continue this tier. I will leave the tier and grandfather anyone in who already has it, but any new Just the Tip member will recieve no benefits.

Why do you sell your eBooks for $5 on your site, $6 on Smashwords, and $6.50 on Amazon?

I price them so I make the same “profit” from each one. That’s just the addition of the overhead costs from each respective place. I prefer $5 to match with my membership and my respective vouchers. The rest sort of just turned out that way. I also should add I usually price the “first” volume for $2.99 on Amazon to encourage sales.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you have Patreon, Subscribestar, or Paypal, the best way is to cancel with them. Stop your recurring payment and you won’t be charged again. If you’re using credit card/stripe, you can use the cancel button in Your Memberships. If it is not cancelled or you recieve an unexpected charge, contact me.

Do you still have a Patreon?

Yes, I still have Patreon. I have tried to remove all of the links between Patreon and my website, as Patreon has voiced discontent with some of the content I write and have tried to bully me into deleting some content. You can still recieve access to my site if you are a Patreon member, and it all functions identically to Subscribestar, but I won’t link or advertise Patreon on my site anymore, nor will I use Patreon as a means of communication to my fans. You can search “Whatsawhizzer” to find me. I use the same name as Subscribestar.

Why do you take off a week every 2 months instead of weekends?

It’s not really complicated. Say I have a release every Monday and take Saturday and Sunday off. That means, every Monday, I have to release this chapter. I will never feel like I have a break, because every Monday without exception another chapter must be produced. It’s monotonous, and stifles my drive and creativity. Taking a week off of releases gives me a week I can focus on other things and break up the monotony of the work. If gives me some time to creatively recharge so when I come back, I can work harder. It also gives me room that if I needed a vacation, I could take one. A weekend really wouldn’t give me that.

Why did you release something else while you have missing chapters?

It seems I have to remind people of this a lot, but I’m not a machine that prints out books. There is at least some creative aspect to it. Sometimes, I’m inspired and it becomes very easy to work on a book. When a book is fresh and new, I’m also more encouraged to write. I could spend 5 hours forcing myself to put our a 3000 word chapter on time, or write three chapters of something that has inspired me. As far as productivity goes, I tend to lean on what is inspiring.

Where do my contributions/donations go?

All payments go into a business account for Whatsawhizzer WN LLC around the 1st of every month. My salary, as well as what I pay in business expenses is taken out of that. Around $1,500 is reserved for maintaining the site. This includes website content, the editor, plugins, services, domains, programmers, and hosting. An additional $3000 is taken for taxes. This doesn’t include money taken from Subscribestar, the credit card company, and Paypal to run and manage payments. Whatever is left is what goes to supporting me and my family.

Have you dropped <Insert Series Name Here>?

The only books I’m working on in any official capacity is those under my current release schedule. These are the only ones you should expect. This does not mean I won’t work on other chapters for other stories. In fact, if you want to pay me to write a chapter, you’re welcome to. All someone would need is the money, and I could put out a Requiem to the Stars Chapter, or a Rise of the Midnight King. I haven’t abandoned these stories, I just don’t have time for them right now for one reason or another. For Requiem, it’s because it’s not popular enough. For others, it’s because they’re a bit tedious to write.

Why are you named Whizzer?

I wrote the story here.

I found an grammar error. Where do you want it?

You can either ping DM uko_2001 in Discord, or post in Discord’s #report_corrections page. Please be specific. At least give the chapter, book title, and a quote of words so that we can find the correction. A link would be appreciated too.

Do you use AI?

In short, yes. I use AI to generate most the images on the site. I still hire illustrators, but then I plug their images into AI to improve the quality. As for writing, I rarely use AI except for idea generation. I will occassionally use it for sex scenes, but any use is heavily influenced by my writing. I use a predictive AI that takes my own writing to predict what I want written next, and even then I have to rewrite most of it. At best, it helps me come up with adjectives when I find myself in writer’s block. That’s all.

Do you prefer Subscribestar, Patreon, or direct payment?

They all have advantages and disadvantages. If you intend to change your membership frequently, updating, deleting, canceling, and renewing every couple of months, you’d be best off using Patreon or Subscribestar. Their platform allows for more flexibility and is less prone to error. If you want a one and done deal, then directly will work better. Overall, I have no particular opinion. I think the option when I get the most money is Patreon if you’re in the $2 tier, but Stripe (credit card) if you’re $5 or up. I should warn Stripe is also the most tempermental and prone to having login issues. Just use whatever works best for you.

How do I get my Discord role?

If you’re in the $5+ tier, you can get a Discord role. This is the next feature we’ll be working on bring back. It should be delivered by a bot when we get to that point.

Subscribestar-users or Patreon/users received a post/email I didn’t as a direct member. What gives?

Most posts that don’t contain locked content are free for public access. This includes surveys and newsletters. Everything not available as a survey is usually put on Discord on a locked channel. I have one thing, Waw-chan’s Diary, which is placed on Patreon and Subscribestar uniquely. To date, none of it has been locked, but there may be locked chapters in the future. This is just the perk of working with those companies. If it’s important enough for you, use them.

Subscribestar is giving me problems and I can’t access your content!

Call Subscribestar. That’s what I pay them for. They take a big lump of money every month, the least they can do is handle technical problems. If it’s near the 1st of the month, the problem probably has to do with your payment not going through right. 9/10 times, the issue is with your means of accessing my site. Something in your browser settings is mucking up the connection. Adblock, javascript disabled, cookies blocked, I don’t know… try different browsers, try resetting your browser, try clearing out your history. I’m not an IT guy people, just figure it out. Please note, I’m talking about problems with Subscribestar… like payment history and membership status. If we’re talking about my website, please contact me.

Direct Access is giving me problems and I can’t access your content!

Please contact me.

When will you bring back Requiem to the Stars, Rise of the Midnight King, etc…?

First… if someone wants a chapter written monthly, all you need to do is be a donator of $100 and request a chapter from one of those series every month. Boom, it’s back! Right now, many stories are sponsor or premium poll only.

Why were you mean/ignored me in a comment?

I get a lot of messages every day, some of them you see, some of them you don’t see. You might be only making your first and only comment to me, but that might be the tenth time I heard someone say, “Why aren’t public chapters releasing yet, Jeese. Stop being such a money grubber.” I have fans who think for what they pay I deliver way more content that is reasonable, and I have fans who insist that they know a guy who makes less but does more and therefore I owe them more. Sometimes, I get frustrated. I think most people who followed me from my origins at MSB know I enjoy complaining and arguing with fans.  Take most of my comments with a grain of salt. My entire website and almost everything in it was written by a single guy, me, so please give me a break and the benefit of the doubt.

I was able to get through your copyright protection on your site easily!

I no longer have copyright protection on my site. That does not mean my work is not copyrighted. Please do not copy my work. I also frown on the distribution of homemade PDFs. eBooks is a source of income for me.

I know some way to completely protect your story 100% ironclad!

A) No, you don’t. B) Your solution will create as many problems as it resolves. For example, turning it into an image will certainly not mesh with many different browsers, not to mention it’ll break text-to-audio functions, links, and many other things as MTL language translation. Create some kind of new security has limits when my server is done through WordPress. Any fix you create would be just one more thing someone can crack.

The color scheme / text size / font on your website doesn’t work for me on my device.

Color and size can now be adjusted in every chapter. Just use the icons at the upper right.

Why do you work on so many books?

People ask for them, and I like money? Look, most volumes are finished within a year or two. At the $2 tier, you’re paying $24-30 over the course of the year (+tax and VATS). That’s about the cost you’d spend in a store buying a couple light novels anyway. Focusing too much on one story causes my creativity to stagnate and for me to become bored with a work. Believe it or not, it’s easier to juggle four novels than to put all my effort into one.

Why are your stories so full of grammar mistakes?

Because I’m not, nor will I ever be able to afford a professional full-time editor. Compared to other works I’ve read on scribblehub, webnovel, wuxiaworld, wattpad, and royal royal, my writing is considerably above average, so I’m really interested where you are that you’re reading all these perfectly edited smut stories as to dump on my writing.

All chapters are written, corrected with grammarly, and then given one quick read through/skim before they go live. That’s the time I have given the amount I release weekly. In previous surveys, when it’s come between offering to improve my grammar or continue to produce at this rate, the vast majority have asked I continue to produce.

On that note, I now have an editor who works for me and is going through my site. He’s not a professional, and he’s not full-time, but he is hard-working and way nicer than me. While I don’t like microedits, he’s happy to clean them up. Please ping Ryunakama on discord or in comments if you have an error to report.

Why don’t you repair edits people catch / microedits?

I wrote an entire self-help chapter on why I don’t like microedits, but at the moment I have an editor on my payroll who does exactly that for me. Please contact Ryunakama if you have any problems.

Even your ebooks are full of errors!

Many of my books run from 50k words to 200k+. That’s a lot of words. I usually edit once through on my own. I depend a lot on find/replace function. In doing so, there are times I introduced an error into the writing that I didn’t catch. If you find something like this, please let me know immediately. I’m also finding every day someone uses some obscure pdf reader that doesn’t read the file correctly and generates random numbers in the desk where there was supposed to be page numbers at the bottom of the page or something like that. I literally can’t predict and account for the hundreds of ways people choose to try to read my stories. I want to fix ebook mistakes when at all possible, so let me know if you see something strange. All ebooks go through 2-3 editors before finally being published. If they still aren’t up to a satisfying level and quality, I can’t help you.

I saw your name is Terrance Phillipe! You got doxed!

Terrance Phillipe is the penname I use for my accounts. Whatsawhizzer is the user name or whatever you want to call it. Neither is my real name.

I want to mail you my girlfriend’s used panties.

I currently do not have an active address for the business. I will set up a new one if my finances every allow me to afford it.

I can’t do Paypal or Subscribestar, but I still want to access your stuff. How?

I have numerous jobs that I’m always looking for help with. If you help, I give you access. I also can accept other forms of payment thanks to Full-Frontal. You could pay me in an Amazon giftcard, or a game on steam if you wanted. In fact, feel free to send me a steam game on my wishlist anytime! I do have two requirements. You must sign up to the Chronic Master Baiter or higher tier, and you must pay for two or more months, so a $10 minimum deposit. All memberships I create have to be managed separately from the Paypal auto-pay system, so it’s inconvenient. If you only wanted 1 month at $2, sorry, can’t do. Just contact me, tell me how you’re going to pay, what email and username you want, and what tier. Once I agree, send the payment, and I’ll sign you up for Full Frontal.

Have more questions?

Contact me through my contact page or comment below.